After creating shows like The Devil’s Plan, The Genius, and The Great Escape, Director Jeong Jong-yeon opted for a more immersive experience with Agents of Mystery. In this unscripted Netflix series, six celebrities from varying industries transform into secret agents, combining their skills to solve strange mysteries and save the day. During a press event, Director Jeong expressed his hopes for a positive international response, “I want to show global viewers that Korea also has this type of reality show, hoping they will enjoy this genre as well.”  

Meet the Agents:

Lee Yong-jin 

The first agent is comedian Lee Yong-jin, who has worked as a cast member on various Korean programs like Comedy Big League, 2 Days 1 Night, and most recently No Math School Trip. Outside of his variety show appearances, Lee works as a prominent MC, hosting programs like Show Me the Money 10, and Goblin Stealing Wisdom

Playfully pushing his teammates to take the lead, Agent Lee seems like the scaredy cat of the agent team. Contrary to his fearful tendencies, when an unconventional task, such as taming a dog stuck in a human body, is presented, Agent Lee is the man for the job. 

Kim Do-hoon

Next up is rising actor Kim Do-hoon known for his role in the Disney+ series, Moving where he played as part of the main cast alongside Go Youn-jung and Lee Jung-ha. Kim has also appeared in dramas like Today’s Webtoon, The Law Cafe, and The Escape of the Seven

With Agents of Mystery being his first variety show appearance, Kim had a hard time during the team’s first mission. Forming a brotherhood with Agent Lee, the two ended up playing a pivotal role in the agents’ deep sea mission. 

Image courtesy of Netflix Korea

Lee Hye-ri

Multi-hyphenate Lee Hye-ri also joined the cast of Agents of Mystery. Known as the “Nation’s Little Sister,” Lee shot to individual fame after her appearance in the military variety show Real Man in 2014. Shortly after, Lee gained even more attention for her role in the hit drama Reply 1988. Before her solo activities, Lee worked as an idol in the group Girl’s Day

With her unique charm, she delivered many amusing moments for viewers. Showcasing conflicted behavior, Hye-ri was brave enough to explore mysterious rooms but she was startled in the face of danger. Sometimes she acted on a whim and other times she proceeded pragmatically. 


Fellow Korean pop idol, KARINA made her solo variety show debut with the series. In 2020, KARINA debuted as the leader of SM girl group aespa. Since her debut, KARINA has garnered attention for her outstanding visuals and skills, earning the title of “god” from Korean media. 

Adding to her allure, KARINA made an impact with her quick wits and bravery. When her fellow agents were afraid to press mysterious buttons and explore new territories she was quick to take the lead. Due to her habit of storing essential items in her pocket, KARINA was also dubbed as the team’s “Doraemon.” 

John Park 

Next up, American Korean singer, John Park joined the ranks. Park is known for his appearance on Season 9 of American Idol, where he made it to the semi-finals. Park also appeared in Superstar K2 where he placed second. Currently, he is based in Korea, with his most recent release being an OST for Forecasting Love and Weather

Agent John, the primary English speaker in the group, helped the team quickly clear word puzzles. Park also showcased great leadership by constantly looking out for his team during physical tasks. You could always hear him saying “be careful,” as his team crawled through vents and scaled tall ladders. He would also encourage everyone to stay nearby when exploring unknown areas. 

Lee Eun-ji

Rounding out the cast is comedian Lee Eunji who made her debut in 2014 on Comedy Big League. It wasn’t until 2022 that Lee made her breakthrough in the industry with her appearance in the entertainment program Earth Arcade. At the 59th Baeksang Art Awards, Lee won the Best Female Variety Performer award.

Investigating the fine details, Agent Lee filled in the gaps in her six-member team. When things seemed confusing she always offered up another perspective. She was always near her teammates to provide a helping hand and bear the brunt of any unforeseen occurrences. 

What’s The Mission? 

Image courtesy of Netflix Korea

Working for XIN, an international investigation network, the team of agents anonymously solves global mysteries. Teleporting to locations that emit strong levels of an inexplicable compound known as X electric waves, the team has six hours to complete their assignment. If they fail to return to base (the teleportation device) after six hours, they will be trapped forever. 

For their first mission, they get transported to a mysterious factory where they must rescue three kidnapped girls who share the same birth date. A seemingly straightforward task soon turns complicated when the team realizes they are in a cult’s lair. Between hiding from cult members and sealing the gates of hell, the agents have their work cut out for them. Heading underwater, the team must investigate an underwater research submarine for their second mission. With five of the submarine crew members’ bio signals disappearing, the agents must confirm if there are any survivors. When they arrive on board, they learn that the crew members were researching more than underwater sea life. With a mysterious entity on board, they must complete their mission with all of their limbs and lives intact. 

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