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New month, new releases, new Sunday Spin! June might have come close, but the summer heat still continues to make waves this hot July. Packed with refreshing tracks and fiery anthems, Team EnVi brings high tides and good vibes with this week’s Sunday Spin.

HYUKOH and Sunset Rollercoaster – “Young Man”

Sunset Rollercoaster and HYUKOH fans alike — it’s time to shine. On July 3, the Taipei-based romantic pop band and the Seoul-based indie-rock band, respectively, released their collaborative single titled “Young Man.” Cheery and upbeat, the optimistic melody and bright drumbeat has listeners bobbing their heads along with the rhythm. However, the lyrics reveal deeper thoughts. Lines such as “We have to fight, just trying to survive” and “every day is yesterday” dig into the uncertainty of the future and the struggles to survive once you are no longer “young.” But, as Sunset Rollercoaster and HYUKOH advise, “We don’t look back.”  

HYUKOH (composed of frontman and singer-songwriter OHHYUK, guitarist HYUNJAE, drummer INWOO, bassist DONGGEON, as well as JNKYRD, a close friend of the band) and Sunset Rollercoaster (composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Kuo-Hung Tseng, bassist Hung-Li Chen, keyboardist Shao-Hsuan Wang, drummer Tsun-Lung Lo, and saxophonist Hao-Ting Huang) are set to release their joint album this July. It has been four years since either band dropped an album, so the news of AAA comes with much anticipation. The “Young Man” music video is also a source of understandable excitement. Directed by Pennacky — who is known for notable works including “SEXY NUKIM” by Balming Tiger and “Groin” by RM of BTS — “Young Man” features all 10 band members. This visual work cuts into the uncertainty of the song’s lyrics by only focusing on the musicians’ hands and their instruments (a.k.a. symbols of their work) for the first two minutes. Their faces, too, are purposefully blurred as the camera rotates around them. 

“Young Man” is not the first time — nor the last — the two bands have joined forces. In 2020, they bumped into each other by happenstance in Tokyo, leading OHHYUK to feature on Sunset Rollercoaster’s track “Candlelight.” The Taiwanese band reflected this special musical bond as well through their remake of HYUKOH’s 2020 song “Help.” More recently, OHHYUK and Kuo worked with RM of BTS on his pre-release single, “Come back to me.” 

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GEMN – “Fatal”

Anime fans rise up! Making their official debut on July 4, Japanese singers Nakajima Kento and Kitani Tatsuya formed GEMN (pronounced Gem) — a special unit project which came together to produce the opening theme song for award-winning anime drama series Oshi No Ko’s second season. Arranged by acclaimed Japanese music producer Giga-P, lyrically composed by Tatsuya, and embodying the protagonist’s distortion of love and the cruel mechanism of love, “Fatal” stands as a hymn describing a fateful love that brings brilliance into someone’s life. The electronica-pop song sings of love as both a curse and a source of hope, personifying the experience of love as a “foreordained destiny” through lyrics such as, “Your eyes with glittering stars in them / All dried up, poor thing, a lack of love? / Your beauty radiating from far away causing / Burnt eyes, stripped feathers, creative fall from heaven.”

Prior to the official reveal of the unit’s identities, GEMN teased their upcoming arrival through a website holding a countdown to their debut; the official site not only released new information weekly, but notably uploaded notes by both artists and Oshi No Ko’s original manga authors Aka Akasaka and Yokoyari Mengo detailing insight into the song’s depth, underlying themes, and correlation between the show and composition. Make sure to keep your eyes on GEMN for more exhilarating future releases and announcements.

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B5 – “Give It Back”

Calling all millennials — it’s time to dust off those teen magazines, break out the jewel case CDs, and sign on to your fave online forums because the boy bands of the 2000s are so back. Well, one of them, at least. Depending on your age, you may remember B5 as the five brothers who stole the hearts of just about every tween and teen girl in the early 2000s, specifically with their debut single, “All I Do,” from their self-titled album in 2005. The group consists of Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell, and Bryan Breeding who not only had the support of iconic producers like Rodney Jerkins and Sean Garrett but were also backed by the Radio Disney powerhouse. The brothers appeared in several Disney-affiliated tours, events, and even soundtracks, including High School Musical, DisneyMania 4 and That’s So Raven Too!

Nearly 20 years later — with a couple of starts and stops in between — B5 officially brings back the art of Black boy groups with their latest single, “Give It Back.” After months of hinting at the band’s return, “Give It Back” sees a refreshed and revitalized version of B5 that’s been sorely missed among the 20 to 30-somethings who have grown up alongside them. Although the group is known for crooning over heartfelt R&B jams and breaking out into dynamic hip-hop choreography, B5 opts for a sound that may be new to their catalog but has already dominated the music industry in the last few years: Afropop.

