By Taylor | @taylor.louise.m, Aimi | @heocaroons, Bre | @brelyndrop, & Mafe | @brekkerxuxi

As the festive season approaches, it’s time to look for the perfect present for your special Seasonie friend. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide that caters to every bias and every budget—because not all of us make the bag on the regular. What better way to end this tough year than giving a fellow NCTzen the most fitting of gifts and spread joy to the world

Although we have the holidays in mind, these gifts work for any special occasion! Be sure to click the images to shop the items!


Moon Necklace (waxing crescent) 

The moon is very representative of Taeil and the day he was born was during a waxing crescent. Those born under this moon are cheerful and outgoing, just like Taeil! A necklace with this phase is a sweet reminder of him.   


Mini Polaroid Camera

It’s clear to all NCTzens that Johnny really loves photography. He even has his own hashtag, #Johntography, and he’s always sharing cool aesthetic pictures on Instagram. A great gift on our wishlist is a mini polaroid camera to capture all our favorite moments.


Art Pens

It’s no secret NCT’s leader has his walls and clothes covered in his own drawings. What better gift to represent Taeyong than these paint pens? TyongFs will be able to channel their inner Taeyong by using them to customize their own belongings.



Sakura earrings are perfect because we know Yuta loves earrings and he used to work at a flower shop. 


Magic Card Tricks Kit

Kun loves magic and showed fans his sleight-of-hand skills in Dream Plan. You can learn similar tricks with this magic card trick kit.



Doyoung is very organized and likes to make his living space comfortable and homey. He always has plushies by his bed! We’re loving this penguin one—just like his!



Ten is not only a talented artist in the aspects of singing and dancing, but also with drawing. He designed the Rainbow V logo and newly released WayV merchandise. A drawing tablet is the perfect gift to represent him for the 10velies in your life! 



During his NCT DAILY 24 Hour Relay Cam, Jaehyun showed us his growing vinyl collection. A few of his favorites include Chet Baker and Frank Ocean. We suggest starting your own collection with a NCT record!


Friendship Bracelets

Every NCT member loves Sicheng and wants to be close to him—we don’t blame them! Friendship bracelets would work really well for a Winwin stan.


Snoopy Light

All Jungwoo fans know how he loves Snoopy and even his fans are named as Snoopyzens! A Snoopy light is such a cute choice to decorate a room with. Imagine all Snoopyzens, including Jungwoo himself, using this!



Lucas just represents a ring so much. He’s always wearing and playing with his rings! What better gift for the Xuxi fan in your life than a set of beautiful rings? Plus, they’re sustainably sourced and ethically made!


Cat Ears Hat

Hendery’s cat ears hat made an impact with the release of Resonance’s repackage; Part 2 Departure version. You can wear a similar hat like him with this adorable cat-ears hat!


Guitar Strap

Mark Lee and his guitar are frequently seen together. It’s made many guest appearances on NCT Daily Videos including their 24 Hour Relay Cam. This cute guitar strap is perfect for any Markzen wanting to follow in Mark’s footsteps and ‘pick’ up his statement instrument. Plus, it’s covered with Maple Leafs, representing his Canadian roots! 


Karaoke Mic

Xiaojun is very passionate about music and singing. He’s always practicing and or singing covers for fans to enjoy. With this mic you can match his level of enthusiasm and try following along with his covers!



Renjun’s hobby is sketching, and a sketchbook is the perfect gift for fans who want to try sketching too!


Fitness Tracker

Our sweet Jeno loves to bike and workout. This sleek and affordable fitness tracker is the perfect gift for anyone active and athletic. 


Sunflower Scrunchie

Haechan’s name translates to ‘Fullsun’ and his fans are called ‘Sunflowers.’ Add a little sunshine to your look with a sunflower printed scrunchie.


Eco-friendly Reusable Coffee Cup

Jaemin was scouted doing charity work with his mother, and cares a lot about the world. He also drinks a lot of strong coffee, so an eco-friendly reusable coffee cup is the perfect gift.


Lace Buckles

Yangyang is a sneakerhead so these custom shoelace buckles would be a great way to spice up your own kicks.


Just Dance 2021

Shotaro is known for his dancing, especially on TikTok. Plus, his challenge for NCT World 2.0 was a random dance play of NCT songs. Just Dance 2021 is the perfect gift for Shotaro fans and includes tracks such as “Kick It” by NCT 127, “Feel Special” by Twice, and “Ice Cream” by Blackpink and Selena Gomez.



Featured in “90s Love” as one of NCT’s newest rappers, this notebook with Sungchan’s given jersey number, 27, would be a great choice for any Sungchan fans!


Bath Bomb Kit

Chenle and Jisung make up the YouTube vlog Chenji, This and That. They try new foods, play with slime, and sometimes build things. This bath bomb kit is perfect for those who like to tap into their artsy side and reward themselves with a relaxing bath.


Candle Making Kit 

Jisung is the other half of This and That. One of his favorite segments is making gifts such as key rings and face mask chains for the other members. A candle making kit is a perfect gift for the Jisung fans in your life.