Megan Thee Stallion Featured on BTS’ Summer Track “Butter”

By: donyayaya_
Edit of BTS members sitting next to Megan Thee Stallion with "Butter" behind them

BTS and Megan Thee Stallion have joined forces for the latest version of “Butter.” This new rendition featured the Grammy-award-winning rapper on the summer song topping the charts.

Megan’s opening lines introduced the powerful collaboration and were followed by her rap signature. She delivered the second verse and ad-libs throughout the track. Calling herself the “Hot Girl Coach” and giving a shout-out to her hometown, Megan’s charisma and flow added a hip-hop flair to the dance-pop track. Combined with the original vocals and rap of the group, the project showcased both artists’ talents. 

In less than 12 hours, “Butter (ft. Megan Thee Stallion)” gained over 10 million views on YouTube. While streaming, fans took to Twitter to give their praise. 

Hottie Army

Megan’s Hotties and BTS’s Army enthusiastically relayed their reactions and thoughts about the single. These dedicated supporters caught every detail and were sure to pay their compliments.

With pink icons to celebrate the collaboration, the fanbases used Twitter tags for their edits, artwork, and plenty of fun jokes.

Megan herself joined in on the fun, sharing her excitement for the new release. She also took the time to express her appreciation for the warm reception and philanthropy projects organized in the artists’ names. 

Forces to be Reckoned With

Both Megan and BTS have hit a number of milestones in the past few years. Megan recently released her song “Thot Shit” and has already reached 25 million views in just two months. Previously, she took home three awards and performed at the 2020 Grammy Awards. 

BTS also performed at the Grammy Awards and became the first K-pop group to receive a major nomination for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.” Following the release of “Butter,” the group dropped the “Hotter,” “Sweeter,” and “Cooler” remixes. The group came back soon after with “Permission to Dance.”

From Texas to South Korea

In addition to impressive accolades, this project brings together diverse artists and audiences. Appealing to an international community, the track shows that music truly has no borders. 

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