12 Times Inkigayo Made Us Laugh, Cry, & Smile with Jaehyun

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Jaehyun Inkigayo

By Marbella Ramirez | @jaehvunity

Sundays are traditionally labelled as a resting day, but for NCT’s Jaehyun,Sundays are meant for Inkigayo. All who are fond of Jaehyun have a special place in their hearts for Sundays. Those beautiful days, however, came to an end on February 28 of this year.

A generous year and four months were gifted to fans of not only Jaehyun, but also April’s Naeun and Monsta X’s Minhyuk. Two of Jaehyun’s birthdays, two Christmas, two New Years along with multiple other holidays have been shared during this journey. Here are a few reasons why Inkigayo made us feel all sorts of emotions.

Jaehyun’s Multiple Personas

A pilot. A cat. A toy cowboy. What do they all have to do with Jaehyun? Inkigayo’s various costume outfits were always something to look forward to. Through the help of Inkigayo, fans had the honor of experiencing Jaehyun as many other professions, and can we just say we loved each and every one! However, if we had to choose favorites, there may have been a few…

Interactions! Interactions! Interactions!

Coming from a 23-member group you would think it would be normal to see Jaehyun interact with WayV or NCT Dream. However, it was always the opposite. The best interactions always seemed to be with his fellow members, although you can’t forget some other iconic interviews.

Songbird Jaehyun

We can’t ever get enough of Jaehyun’s sultry vocals and Inkigayo made sure to help us out in that aspect. Making sure to include our favorite song lyrics in his script, we are now in possession of several extra Jaehyun singing clips such as EXO’s “First Snow.”

Third Wheeling?

For one reason or another it always seemed as if Jaehyun’s outfits contrasted against his fellow MC’s outfits. Whether it was a good thing or not, you can’t deny it was at least a bit funny.

“He Breathed”

For Jaehyun fans, a social media drought isn’t at all alarming. Without Inkigayo however, Jaehyun has lost part of his posting material for Bubble and Instagram. Get ready for a long wait…


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The Jaehyun Curse

Like Mike Wazowski in Monsters INC., Jaehyun seemed to live with a camera curse on Inkigayo. Blocking his beautiful visuals from the world, the logo box displayed by SBS became a real laugh for the audience.

Inkigayo Enchanted

Inkigayo seemed to be enchanted by Jaehyun. Some fans would say “they were whipped.” For “Punch,” a throne was put in place. For “Make a Wish” promotions, they set up a gallery with messages.

Inkigayo Fairy Jaehyun

Having gone through three different comebacks in the past year alone, Inkigayo always made sure to include Jaehyun in the ending fairy line-up. We aren’t complaining though!

MC Friendship

After filming for over a year, Naeun, Minhyuk and Jaehyun have grown close. Being an idol is difficult work, for these three, friendships are a different story. 

Special Stages

NCT has a specific concept going on, meaning that it is rare to see certain types of performances by Jaehyun. Luckily, Inkigayo has given a few surprises.


Reoccuring Outfits

Simple, yet beautiful outfits were given to the MCs to wear on their first day of the job. Nostalgia hit when these outfits reappeared for their final show. 


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For their final speech, all three MCs held themselves together as they bid farewell to their post. Tears were held back by all MCs and a final group hug was given. If that wasn’t enough to start the waterworks, we’re not sure what is.


We’ve had a long run with our wonderful Inkigayo hosts. The best is hoped for them as they move along on their idol journey.

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