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In our latest Sunday Spin, Team EnVi has gathered the freshest global hits on our specially curated playlist, designed to keep you pumped for the week ahead. As the summer heat in the northern hemisphere ramps up, sit back, and chill out with our effortlessly cool playlist.

New Jeans – “Supernatural”

For many fans, this new New Jeans single has been the highlight of the beginning of the season. Since their comeback, New Jeans has been releasing singles to share and exclaim that they are back in business and ready to bring their new music to the table. “Supernatural,” being their most recent single, did not disappoint with a cool retro vibe similar to the J-city pop we all know and love. Listening to the song brought us back to the ’80s when we were listening to “Plastic Love” and “Stay with Me.”

One of the many reasons people love New Jeans is because of their familiar and original sound. “Supernatural” is an active representation of their iconic sound mixed with an ’80s Japanese vibe. Speaking of Japanese, the song consisted of lyrics in Japanese, Korean, and English, showcasing how talented these young members truly are. Though the song included many languages, it flowed effortlessly from start to finish while expressing the mysterious and alluring theme.

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Ginger Root – “Better Than Monday”

Step into the Ginger Root-verse in Cameron Lew’s latest chapter update in his recent groovy single “Better Than Monday.” Taking influence from the disco Japanese city-pop scene and contemporary soul icons, Ginger Root takes you into a world of nostalgia with a hypnagogic pop track reminiscent of 80’s funk lively spirit. With a resounding bassline and jazzy chords, “Better Than Monday” embodies a soul-funk sound and psychedelic score. Ginger Root mocks Mondays, because no matter how bad your day might be, nothing can be worse than a grueling Monday right?

Following the aftermath of Cameron Lew’s post termination in previous single “No Problems,” “Better Than Monday” continues the story with his newly assembled crew of Ginger Root Productions getting ready to broadcast for the first time. The original film spectates Cameron and his broadcast team facing a series of unfortunate events in the launching of their TV network, but after coming together to fix the mishaps (with a little bit of help from Alton the Janitor), Ginger Root Productions is now live for its first episode. “Better Than Monday” is the second single from his upcoming full length album SHINBANGUMI which is set to release on September 13. Ginger Root is set to embark on his 2024 fall tour starting September and hitting cities such as Oakland, Phoenix, Atlanta, and many more.

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Kali Uchis  – “Never be Yours”

The wishes of all long-time Kuchis have finally been granted with the release of “Never Be Yours.” Its previous mention in several Instagram posts created quite a stir because of the constant pleading for an official release of the ten-year-old song. The song was so beautifully produced that it was hard to recognize the old, infamous single. The growth and transition of how Kali’s voice has developed were positively shown when comparing the old version and the official release. Many fans have expressed how they are reminiscent and emotional about how the song showcases the journey Kali has made as an artist.

Along with the song perfectly conveying a flirty yet simple R&B single, “Never Be Yours” is an amazing package that captivates its listeners. After complying with her fans’ requests, she made sure to remind her fans why this “it girl,” girlboss single is one of her most remembered and loved songs. Listening to the song fills us with the confidence and poise that Kali’s singing has consistently instilled in us over the years. If you need a pick-me-up this summer, Kali Uchis and “Never Be Yours” are at the top of EnVi’s List.

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Chevy – “Had I Not Seen the Sun”

Chevy welcomes all Trailblazers to listen to her latest ballad “Had I Not Seen the Sun” as she bids a bittersweet farewell to her beloved and the memories left behind. Illuminating the night sky with her angelic vocals, Chevy sings a whispered song of a cherished dream between souls that were once together and now divided. The ballad’s evocative melody is ignited through its soft yet climactic orchestral arrangement trailed by Chevy’s innate ability to sing with a raw honesty, bringing Robin’s story to life and her music self-defining. Chevy embodies her character Robin and reflects the character’s sentiments through the poetic lyrics, “Will shooting stars align ‘neath the sun? / In whispered hopes where journey’s begun / In dreams we waltz the sky / You watch me drift on by in your memory / A whispered song / A seed of hope where we belong.”

