K-pop group CIX are back with their first full length album ‘OK’ Prologue: Be OK. Six months since the quintet released their 4th EP ‘HELLO’ Chapter 0. Hello, Strange Dream, the final in the ‘HELLO’ Chapter series. The album contains ten songs with the title track “Wave.”

Before the release of the album the members showed their gratitude for their fans in CIX – Special Greeting Message. A special Spotify playlist that addressed fans in various languages and thanked them for supporting them on their journey to releasing the first album.

There are three versions of the physical album; Ripple, Wave and Storm. Each version shows off the nautical summer theme that the group showcased for the comeback with the main image of the five members in traditional sailor outfits saluting the camera.


Beyond the Wave 

The music video for “Wave” starts off with an astronaut coming down from a space crash landing into a workshop where the CIX members are building a boat. It is hinted that the astronaut is BX as the other members are seen crowding over him whilst he lies on the floor. After organising the route they are going to sail, the location transfers to above the workshop where the members appear to be enjoying themselves. 

Soon the weather changed and the boat escaped the workshop with the members setting off on their magical journey viewing beautiful scenes. At the end of the video the boat arrives at its destination-an ominous rock surrounded by mist-hinting at what may be in the future for CIX. 

During the credits the astronaut returned on the screen dancing happily at the end of the song. The post credits however take a darker turn. Yonghee appears to be gravely injured, seen lying on a hospital bed as the other four members mourn.

Some eagle eyed fans are already relating this to CIX’s previous music video for “Numb.” In this new scene Yonghee is wearing the same uniform that all members wore in the “Numb” video, it is implied he takes a bad fall despite Jinyoung’s attempt to save him . It is also noted how Yonghee spends the majority of “Numb” lying on the floor. 

The lyrics of “Wave” describe breaking through barriers and working hard together to reach goals no matter what obstacles may be thrown their way. The freedom and rewards of the future will be worth all the hard work. 

The chorus of the song imitates a wave itself as it builds up before crashing back down. The bridge also mimics the ocean demonstrating the lull and tranquil atmosphere before a storm. It comes crashing in at the end as the members repeat the phrase “like thunder”. 


An Occasion of Firsts 

Leader of the group, BX has three composing credits on the album: “Off My Mind,” “20살 (20 Years Old)” and “고해 (Confession).” This is the first time the rapper has contributed to one of the group’s official releases. He is not the first idol to have written songs for CIX. Fromis_9’s Jiwon contributed to “Blackouta song on their 2nd Korean EP ‘HELLO’ Chapter 2. Hello, Strange Place and Pentagon’s Hui was a significant part ofTesseract,” the group’s single they released in partnership with the Universe app.  

Off My Mind” is the second song on the album; it’s calmer than the title track with a groovier feel. It’s a dance track that will get you doing just that. The chorus has a kind of liquid smoothness that you’ll find yourself sinking in.

BX personally described “20살 (20 Years Old)” as a song to cheer on young people in their 20s who are living through a difficult time right now, during the group’s media showcase. The song opens with an emotive motif that wouldn’t be out of place in the soundtrack to a coming of age film. The motif is repeated at the end of the bridge to ground the listener before bursting into the ending verse.

고해 (Confession) is the second to last song on the album and the longest. It’s a graceful track that shows off the group’s powerful vocals and beautiful harmonies. With a simple piano backing track it’s full of elegance matching the lyrics of confessing to a mistake that hurt a past lover as they try to make amends. 


Swimming In The Ocean 

The most prominent lyricist on the album is Danke (lalala studios) who worked on seven out of the ten songs. Their most prominent works included “Kick It” and “Highway to Heaven” by NCT 127, “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You).” Danke has worked on multiple other CIX EPs with credits on  ‘HELLO’ Chapter 2. Hello, Strange Place, HELLO’ Chapter 3. Hello, Strange Time and ‘HELLO’ Chapter 0. Hello, Strange Dream

The album starts off with “Bad Dream,” a bold introduction to the album, it’s a fast paced EDM track. During the media showcase BX explained that it is supposed to be connected to “Wave.” The lyrics are from the point of view of an individual who feels they are trapped in life and unable to progress questioning if they are already facing the consequences of past negative actions.

Lost” is an upbeat and bright track but carries on the themes of a struggle only this time the group is lost and don’t know which path they should take next. Yonghee described it as a song for young people going through tough times.

Hyunsuk described the next song “Genie in a Bottle” as a song with a more retro sound and he certainly isn’t wrong. This song will get you up and grooving in no time, it’s more than easy to picture the disco lights, flares and voluminous hair whilst listening to this.

ICE” sure lives up to its name bringing a cooler vibe to the album. Twinkly sound effects in the background are a nice addition to the song giving the image of icicles and frost. It’s a catchy song with an easy listening tune that is meant to get stuck in your head.

Jinyoung describes “숨 (Breath)” or “In & Out” as it appears on Spotify, as a traditional R&B track. Seunghun’s vocals shine with his impressive high notes.

Here For You” is the last song on the album. It is sung entirely in English as a gift for all their fans worldwide. It’s a peaceful song and the group wanted to provide comfort to the listener as they know that the group will always be there to support them. 

OK Prologue: Be OK is a demonstration of CIX’s growth as they begin to explore new sides of themselves. Two years into their debut, they are quickly developing the tools to be global all-rounder artists by branching into new languages and production roles. FIX (their fans) can only wait to see what they do next.

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Thumbnail courtesy of C9 Entertainment.