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Jaehyun Nativity


Jaehyun’s ascendant is in Pisces, with Saturn in Aries conjunct the South Node falling in the first house. Jupiter rules the sign on the ascendant in traditional astrology, while in modern astrology, it is ruled by Neptune. Both rulers fall into Jaehyun’s eleventh house in Capricorn. This house deals with the area of life involving friends, goals and wishes, your audience – especially online, groups, and fulfillment. These topics may be something he takes seriously, especially because the eleventh house ruler is positioned in the first house. The ascendant is at 12° Pisces which indicates that he is someone who values harmony and balance and cares deeply about his friends and loved ones.

Off the bat, Jaehyun has a dreamy presence at first glance. He is very charismatic and he draws a lot of people in. But, he seems like he is in his own world oftentimes. Because one of his ascendant rulers is Neptune, people tend to idolize him and project their own image onto him. He has Saturn conjunct the South Node in Aries, which can indicate a number of things. It is possible that Jaehyun is too self-reliant. He may also be overly concerned about growth and doing better each come back to the point that it can negatively affect his mental health. However, his north node is at 0° Aries which represents strength, and Saturn in 4° Aries which represents perseverance, delayed gratification, as well as emotional strength and courage. Thus, he is more than capable of overcoming this.

 Jaehyun’s second house cusp begins in 26° Aries, with his 20° Taurus moon there as well. He might need to be extra cautious with his finances and it would be wise for him to save money in anticipation of any emergencies that may come up. He may have a strong sense of values and is likely stubborn about them. He seems to have a fairly balanced sense of self-worth, although he can occasionally get too caught up in what people he is close to think about him. This is in consideration to the second house ruler which is in the seventh house. The ruling planet of his moon sign is positioned in the twelfth house which suggests that he gets caught up in a very rich inner world and it is possible that he daydreams a lot.

Because the second house lord is in the seventh house, a lot of his finances are likely tied to negotiations or contracts he agreed to sign. Considering he is an idol and SM Entertainment controls his paycheck, this is a fair assumption. The second house also rules the voice, so Aries on the cusp of the second house can indicate a pure and pointed, yet slightly raspy voice. Moon being in the second house can imply that he is comforting to listen to.

There are no planets in the third house. The cusp of the third house is at 27° Taurus, which can imply intelligence and wit in this area of life. He may have a talent for writing or speaking and may be a natural comedian. As previously mentioned, the lord of the third house is seated in the twelfth house. He may be prone to daydreaming, overthinking and generally zoning out. He likely has an imaginative mind, and has a lot of ideas for what he wants to do with his life.

His fourth house starts at 20° Gemini, which may denote some indifference as well as possible tension towards home matters. While there are no planets there, the fourth house lord falls in the twelfth house. This may indicate difficulty in feeling secure, at home and a lack of attachment to comfort items. This may also mean he is not materialistic and attached to worldly possessions. On the other hand, the ninth house represents going abroad. Because the lord of the fourth house is nine houses away from its ruling sign, this may mean he has an easier time traveling to foreign countries and can find comfort in the places he visits.

Jaehyun’s fifth house cusp is at 12° Cancer, which suggests that he is hungry for growth and development as an artist. He likely feels an emotional connection to his work. With the fifth house lord in the second house, the success or lack thereof on each project he is on may also have an effect on his self-esteem. The fifth house lord is two houses away from its ruling sign, so this may double the impact that status of his projects have on his self-worth.

The sixth house cusp sits at 12° Leo. This implies that he is consistent in his work and routine. He likely does best and shines the most when he is at his most balanced. This may also suggest that he is someone who deeply enjoys helping other people and has compassion towards people and animals in need. The sixth house lord falls in the twelfth house, which indicates that his mental and physical health are heavily linked. Lilith at 26° Leo may indicate a tendency to overindulge, so he should avoid that.

The seventh house cusp, also known as the descendant, is at 12° Virgo. This indicates balance and harmony within his close relationships. His north node is at 0° Libra and Mars is conjunct to the north node at 5° Libra. He may be extra sensitive to those he’s close to and make sure he’s being fair to them while watching out for himself at the same time. The seventh house lord is in the twelfth house, which can indicate a need for personal space and alone time in order to maintain healthy relationships.

The eighth house begins at 26° Libra. This is a degree of altruism and generosity. In addition, he may care much about getting close to people. Since he has Chiron at 2° Scorpio, he is prone to having people try to assert themselves and control him. But, he might be aware of this as well. It is possible that he is wary of getting too close to people because of it and prefers to keep his distance. He may also feel like people don’t necessarily understand him. The eighth house lord is in the twelfth house, which suggests isolation is needed in order to be able to make clear decisions regarding close relationships, shared resources and getting involved in financial situations that make use of other people’s money.

Jaehyun’s ninth house cusp begins at 27° Scorpio. This implies he feels secure in his views, beliefs and traveling abroad. He may also be a very inquisitive person and may place a high value on learning. He has Pluto at 5° Sagittarius, so he may have a certain way of travelling that he likes or he has certain places he prefers to visit over others. He also may be very interested in learning about other cultures. He may be very practical when he travels and it is possible that he over packs. His ninth house lord falls in the seventh house, so he may enjoy connecting with people from different backgrounds or cultures than him.

The tenth house cusp, also known as the midheaven, sits at 20° Sagittarius. He may be very aware of his public image and intentional about what persona he wants people to see. In public and to people he doesn’t know well, including interviewers, he may come across as someone who is very laid back and mellow. He also has the potential to have a lively, fun personality. It’s very possible that he is a natural comedian and is effortlessly funny which makes him suited for a career in the public eye. His tenth house lord, Jupiter, falls in the eleventh house. This may mean he has a large following and is known for his personality or for being a funny person.

His eleventh house starts at 12° Capricorn, and he has Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus in this house. This house concerns friends, clubs, networking, organizations and wish fulfillment. He seems like someone who does not have too much trouble getting what he wishes for, but that can also backfire. He also may not realize the impact he has on his fans – especially on social media. This also indicates that he enjoys being friends with people who are different from him and can teach him something new or offer him new ideas. Jaehyun may also consider it important that his friends are compassionate people. He has asteroid Ceres in this house conjunct Uranus and Jupiter, so he likely feels nurtured by people that can make him laugh and distract him if he is in a bad place.

Jaehyun’s twelfth house starts at 12° Aquarius. This suggests that he needs to take care to be able to uphold his boundaries and set time aside to unwind in a peaceful solitary way. He has a stellium in this house, which indicates that he either has challenges with this area of life or overindulges in it. He has the Sun, Venus and Mercury there, so he likely lives in his own world a lot. This may also be an indicator of him being a talented actor, as people with several twelfth house placements tend to take on whatever role they have as if they were truly that character. He may seem aloof, but it may be that he is thinking about his projects in depth. These are not super easy placements to have but with balance, he will be fine. Twelfth house ruler in his first may indicate that he lives in his head quite a bit, and may be prone to daydreaming or escapism. He would do well to get involved in projects that allow him to have a part in world-building, such as creative video games or maybe being involved more in the composing process for NCT’s music.

Overall, Jaehyun is someone who is thoughtful, funny and charismatic based on this natal chart. He is very talented, blessed with great voice and acting abilities. All natal charts have their challenges and good points. Keep in mind that this analysis does not mean he is doomed or that he won’t encounter any problems. This is simply for entertainment purposes and is my understanding of him based on the birth information that’s available. The key takeaways he should keep in mind are to be cautious of who you trust, watch out for negative self-talk and understand the impact you have on your audience, especially online.

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