On September 17 at 1 PM KST, NCT 127 came back with their title track “Sticker” from their full-length album of the same name. “Sticker” is a hip-hop song with heavy bass and an addicting flute sound throughout. The song is a catchy track that talks about NCT 127 wanting to keep someone special close to them, just like a sticker.

The music video has a huge western influence with video game elements that showcase the charismatic charm of NCT 127 that NCTzens are drawn to. The western theme is felt throughout, with the opening scene of Taeyong and Jaehyun decked out in western outfits, topped off with a signature cowboy hat. There are various mentions of rodeo, with a rope being a common theme throughout the music video. The cowboy hat is also a recurring theme, with a cute appearance by the lovely chihuahua, Malraeng.



Just one hour and 50 minutes after the music video release, “Sticker” had amassed 2 million views on YouTube. It is the fastest NCT video to do so. The music video also became the fastest SM video to get to 1 million views with a record of 21 minutes!



Attacked by Visuals

NCTzens couldn’t help but be stunned by the visuals from the MV and the members




Sticker Praise

The praise continues as fans can’t stop raving about the song

Before NCT 127 released “Sticker,” fans had been blessed with multiple waves of content to hype up the release. NCT 127 will promote “Sticker” and “Lemonade” on music shows and appear on various variety shows this comeback.

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.