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On May 11, SM Entertainment’s newest girl group, æspa, dropped some bomb teaser images on their socials. Just as their comeback title states, the teasers were Next Level. Each of the shots featured beautiful, futuristic, fairy-like imagery, with crisp CG surroundings, innovative costumes, as well as amazing hair and makeup to match. 



Giselle, Ningning, and Karina were photographed with sparkling hair gems alongside their lustrous nails and twinkling eye accents. These gems were reminiscent of 90’s hair jewels, nostalgic of a time where everything was bejeweled and butterfly clips reigned supreme. The members seemed to breathe new life into the popular trend, and the stylists modernized the look by using adhesive gems in place of the older twist-jewels

While Giselle’s hair carried distinctive sparkly lines matching her neat bangs, Ningning sported sporadically placed gems with her fiery side-swept bangs, and Karina’s jewels flowed neatly behind her ear and into her headdress. 



Although the fourth member, Winter, didn’t match the others’ hair gems, she wowed fans with her two-toned locks and large, statement accessories– perfectly framing her face and adding extra sparkle to her images.



Likewise, Taeyong, leader of NCT, also wore similar hair accessories on various stages during the Resonance title track “Make A Wish” promotions. 



90’s trends are fast becoming prominent again, the Y2K trend proving to be a great example. With SM artists regularly proving to be ahead of trends too, we are sure that hair gems will be a widely successful hair trend of 2021. 

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.