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4BOUT – “Sunbed”

When it comes to his music, independent singer-songwriter 4BOUT is all about vulnerability. “[I make] music to cry together with…and [I add] amplified pieces of my life or history,” he stated. In the spring, 4BOUT released “Moonlight Shade,” where he yearned to share an intimate moment under the veil of the night. Through the lyrics, “Moonlight shade / Masquerade with you / Let me be your mask,” he personifies the moon as himself. For his latest summer single “Sunbed,” 4BOUT shows a different perspective, personifying the sun as his lover. Utilizing psychedelic elements, the singer expresses the feeling of melting under the burning sun. Baring everything on his sunbed, he sings, “Why don’t we sing it together / We should get lazy,” inviting them to join in with his unguarded attitude. Even with a lack of compromise from his partner, 4BOUT chooses to persevere. 

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Megan Thee Stallion- “Otaku Hot Girl”

Calling all the weebs! The Houston baddie herself, Megan Thee Stallion, released her latest album MEGAN and it’s littered with hits. Most notably, Meg paid homage to her anime-loving roots when she teased that she sampled an anime for a track from the album. Well, cat’s out the bag, and “Otaku Hot Girl” is an anthem for lovers of anime and Thee Stallion herself. With “Otaku Hot Girl,” Meg sampled the ad break tune from Crunchyroll’s 2024 Anime of the Year, Jujutsu Kaisen. (The artist rightfully announced this at the award show.) But the iconery doesn’t stop there: she even got main character Yuji Itadori’s English voice actor, Adam McArthur, to narrate the track’s intro. This part even references lines directly from season one of the show. Now that’s some Real Hot Girl Shit!

With references to Sasuke’s Sharingan technique from Naruto to Domain Expansions from Jujutsu Kaisen and delicious wordplay, Meg’s pen game on “Otaku Hot Girl” is hot. As the ominous twinkles from the sample punctuate her claims, Meg raps candidly stating, “Bitch, they not pro-you, they anti-me, you’ll never be famous / Can’t touch me, like Gojo.” 

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Sion – “avoid!”

Since 2022, rising artist Sion has kept things authentic with each release. In his debut album, love, he details frustrations when navigating relationships. For his second EP, live, he gives insight into the difficulties that come with growing up. On June 16, Sion returned with his self-produced album, sociavoidance, where he highlights another struggle — mental health. In the introductory track “(sociavoidance),” Sion talks with his friend, Darlene Park, about how the passing of a close friend strongly affected him. 

Through five meticulously-crafted tracks, Sion sheds light on a taboo topic. The title song, “avoid!,” takes listeners on a walk in the shoes of someone plagued with anxiety. In the opening verse, a sense of hopelessness is expressed as his ailment persists relentlessly, “Anxiety a trait, not a condition.” There is a preference for isolation as Sion states, “Leave me in the dark / Hurts the more you ask / Don’t you mind?” Despite the struggle, it is simply too much to face reality: “Avoid! All my thoughts / Avoid! All of my friends / I don’t want to see their eyes reflect.” In the end, there is no positive resolution to his exhausting journey.

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Red Velvet – “Cosmic”

Just ahead of their 10th debut anniversary, Red Velvet has returned with their ninth mini album Cosmic. Staying true to their title “concept queens,” the group combined a Swedish tradition with celestial elements to deliver a fresh take on love. In Swedish society, Midsummer is thought to be a time filled with magic, causing many people to cast spells in hopes of meeting their future lover. The album’s title track, “Cosmic,” is filled with lyrics that express a blooming attraction experienced during the Midsummer festival. Through lyrics like “A stranger to me, you are, should I ignore you? / I can’t get you off my mind / I wanna know you,” the effects of a spell can be felt. Contrasting with the sweet lyrics, the music video — inspired by horror film Midsommar — tells a more sinister story. In the music video, the members welcome a mysterious stranger who has crash landed in their festival. Between innocent smiles and menacing glares, it is unclear what their real intentions are. 

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Kevin Chung – “Classic”

LA-based Korean-American singer-songwriter Kevin Chung has done it again with his latest single, “Classic.” Known for his moody style, Chung gets sentimental on the sensual R&B track. While the summer usually makes way for upbeat pop tracks, the nights cool down for a track as chill as this. Chung takes us all the way back to the iconic R&B vibes of the 2000s, singing achingly about a lover that he can’t help making the same mistakes with over and over again. He describes their same old song and dance as “Classic,” two people trying to make puzzle pieces fit when they’re stuck in a toxic cycle. He makes it painstakingly clear that no matter how they try to make it work, they’re destined to fail when he confesses, “We’ve never worked before / Crash and burn then we’re back for more / Ain’t that classic.”