The song was first revealed in Honkai: Star Rail’s recent story update Farewell, Penacony where players witness an heartwarming conclusion of their long-battled journey in the paradise of sweet dreams. Chevy is the singing voice actor for Penacony’s beloved Halovian songstress Robin. Taking the community by a storm, Chevy (and Robin) released their first EP INSIDE in May with the pop track “Sway to My Beat in Cosmos” which to date continues to be a fan favorite and holds a total of 9.5M Spotify streams.

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K. Will – “No Sad Song For My Broken Heart”

After 11 years of anticipation and restless wishing for more to the secret love between three friends, iconic ballad singer K. Will finally answers with a long awaited sequel to the legendary 2012 track “Please don’t…” in his heart wrenching ballad “No Sad Song For My Broken Heart.” 

Starting off with solemn keys, the emotionally charged score rides gently on rich synths and gentle acoustic. Emotional trauma of the past and piled painful regret is mirrored in the simplistic yet heavy lines, “There’s no other person who suits me / I can’t be as honest as I was with you / No matter how much I throw all of myself at it / It doesn’t hurt as much as your name,” as K. Will shows the process of a relationship falling apart.

Before we get into the story, a quick spoiler warning for listeners who have yet to watch (p.s. we highly recommend diving into this angsty love story). Star actors Ahn Jae-Hyun and Seo In-guk reunite in a funeral where both come to face past memories. The six minute music video follows the two friends reconciling after years of estrangement, unraveling the buried affections from the past and mental distress. Want to know the end? Watch the riveting sequel above to find out!

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BUS – “Fiao”

Released prior to the launching of their vacation series BUSSING THAILAND, T-pop boy group BUS comeback with bursting color in their original song title track “Fiao.” Full of vigor and confidence, BUS dive right into the summer season full of love in their high-energy rock song. Matching the song’s intense rock orchestration, “Fiao” expresses their deep affections and wish to be the treasure of another. Embracing the classical pop-rock sound, the quirk-rock track features an empowering electric acoustic and lively percussion with portions of electronic sound distortion sprinkled in between instrumental breaks as BUS members joyously sing, “If I get to be yours, that would be amazing /I wanna be your treasure / But I don’t know if I’ll ever have a chance / You’re amazing and I’m amazed / Your smile takes my breath away / You’re driving me crazy, I need you, oh, baby / If I could walk by your side, that would be so nice.”

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Coming into a new era and embarking in the first chapter of his most vulnerable work to date, Filipino-Canadian artist MICO gets sentimental in his single “HOMESICK.” Captivating listeners with his signature fusion of pop-rock and indie-pop, MICO taps into the nostalgia of 2000s punk rock. Instrumentally, the heartbreaking track features heavy drums and electric acoustic coupled with MICO’s unique vocal color. Lyrically, MICO confesses his strong resolution to be with somebody no matter what it might take — even if it means sacrificing his wants and leaving everything behind. Powerfully singing, “I’d stay, cancel my flights / Change everything just to be in your life / Homesick, but I’d leave it behind / To be with you night after night / Oh, I’d unpack my bags if you wanted me to / But I’m just a tourist to you,” MICO makes his emotions known through the song’s reflective narrative.

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Cris MJ – “No Ponga Excusas”

Chilean superstar, Cris MJ’s newest single “No Ponga Excusas” details the struggle of commitment issues in a relationship. Produced by Nes, the Reggaeton track’s lyrics delve into the frustration of unrequited love, while the infectious instrumental contrasts the lyrics by giving upbeat vibes. In the music video, Cris MJ is inter-cut with red imagery and smoke, representing his turmoil at the murky status of his situationship. 

Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Star” by JUNNY, “Blue Moon” by NIKI, and “afternoon blues” by Indie-pop singer Takayoshi. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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