“You stole my heart from me, you took your love from me / No that ain’t right, girl that ain’t right.” It’s the hook that will guarantee to get stuck in your head by the end of the first listen and rightfully so. As the infectious rhythm riddles through your bones, the lyrics portray the guys hopelessly wanting to be their lover’s one and only and be treated as such. But when the inevitable goes awry, we see the members of B5 pleading for their hearts back after giving the relationship their all. Don’t be fooled by its message, though — “Give It Back” is sure to be the summer smash you won’t want to forget.

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BE:FIRST, ATEEZ – “Hush-Hush”

When J-pop boy band BE:FIRST and K-pop boy group ATEEZ band together to create a hypnotizing multilingual track, listeners are bound to experience an intense collaboration they’ll never forget. Laced with thumping electro-beats and a booming bass, “Hush-Hush” is a dramatic pop track representative of both teams’ soundscapes and edgy elements. The energetic single carries the groups’ distinctive and dynamic colors, embracing explosive energy and overflowing confidence ATINY and BESTY are well familiar with.

Opening up with gripping group introductions from both teams, “Hush-Hush” expertly alternates between Korean, Japanese, and English as BE:FIRST and ATEEZ members show off their seamless harmonization in both vocal and rap performances. Embracing their impactful career and influential presence in the industry, BE:FIRST and ATEEZ confidently claim, “Unchanging / We’re living in metafiction / Top of the top / The underdog they laughed at now wears the crown / We don’t need to get into arguments / Sweep all that away, raise a peace sign / Who is first? It doesn’t matter what you think / We’re different like ATEEZ & BE:FIRST.”

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When you meet the right person at the wrong time, it can be hard to let go. Released as CROSSING RAIN’s sixth monthly single of 2024, this track depicts the period after a split. The Hawaii based band dedicate this new single to their fans, Thunder. Written under the premise of a breakup, the song is a testament to the time spent together in a relationship. Despite the hardships and separation, the group promise to better themselves. Holding on with a hopeful heart, they sing of waiting until the moment they meet their lover again. The song’s fresh composition sparks positivity in the listeners’ hearts. A groovy band instrumental leads into pure acapella, conveying the sincerity of their patience. Perfect for casual drives, “WAIT 4 U,” is a sentimental but cheerful anthem.

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Chanmina, ASH ISLAND – “20”

Japanese Korean rapper CHANMINA collaborates with her boyfriend, Korean rapper ASH ISLAND on their second track together. The pair declare their love to each other and want to maintain the initial spark they had when they first met. Falling in love makes you feel younger and more lively, as CHANMINA and ASH ISLAND claim. Under the shining stars, the couple realize how distance makes the heart grow fonder. Sung in a mix of English, Korean, and Japanese, the track represents the romance the two have that transcends language. “Look, my eyes, it’s nеver changed,” ASH ISLAND tells CHANMINA. “Can you kiss me and promise me?” she asks, wishing that their love may last. A lowkey but romantic track, “20,” captures a heart yearning for a romance that stays evergreen.

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Ado – “RuLe”

Say goodbye to rotten rules with Japanese vocal powerhouse Ado in her recent pop-rock single “RuLe.” Bringing back memories of her older release “Usseewa,” this new release represents the rebellious personality Ado has had throughout her entire music career. Raising awareness while combating Japanese standards is nothing new to this artist — in fact, fans have been looking forward to another bold single that they could heavily relate to. “RuLe” expresses the anger and frustration that stems from being forced to follow rules while disregarding personal opinions. 

Combined with a background track that reminds you of the sounds of Mega Man, the single has become a medium that fans can live vicariously through. Ado’s vocals never disappoint. While conveying the topic of the song, she makes sure to remind fans of how diverse her singing voice is. Mixed with her signature growl, her desperation and frustration for control over her life is expressed through her singing. Keep up — because while the bass and drums pick up, Ado has no intention of slowing down. Making sure everyone hears her frustration, Ado will continue to fight for what she thinks is right.

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Takayan – “It’s okay to you’re trashy”

Expressing feelings of desperation and unrequited love, Takayan’s single “It’s okay to you’re trashy,” is here to show others that they are not the only ones feeling this way. Takayan is always releasing songs that fans are able to relate to, which is why many are attracted to him and his music. Many people have experienced a heartbreak or relationship where the effort and love is one-sided. In the translated lyrics, Takayan sings, “Though I love you so much / You won’t even notice / I don’t care if you’re a piece of trash.” Despite recognizing how badly they are being treated, many still stick by a person because of how much they love and care for them. And while there are always hidden messages in Takayan’s songs, EnVi’s take is to never be ashamed of being in a situation similar to this. Many can empathize even with people like Takayan, so stay strong and remember you’re not alone. 

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Sticky” by K-pop girl group KISS OF LIFE, “Fortress” by Japanese singer-songwriter VK Blanka, and “endless shine” by R&B Singaporean artist Sherman Zhuo. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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