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For fans, the internet is one of the many ways they can show love to their favorite idol. Some of these methods include fan accounts, Twitter spaces, and now a website. On Sunday, May 16, the website,, was launched. The website features content detailing Taeyong’s solo works as well as his work with NCT and SuperM. There are several different mediums used to engage fans while they are on the website. From music to fan-art, to write-ups, there is no shortage of content.

In order to support Taeyong, his fans make sure that they can strategize ways to improve his branding and exposure. Collaboration was especially necessary for the website to happen. Over 20 TyongF’s contributed to the creation of the website. The creator has made it apparent that she cares about engaging the fanbase to work with one another. There are even sections of the website that allow fans to submit ideas and art. 



The creators of the website are two TyongF’s named Skye and Isa. EnVi spoke to the two about the website and how it came to be. For both Skye and Isa, they wanted a space where fans could easily access information about Taeyong. Skye explained to Envi that when she was becoming a fan, it was rather difficult to find information about Taeyong. It was “scattered all over Twitter.” 

Isa, on the other hand, found Twitter to be a useful tool to find information; but sometimes unreliable. In her words, “People can delete their tweets, and accounts can get suspended… I felt the fans needed something more secure. Also, there are lots of people who don’t like using this app, or prefer to use other social media and end up missing some things.” 

When brainstorming, the two were creating their own different websites. By meeting on Twitter, they were able to come together and make the website come alive. 



Many TyongF’s showed their excitement for the website on Twitter.





TyongF’s continue to show their love and support to Taeyong. The website,, is a hub for fans to continue to support Taeyong. 

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