THE BOYZ are lovestruck in their seventh mini-album, BE AWARE. Released on August 16, the EP marks a new chapter for the K-pop group. Both fresh and mature, BE AWARE showcases the group’s versatility and growth with six new tracks. 

An Electrifying WHISPER

WHISPER” is everything a title track should aim to be: catchy and charismatic, and it ultimately displays the talent of the group. Opening with deep whispers and a hypnotizing beat, it’s clear that “WHISPER” is an auditory experience all in itself. When the chorus hits, the members utilize their vocals to harmonize and build upon one another, and the result is heavenly. 

The opening track to BE AWARE goes beyond being catchy and appealing to listeners, as the lyrics explain the electrifying feeling of falling in love with someone. Written by the group’s very own Jacob and Sunwoo, they show that THE BOYZ have grown into mature young men. “WHISPER” is playful with a splash of sultry, and the accompanying music video displays it perfectly. 

Shades of pink and blue rule the scenes, and the overall color scheme is quite vibrant. With fuzzy accessories, cutely decorated pastel guns, heart-shaped chains, a bunny, and clever use of animation, the “WHISPER” music video is quite visually appealing. These all showcase how THE BOYZ are still capable of releasing fresh and cute concepts, while also demonstrating how they’ve grown up over the years. As the members are shown at the end, the video takes a darker turn, devoid of the vibrancy shown earlier. A somber whistle tune is played, capturing the eerie nature of the scene, perhaps hinting towards what to expect next from the K-pop group.

All For Love

If love is a game, then THE BOYZ are willing to play with their tracks “Bump & Love” and “C.O.D.E.” Hyunjae, New, and Sunwoo contributed to writing the lyrics for “Bump & Love,” which is about defying all odds and diving headfirst into love. With an optimistic and overly-romantic mindset, THE BOYZ boil down any conflict between them and their lover to “just a bump in the ro-oad,” in this hip-hop-influenced pop track. 

Moving forward with a brighter pop track laced with twinkly synth chords, “C.O.D.E” takes a witty spin as the guys break down the equation behind falling in love. Singing, “It must be destiny,” as the chemistry between THE BOYZ and their lover continues to grow, it’s clear the young men are lovestruck. This fun, summery song is filled with clever lyrics, written by Sunwoo, resulting in an exciting song that will surely have fans happily shouting along.

Unlocking A Deeper Side

THE BOYZ have explored a variety of subjects throughout their career in just under five years, but the B-sides on BE AWARE dive deeper than ever into their emotions and inhibitions. “Levitating” is seductive and dangerous in all the best ways. With a jazzy and rock influence, this sensual R&B track delves into a more impulsive side of the K-pop group. Filled with heavy bass, a strong piano line, and impressive guitar riffs in the back of the track, the instrumental is just as sexy as the lyrics

Showing vulnerability has never been more poetic than it is in “Survive The Night.” The alternative pop track features a rhythmic guitar line reminiscent of classic alternative and rock ballads from the ‘00s. Honing in on the classic sound, THE BOYZ make use of gritty vocals that capture the emotions of the song, especially within the chorus. With lyrics written by Sunwoo, “Survive The Night” is a heartbreakingly beautiful confession of longing after someone you wish you could have. This heartfelt track allows listeners to discover a more intimate side of THE BOYZ. 

A Love So Timeless

All things must come to an end, but THE BOYZ make it clear that their love has no limits with the final track off BE AWARE. “Timeless” was released prior to the mini-album on August 8, exclusively on YouTube, with a heartwarming music video of the guys spending a nice day together. Written by Hyunjae, New, Q, Sangyeon, and Sunwoo, the sweet song tugs at the heartstrings, leaving listeners basking in the love. The outro sums up the overwhelming joy that flows from the gentle song by stating, “Our hearts, timeless / Our love, timeless / We are timeless.”

Until Next Time

While there is no telling what THE BOYZ have hidden up their sleeves, it is safe to say that they will have people eagerly waiting for their next release. Currently, the guys are finishing up promotions on music shows and are gearing up for the next leg of their THE B-ZONE tour in Japan this upcoming fall. Make sure to keep up with THE BOYZ on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube! BE AWARE is available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube now!

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