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Zacari & BEAM – “Faith + Sight”

American rapper Zacari is back with his new single, “Faith + Sight,” released ahead of his debut album Bliss. This track features Jamaican-American singer-songwriter and rapper BEAM. Produced by Wallis Lane and Skrillex, the song is an instant head-bopper with the alluring use of synths, drums, and keys. The lyrics explore the interplay between faith and action, as the artists emphasize that both are necessary in navigating life’s challenges. In the chorus, Zacari croons that everything happens for a reason and that faith and sight work harmoniously. BEAM kicks off the first verse, with some Jamaican patois, reflecting on the depth of his faith and his commitment to stay grounded. Zacari continues to reflect on personal growth through adversity, learning from losses, and being vigilant against deceit. “Faith + Sight” becomes an ode to resilience and spiritual belief as Zacari counts his blessings and aims for higher achievements. 

Zacari’s upcoming album Bliss is set to be released on July 2 and will feature collaborations with Doechii, Ty Dolla $ign, Blxst, James Fauntleroy, and Ab-Soul.

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ZY THE WAY – “Ten Acres 十畝之間 (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix)”

A Taipei-based band, ZY THE WAY weaves together ancient Chinese poetry with their jazz-inspired sound. Earlier in June, the five-piece band released their fifth single, “Ten Acres of Leisure 十畝之間.” Ancient China once again meets ZY THE WAY’s buoyant yet soothing soundscapes in this track. Taking text from the 3000-year-old poem also titled “Ten Acres of Leisure 十畝之間,” this work from the the Classic of Poetry (Shijing詩經), which is said to be compiled by Confucius, was usually sung by women. As noted in a press release, the poem “depict[s] the tranquil yet vibrant life of mulberry planters in ancient China.”

This past Friday, the band also released a remix by Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL), a heavy hitter in the jazz and electronic worlds. “Ten Acres of Leisure 十畝之間” further bridges the lives of the past with those of today. A pairing of jazz, ancient Chinese poetry, and electronic music may not be the first combination one might think about, but de Clive-Lowe and ZY THE WAY — especially Australian-Taiwanese Caitlin Magee’s vocals — weave together something intriguing and new. A light yet simultaneously impactful beat provides an unwavering base as the melody rises and falls. Although only two lines in Chinese (and seven when translated into English), ZY THE WAY and de Clive-Lowe indeed breathe new life and energy into the ancient work they draw inspiration from.  

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GYUBIN – “Satellite”

Seventeen-year-old K-pop idol GYUBIN has had quite the year. Following her hit single “Really Like You” at the beginning of this year, the sweetly-toned singer released the “spring version” of the fresh track. A few months later, she came back with “Special,” a collaboration with Kim Jong Wan, the lead vocalist of the alt-rock band NELL. Now — and just in time for the summer season — GYUBIN has returned with “Satellite” (which has both a Korean and an English version). While the innocent “Really Like You” is all about bright acoustic guitars and sunshine-y lyrics telling of cute crushes, “Satellite” is all about GYUBIN’s steadfastness and self-awareness. Complete with resonating instrumental and her soaring high notes, “Satellite” strikes more as an evening summer track versus the bright-as-day “Really Like You.” However, through lyrics like “I don’t need an ‘all the answers,’” “So maybe I’m a Satellite,” and “You’re my lighthouse,” the singer shows she has learned that love doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, just being that special someone and being “Just a light” is all that is needed sometimes. 

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On top of an already monumental year and ahead of international performances, JIMMY & WEESA of J-pop boy band Psychic Fever found time to release the ultimate duet. “Perfect” is a Jersey club-inspired track with smooth vocals and fast-paced rap verses. Set to an infectious instrumental that you can’t help but bop along to, the digital single is perfect (no pun) for summer. 

The song is the first for the JIMMY & WEESA subunit, with each member getting to flex their individual talents. WEESA’s vocals shine in the chorus as he croons, “Baby, do you remember me? / I know that you know it’s perfect timing,” while JIMMY delivers his effortlessly cool rap verses. 

The song delves into the duo’s heartfelt experiences and struggles navigating the global music scene, including their time in Japan, according to the official press release. Catch JIMMY, WEESA, and the rest of Psychic Fever in Paris for the Japan Expo Paris 2024 in July. 

