Chilean-American singer-songwriter Marilyn Hucek hopes to empower women with her latest single, “Girls Girl” which was released on February 25. A self-written, confident, and sassy track, “Girls Girl” was created with the overall message of women uplifting one another and promoting female confidence. 

Girls Girl

“Girls Girl” opened with Marilyn’s soft voice blending together with the powerful bass, evoking a confident and sassy vibe, as she proclaimed her loyalty to women. “Cause I’m here for you whenever you need /you don’t have to call / I’ll be waiting at the bar. These boys are dumb / just let him be. Your beauty lies deeper than he’ll ever see,” sang Marilyn, reminding her friend of her unconditional friendship. 

Continuing on in her bold tone, she proclaimed her philosophy of always standing by her girlfriends’ side through better or worse in the track. “Mess with you / you mess with me, I’m a girls girl / that’s my straight philosophy / I’m a girls girl, say his name on repeat / I’m a girls girl / Imma call you out where’s the beef.” 

“This song in particular I remembered, one of my friends was going through a hard time with a guy, and she was in a different state and I’m in a different state, and I just remembered thinking it sucks that she’s going through that. I wish I could be there for her at all times when she needs help,” Marilyn expressed. 

Inspired to write a song for a friend, Marilyn shared having the lyric “Cause I’m here for you,” come into her head before any other element of the song. It was her own way of saying despite the distance between them, she wanted her friend to know that she will always have her back and her friend can count on her to move forward. The song eventually grew into one that exists on its own. It established a sense of sisterhood and comfort for listeners, confidence, and strength for them to stand on their own and move forward. 

Empowering Women 

As a Latina woman working in the music industry, Marilyn is aware of the gender disparities that exist within it, even more so as an independent artist. Her goal, and the main message of her newest single, is to build a foundation where women are free to support each other without having the shadow of competitiveness looming over them. 

“To inspire women to support women, females to support females, minorities to support minorities,” she shared with EnVi. “In my experience, in hearing others’ experiences, it’s often that women kind of bring each other down, and they’re less likely to help each other rise to the top.”

In this patriarchal society, women are often pitted against each other, being discouraged from supporting one another’s goals in favor of competing for them. This makes it easier for men to remain on top and in executive roles. This lack of diversity and gender disparity that exists both in society, and the music industry is one of the many reasons why artists such as Marilyn are striving to use their platforms to highlight and showcase female voices and talents across the industry. For the new single, the artist further showed her support for female creatives by collaborating with a female photographer and graphic artist for the album cover, and working with Cuja on the song’s production. 

Creating a Positive Community for Women 

“I kind of grew up around very strong women. My mom was around most of the time, she was a stay-at-home mom so she raised us. For the most part, I’ve been around strong, female role models and leaders in my life. Extending through my grandmother, and my extended family, it’s just always been women,” Marilyn explained. For the artist, the most influential women in her life, the ones that had the most impact on her, are the women in her family. 

It’s always been about women. Having a community of friends and girlfriends who have created a safe space for each other, is tremendously important for young women. “Having that community of friends, of girls, having girlfriends who are there for each other, I think that’s really important. Socializing and having that safe space to be able to grow up and face your teenage years, it’s great to have girlfriends.”

Establishing a foundation of trust and comfort is important, and for Marilyn, it’s one of the messages she hopes to portray in her new single. “I think that’s what this song is about, creating communities, whoever is in those communities, of support within females. Yeah, that’s what I hope for my song, that’s what I hope I’m able to do. I hope I can create a positive community of women supporting each other.” 

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