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By @brekkerxuxi, Mafe Morales | @minionyuta_, Veronica Espinal | @singularityjem, Mafe Ramos

As this difficult year comes to a close, and we’re reflecting back on moments both high and low, comforting words from NCT come to mind. Here are some special messages, words, and advice the members have said to make czennie feel better in hard times. 


 “I believe if you put in some effort, your dreams will come true.” 

(NCT DAILY: NCT 127 day)


“To everyone out there I just wanted to say that whoever is listening (reading) this is absolutely beautiful and there is nothing you need to change in your appearance, you’re already as perfect and unique as you are, don’t let anyone tell you differently.” (NCT Night Night)


Your efforts will never betray you, all your efforts will pay off.”

(NCT DAILY: NCT 127 day)

“Life is hard… no it’s not that life is hard, but that there are just difficult moments, and there will always be difficult times, and if you keep on feeling tired then it is not your fault, it’s the situation to blame, so don’t blame yourself for it.” (Vlive 2020.08.25)


“If there is something you want to do or want to achieve, believe in yourself until the end.”

(NCT Daily: NCT 127 day)

“Many people tend to believe in what is visible. But I tend to think that you have to look at the things deep within you… I think what you’re content with becomes your identity and style.” 

(Men’s Nom-No, finding my style with NCT)


“Everyone has their own talents. Everyone is useful, you have different talents and abilities. Every human being has been blessed with different abilities. Don’t worry, you should experience many things, go for it!” (WayV-ariety: Take Your Worries Away)


“Most people say that if you don’t give up and work hard, you’ll achieve your goals, but I´d like to say something different, work at your own pace.

(NCT Daily: NCT 127 day)


“Don’t overwork yourself, because you know yourself, you know your limits. If you are hurt just say, ‘Okay, I’ll take a rest.’ Don’t worry about you being behind others.” (WayV-ariety: Take Your Worries Away)


“For those who want to make their dreams come true: no matter what, believe in yourself, and love yourself.” (NCT Daily: NCT 127 Day)


“I also hope that while loving me, you have to love yourself too at the same time. Don’t be too tired, don’t over exhaust yourself, to spend happy and fulfilling days” (Weibo Birthday Update)


“I believe that anyone who works hard to achieve their dreams will get there. Good outcomes come from good effort.” (NCT Daily: NCT 127 Day)


“As long as you think it through and think happy thoughts, and don’t keep thinking about the stress, you can share your worries with your friends, then you’ll be happy. It’s actually very simple!”  (Miss Tuesday Yoyo Burberry Interview) 


“To those who want to achieve their dreams, I want to say this: Please stay positive and persevere. You can do it! (NCT Daily: NCT 127 Day)


“You can’t give up, you have to just believe you can do it. Maybe it’s sad and you’re upset, but take a breath and just do it again.” (Fan Meeting)


“In fact, you already have an amazing strength because you know it yourself. Knowing which part of yourself you’re lacking is also an amazing strength, there’s many times when people don’t know their own problems, but you know it. Since you know it like this, you remember the time you lost your confidence, you think of the problems during that time and search for a good method to solve them. It will certainly help you.” (WayV-ariety: Take Your Worries away) 


“There are some things you cannot change, but what’s important is how you see it, if you see something bad, no matter how pretty they look, everything will look bad, but if you try to see it with a good filter, everything will become beautiful, just change your perspective.” (Vlive 2020.11.28)


“We will never stop delivering our music to the young adults who strive hard for their dreams.” (NCT Dream The Stage)


“If you want your dreams to come true, then dream that dream, remember it, and make plans to get there, if you go step by step your dreams will come true.” (NCT Daily: NCT 127 Day)

“Have you ever put the puzzles together by any chance? I think it’ll be really good to put the puzzles together these days. As you focus on putting each piece together, all trivial thoughts would be gone and I think you’ll be satisfied as you see the completed puzzle. I think that puzzles are similar to our life, whether it’s your memory when you were young, those moments when you feel good or sad, memories with friends, I think all the pieces put together became the me I am now.” (Haechan Radio Ep.3 “Reload” Moment In Life)


“If what you want to do doesn’t work out, keep going with the best of your abilities.” (Arena HOMME July Issue 2020)


“There’s no dream that you can’t achieve, every dream can come true, ‘going to the moon,’ for example can come true if you try hard. Don’t think that you can’t do it, try anything.” (WayV-ariety: Take Your Worries Away)


“Everyone will meet the right person for them. Maybe you’re not fated with that person. So you might find someone better later on.” (20.03.19 Chenle Radio YueDong Seoul)

“When you don’t want to do something, but you have to, you need to find some joy in it” (Vlive 2020.02.09)


“Dominoes are a bit like life, you fail if it’s all collapsed but you can build it up again” (NCT Daily: Playing Dominoes)


For the new members whom we just got to meet, we wish you all the happiness and success. We hope you find your place in the NCT family. Nctzens are ready to support you and learn more from you. We hope your future is bright and full of good and positive things.

Shotaro, Sungchan, good luck in your future with NCT we are looking forward to it!

This year has been rough for us all, and when life gets rough there’s a sense of overwhelming, but as the year comes to an end, we’d like to grant you all some words of encouragement and positivity for this upcoming year. Our wish for you all is to be happy, and feel your best at every moment in life, whatever that means to you. Whether it’s doing something good for someone else or binge-watching NCT content on YouTube, find that source of happiness and embrace it. Things are rough now, but trust that they will get better. Hope you all have a great holiday, and a Happy New Year!! 

— Team EnVi