Goodbye, 2021. Hello, Future. NCT DREAM greeted the new year with performances at ​​SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS @KWANGYA held on January 1st, 2022. Here’s a recap of the Dreamies’ performances in the second SMTOWN online concert. 

Hello, Future!

NCT DREAM began with a dazzling performance of “Hello Future,” the title track of their first repackaged album. Befitting the optimistic vibe, the stage was set to flash cut-out images of flowers, cars, and other items belonging to the bohemian album cover. 

The members bloomed beautifully in outfits worn in the album teasers. Made up of mostly black and white, with the exception of two tie-dye shirts, NCT DREAM managed to effortlessly brighten the stage with song and dance.

2022 marks the second time the SMTOWN concert was online. However, this is the first year that NCT DREAM fully performed as seven. Last year, Jisung sang his verses on a seat off stage due to an injury, leaving their new year rendition of “Ridin’” to only feature five members.

Welcome to KWANGYA’s Zoo

While fans waited for NCT DREAM’s next group stage, they were gifted with the live performance of “ZOO,” featuring one of NCT DREAM’s rappers, Jeno. The SM collaboration track includes Taeyong of NCT 127, Hendery and Yangyang of WayV, and GISELLE of aespa.

Jeno left many breathless with not only his rap, but also his fashionable clothing. Fitted into punk attire inclusive of ripped jeans, a gold chain, a pair of black gloves, a mesh undershirt, and a grey shirt that reads “Lost Lost Lost,” Jeno sharply hit his dance moves and released his undeniable stage presence.

Pick Ma Dish

2021 held many accomplishments for NCT DREAM, beginning with the release of their first full-length album, Hot Sauce, Mark’s first comeback with NCT DREAM since 2018. In addition, the repackaged album, Hello Future, was successfully released and landed in the top 9 spot on Best-Selling Albums of 2021 on Hanteo Chart while its predecessor, Hot Sauce, claimed 3.

To close off their participation in the concert, NCT DREAM returned with their trilingual hit, “Hot Sauce,” in racer-themed attire. The color scheme was mostly catered to the color blue, contrasting with the surrounding stage that was lit up by flashing colorful lights. Combined, these elements created an incredible final performance for NCT DREAM.

Leaving 2021 In Our Dreams

Although NCT DREAM is made up of the youngest boy group members in SMTOWN by average age, their professionalism is evident throughout every event they participate in. They are currently promoting NCT 2021’s Universe album alongside WayV, NCT 127, Sungchan, and Shotaro. The DREAM team have also prepared multiple performances for beginning of the year festivals and shows. 

There’s no knowing what is to come in the following year, but one thing is for sure: NCT DREAM will leave fans mesmerized.

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.