NCT 127 Have Returned With a Favorite

By: Veronica Espinal
NCT 127 Favorite

On October 25, just a month after their Sticker comeback, global group NCT 127 released their third album repackage titled Favorite. The 14-track album features tracks from their previous studio album Sticker, along with three new tracks, “Favorite (Vampire),” “Love On The Floor,” and “Pilot.” 

Like A Storm You’re My Favorite

The title track “Favorite (Vampire),” is a dark and sexy R&B pop track with addictive whistle sounds, harmonious vocals, and a drum line type beat. It is written and composed by Kenzie, Rodnae “Chikk” Bell, and Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins. The harmonious vocals of the artists complement one another and the interplay of the vocals is seductive. 

NCT 127 sing “I want to hurt even more desperately in this destiny /  Wide eyes, all of your existence / Girl, you’re my favorite. / I burst into tears and fall apart / When I kiss you in this heat. / Like a storm, you’re my favorite.” They sing about the intense affection they feel for their lover, despite the impassioned love being a danger to their existence. Their love can be compared to a venomous vampire bite that although addicting, can also be fatal. “Call it playing with fire (Quit that) / You have thorns (Hands down) / The fragmented crown (Take that) / That pure poison I took a bite and swallowed it all.” 

The vampire-themed music video’s visuals immediately capture one’s attention. The opening scene illustrates the members of NCT 127 laying on a silk bed, alongside each other, within a blood-red room. A white-colored butterfly seemingly approaches vampire Taeyong and awakens him. 

The dark and eerie video exists as a parallel between two realities: one where the members are sophisticated performers and the other where they live as royal and lonely vampires. Appearing as a lucid dream, these interplayed realities encapsulate the deepest desires within the hearts of the members, desires that would consume them forever. 

Twitter Excitement

“Favorite (Vampire)” is already a favorite among NCT 127 and NCTzens. NCTzens have been praising the song, the vocals, and the production since the music video was been released. 

Captivated by Visuals

The music video was already a sight for fans, but the members’ visuals only added to NCTzens excitement. 

Charts and Records

In just 49 minutes, “Favorite (Vampire)” was the second fastest NCT music video to reach one million views. Favorite entered the top ten on U.S. iTunes and peaked at #1 on Melon’s real-time chart. With over 1 million pre-orders, Favorite has secured NCT 127 a spot as double million sellers

It’s safe to say the Favorite era is off to a great start with positive reactions and new achievements. NCT 127 has cemented their spots as top artists, and NCTzens are in for a treat with the new promotions.

Interested in listening to the album? Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.


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