Luoyang (2021) has been gaining a lot of attention for it’s thrilling and suspenseful features. With a 8.5 on MyDramaList and is currently TOP1 on iQiyi International’s ranking, Luoyang has been the most watched Chinese drama in places like Taiwan, Korea, and North America.

Based during the Wu Zhou period, it follows various stories of different unsolved cases in the city of Luoyang. Deputy marshal Gao Bingzhu (Huang Xuan), Baili Hongyi (Wang Yibo), and Si Yue (Victoria Song) team up together to investigate these cases only to uncover a mysterious conspiracy. The series develops an up-and-down relationship between the characters as they face different challenges and discover new clues.

Although the series deals with many challenges and mysterious events, Luoyang leaves its main characters in difficult positions which makes viewers want more. Here are a few suspenseful plots that the series includes making it thrilling to watch.

Gao Bingzhu Investigates The Murder of His Friends and Family

Gao Bingzhu becomes invisible to the world after the mysterious death of his friends. Wanting to visit the city Luoyang, Gao Bingzhu’s friends decided to go to Luoyang — only to be mysteriously murdered on the way there. Consequently, Bingzhu does everything he can to uncover the truth and find the culprit who did this. He risks his life to include himself  in hopes to draw out the culprit. With the culprit out on the loose, the single clue Bingzhu hangs on to is the mark from the sword used to kill his friends.

Wedding Disaster

It took a lot of convincing for Hongyi to agree to get married. For the sake of his family, Baili Hongyi gets married to his wife Liu Ran (Song Yi), but is unfortunately faced with unexpected news. On the day of his wedding, Hongyi’s father is poisoned to death. Hongyi promises to seek revenge, but discovers that his wife might be connected to his father’s death. Soon, their  relationship becomes untrustworthy and difficult.

Four Season Divine

In the city of Luoyang lies the mysterious organization known as the Four Season Divine. The organization’s main goal is to overthrow the Empress Wu’s reign. Within the Four Season Divine’ is said to be a person known as the masked killer — the culprit that Gao Bingzhu is looking for.

The Informer

The case that starts the beginning of the soon to be trio is the investigation of the Informer. After heading to the city of Luoyang, the “Informer” is murdered,which prompts Si Yue to investigate. As she tries to uncover the truth, she ends up meeting Baili Hongyi and Gao Bingzhu, who are also investigating the case. As each of them has their own cases to uncover, they start to realize a pattern within all of them.

Luoyang (2021) is currently airing and is set to finish by the end of this month. You can follow the mysterious thrilling series on iQiyi.

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