What do Felix Lee and Netflix’s Bridgerton have in common? If you have been living under a rock for the past month, the answer is probably “nothing.” If you, however, have kept up with the latest news, you’d know that the third season of the historical romance Bridgerton and K-pop star Felix — along with his group, Stray Kids — have been hot topics of conversation since the beginning of May. 

Now, we’ve found yet another parallel: the style. 

ICYMI, on May 23, French luxury brand Louis Vuitton took its latest Cruise presentation to Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain. As usual, the event was a gathering of global stars: Liu Yifei, Phoebe Dynevor, Chloe Grace Moretz, Sophie Turner, Shay Mitchell and Ester Expósito were just some of the names in the star-studded guest list. 

As one of the brand’s muses and notable ambassadors, K-pop star Felix couldn’t be absent from the high-profile event. Sitting front and center, the Australian rapper added yet another swoon-worthy outfit to his Louis Vuitton-powered lookbook. 

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The Royal Touch

Featuring a crisp white shirt — worn with two buttons open for a youthful allure — white tailored pants and a long navy blue coat, Felix’s look oozed elegance and class. And yes, we know, this is not a Regency-style look per se, but we do see the resemblances in the cutaway coat with a longer skirt behind, the tall standing collar and the boutonnière details. Regencycore vibes, we think!

Of course, there was a dose of modernity infused by the chunky sole boots, the thin silver belt and the Slim Trunk bag, whose colorway is not even available in stores yet — because, naturally, Felix has first dibs on unreleased items.

While Felix’s hairstyling didn’t include the prominent sideburns worn by Bridgerton’s beloved cast, the idol-turned-Louis Vuitton It boy made the most of his current medium-length silver cut. Felix’s hair was carefully swept back, with only a small section used to frame his face. Though simple, the hairstyle channeled a soft-spoken grace that perfectly complemented his royal-adjacent attire. 

Photo courtesy of Felix on Instagram (yong.lixx)

Though we’re talking based solely on speculation, Felix’s Regencycore-infused look paired perfectly with the inspiration behind Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest collection, which borrowed elements from Spanish art and architecture. “Being in Spain, I thought of bringing together the drama and rigor of local traditions,” Ghesquière shared, “I tried to taste the chiaroscuro of Francisco Goya and Diego Velázquez’s paintings and selected materials reminiscent of Gaudí’s historic mosaics, structuring layered looks and a modernist architectural aesthetic.”

In the Spotlight

Felix’s latest front-row appearance follows his Met Gala debut alongside Stray Kids earlier this month, as well as a slew of other event appearances. Not only has Felix promoted Louis Vuitton’s campaigns and launches on his Instagram feed and magazine spreads, but he has also attended several shows debuting the label’s newest collections. Most notably, Felix made his runway debut as a model at the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2024 show in March. To mark the occasion, he sported a similarly icy hair color and natural skin glam.

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Through his work with Louis Vuitton, Felix has thoughtfully tailored his image as a high-fashion influence while experimenting with personal style. As he continues to explore the fashion scene, fans can surely look forward to more of Felix’s outstanding fashion moments.

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