Stray Kids Becomes the Newest Models for NACIFIC

By: Vanessa Arias
Stray Kids Nacific

On September 6, Stray Kids were announced as the new faces of the skin-care brand NACIFIC.

Following their win on Kingdom: Legendary War and their successful promotions for their second full-length album, the eight-member group continues to forge ahead even at the close of the year with yet another brand deal under their belt. 

The Birth of Natural Beauty

NACIFIC is known for its sleek design and minimalist aesthetic. It features various products on its site that range from treating blackheads to exfoliants all sharing that same modern design. The brand is also known for its Fresh Herb Origin line, which happens to be a part of its best-selling Day & Night Set

The brand prides itself on producing products that are clean and natural that yield amazing results on the skin of their buyers. NACIFIC states that it aims to create the very best products through the use of natural ingredients. It also says that while it has products that its customers love, it always seeks to improve its products and conduct constant research as well as communicating with its buyers.

This bright and clean concept is one of the reasons NACIFIC says it chose Stray Kids as its new brand ambassadors. The brand stated that the group’s healthy and bright energy matches well with NACIFIC’s concept of pursuing natural beauty.

EXO’s main rapper, Chanyeol, was the brand’s most recent brand ambassador for 2020 and took part in various events while promoting NACIFIC’s products. The same can be expected for Stray Kids!


Fan Reactions 

2021 has proven to be nothing short of fruitful for the eight member group. From makeup brand deals, clothing collaborations, magazine photoshoots, and more, Stray Kids have continued to grow and their fans have supported them through it all this year.

The group’s collaboration with NACIFIC is no different, and STAYs took to twitter to share their excitement on the boys’ newest accomplishment.

The CEO of NACIFIC – Kim Hyungmin – even posted about the NACIFIC x Stray Kids collaboration on his eight-memberpersonal instagram!


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Thumbnail courtesy of Nacific and JYP Entertainment.