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Devin Malik & ScHoolboy Q – “BANG YOUR HEAD”

Making his mark as a force in the music industry, Devin Malik showcases his multifaceted talent as a beatsmith, producer, rapper, and songwriter on his debut rap EP, DEADSTOCK. Known for his work with Lil Yachty, JID, Doechii, and Isaiah Rashad, Malik steps into the spotlight with this project. Following his feature on ScHoolboy Q’s album BLUE LIPS as both producer and artist, Malik reunites with the Grammy-nominated rapper on the opening track of DEADSTOCK, “BANG YOUR HEAD.”

True to its name, “BANG YOUR HEAD” is a high-energy headbanger tune that will get listeners moving. The five-minute song’s Playboi Carti-esque production, ScHoolboy Q’s deadpan delivery, and Malik’s compelling lyrics makes it a must-listen for fans of hard-hitting beats and provocative lyrics. The track explores themes of indulgence, fame, and personal struggles. Malik’s verses reflect on how jealousy, alcohol, and the promises of wealth and stardom can lead to a tortured mind, materialistic tendencies, and ruin relationships. ScHoolboy Q also flaunts his bougie lifestyle and berates those who try to imitate his success. The two rappers curate a gritty track about the highs and lows of fame paired with thought-provoking lyrics. “BANG YOUR HEAD,” alongside other tracks on DEADSTOCK, cements Malik’s place as a rising star in the rap game. 

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AleXa- “distraction”

If you’re craving that early 2000s Avril Lavigne vibe, then this is just the song for you! K-pop singer AleXa is back with another English single, “distraction.” The pop-punk track serves as an empowering anthem about self-worth and romantic challenges. AleXa sings about finally refusing to stay in a superficial relationship, declaring her partner is “not the best / he’s a regret” and calling him a “loser” and “piece of shit.” She makes it clear that “he’s not the one.” The track is a love letter to listeners, urging them to value themselves and prioritize their emotional integrity. In a press release, AleXa said, “I wanted to create a song that speaks to anyone who has ever felt undervalued in a relationship. ‘Distraction’ is about recognizing your worth and not allowing yourself to be anyone’s second choice. It’s a reminder to everyone that love is a two-way street, and you deserve someone who respects and cherishes you.” With its catchy chorus starting with, “Cause it’s not love it’s just a new distraction,” AleXa’s latest single is a powerful reminder to us to not settle for less. 

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Yakiyn- “GIMMIE LIT”

Top Dawg Entertainment’s Yakiyn’s latest single, “GIMMIE LIT,” is a smooth, seductive track full of desire and boldness. Following the buzz around his previous single “YEA” with Isaiah Rashad & Luke Bar$, Yakiyn doesn’t hold back as he sings about yearning and eagerness in “GIMME LIT.” The track pulses with an irresistible rhythm — blending 808s, a UFO-like synth, and a thumping beat that’ll give you no choice but to move. Lyrics such as “You got what I want / You got what I need” drive home the message of desire and satisfaction, delivered with an electrifying edge. The track wraps up with beautiful keys in the outro, tying everything together. “GIMMIE LIT” shows off Yakiyn’s confident approach to blending bold lyricism with an entrancing, hip-moving production.

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Manuel Turizo – “Dios Te Cuide”

Colombian singer-songwriter Manuel Turizo showcases his musical versatility with new single “Dios Te Cuide.” The heart-wrenching ballad is the kickoff for his upcoming fourth studio album, 201 Compared to the upbeat levity of “La Bachata,” his smash hit from two years ago, the new track sees Turizo slowing it down with smooth, vulnerable vocals and honest lyrics. 

The lyrics of “Dios Te Cuide” reflect a heartfelt plea for divine protection and personal growth following the end of a relationship, rather than longing for reconciliation. “Que Dios te cuidе, bebé /y que te guardе / Y que se le olvide, bebé /Dónde putas fue que te guardó / Pa’ que no me vuelvas a romper el corazón,” he sings, which translates to the sentiment of “May God protect you and keep you safe / may he remember where the hell he put you / so you don’t break my heart again.” The music video for “Dios Te Cuide,” directed by Oleg Brovchenko, also captures these feelings of loneliness and reflection that come with betrayal and heartbreak.

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Gasoline” by 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE and LØREN, and “Rockstar” by LISA which you can read all about here. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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