On June 13, Gold House proudly introduced its first-ever Gold List edition dedicated to celebrating exceptional achievements in television by Asian creatives. This announcement comes after a year of rising popularity in API led television series, from FX’s record breaking Shōgun (2024) to dramedy Beef (2023) sweeping last year’s Emmy Awards. Gold House’s Head of Entertainment and Media Tiffany Chao noted the impact of growth in API content, “Asian stories and talent have undeniably taken center stage this year, showcasing a remarkable breadth of narratives and performances that resonate across broad audiences. With an array of outstanding shows gracing our screens, the expansion of the Gold List to television categories is a testament to the rich diversity and excellence within the industry.” 

A Golden Era of Television 

Historically, Asian representation and recognition at major television awards have been disproportionately low, with only a small fraction of accolades going to API talent. Notably, within its 75-year run, only 1.1% of winners at the Emmy Awards have been API projects and creatives. As the voting period for the 76th Emmy Awards approaches, the television edition of the Gold List aims to recognize the contributions of API talent in the industry and those who deserve great interest for the upcoming awards season.

Building on its continued success in advocating for API creatives in film, Gold House is now extending its influence to television. The Gold List, which previously spotlighted acclaimed films such as Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) and Minari (2020), now celebrates excellence in television across seven categories. These categories include Outstanding Series, Directing, Writing, Lead and Supporting Performances, Animated Program, and Made for Television Movie. Selected by a panel of API leaders in entertainment, the curated list highlights the standout performances and productions from the past year like Shōgun (2023), The Sympathizer (2024), Expats (2023), and actresses Greta Lee and Anna Sawai

The Gold List Extended

This year’s Shōgun (2024) emerged as a dominant force, receiving top honors for Outstanding Series, Lead Performances by lead actress Anna Sawai and lead actor-producer Hiroyuki Sanada, as well as Directing and Writing accolades. Sanada expressed his gratitude stating, “This recognition is particularly special as it marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in celebrating excellence in television. Working on Shōgun has been a profound and enriching experience, and I am incredibly proud of the dedication and passion that everyone involved has brought to this project.” The show’s anticipated successes will undoubtedly set a new benchmark for future API projects in the industry. 

Find the complete Gold List, television edition, below: 

Outstanding Series

Winner: Shōgun (2024)

Honorable Mentions: 3 Body Problem (2024), Expats (2024), Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2024), The Sympathizer (2024), Under the Bridge (2024)

Outstanding Directing

Winner: Shōgun (2024) Hiromi Kamata, Takeshi Fukunaga

Honorable Mentions: Expats (2024) Lulu Wang, The Sympathizer (2024) Park Chan-wook

Outstanding Writing

Winner: Shōgun (2024) Rachel Kondo, Emily Yoshida, Maegan Houang, Justin Marks

Honorable Mentions: 3 Body Problem (2024) Alexander Woo, Madhuri Shekar, David Benioff, DB Weiss, Expats (2024) Lulu Wang, Vera Miao, Gursimran Sandhu, Janice Y.K. Lee

Outstanding Lead Performance

Winners: Anna Sawai and Hiroyuki Sanada for Shōgun (2024) 

Honorable Mentions: Ambika Mod for One Day (2024); Hoa Xuande for The Sympathizer (2024); Ji-Young Yoo for Expats (2024); Maya Erskine for Mr. And Mrs. Smith (2024); Utkarsh Ambudkar for Ghosts (2021) 

Outstanding Supporting Performance

Winners: Bowen Yang for SNL; Greta Lee for The Morning Show (2019) 

Honorable Mentions: Fumi Nikaido for Shōgun (2024); Ke Huy Quan for Loki (2021); Moeka Hoshi for Shōgun (2024); Sandra Oh for The Sympathizer (2024); Sarayu Blue for Expats (2024); Tadanobu Asano for Shōgun (2024) 

Outstanding Animated Program

Winner: Blue Eye Samurai (2023)

Honorable Mentions: Invincible (2021) 

Outstanding Made for Television Movie

Winner: Quiz Lady (2023) 

Honorable Mentions: Love in Taipei (2023); World’s Best (2023) 

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