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Happy June, everyone! A new month means new music, so Team EnVi has gathered the latest releases to help you kick off June with some must-listen songs to add to your playlists. (Or you can check them out on the Sunday Spin playlist we made for you!) 

YVES feat. Lil Cherry – “LOOP”

On a mission to reveal her wholly authentic self to the world, South Korean pop star Yves has made her official solo debut with her EP LOOP. Having gained recognition from her time in the popular girl group LOONA, Yves now embarks on a new chapter in her career. Embracing the newfound opportunity to explore her musicality and individual style, LOOP symbolizes Yves’s chance to break out of her previous work cycle. In a press release, Yves shared, “This album is the first step to creating my world as a solo artist. I’ve been following certain rules and systems for a long time as a part of the group.” The EP includes four new tracks tackling themes of beginning new journeys, love, and comfort.

Teaming up with Korean American rapper Lil Cherry, Yves captures the distress and frustration when caught in an endless loop in the title track “LOOP.” Cementing Yves’s status as It Girl material with its catchy UK garage beats, “LOOP” will have you dancing in no time. The music video features Yves escaping her own cycle — and some fun choreography that will surely become a dance challenge in no time. Refreshing and delightfully bouncy, “LOOP” is an earworm that complements the subtle warmth as we head into the summer season.

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XIN LIU – “Walls”

Chinese pop superstar XIN LIU is back with yet another English single. “Walls” was released on May 30 via 88rising, following her successful English-language debut single “Reality.” “Walls,” a psychedelic electronic track, was first performed during her Coachella set last month and accentuated her versatility as an artist. In contrast to her smooth, pop-friendly English debut, “Walls” offers XIN LIU’s signature artistry at its finest.

Opening with a rushed, spoken-word-like mantra over rhythmic electronic beats, XIN LIU captures the restlessness of wanting to set your true self free. The verses remain calmer as the lyrics focus on the soul-searching that is necessary to move forward. With a sweet falsetto, she confesses, “I’m breaking open / Finding myself / Taking everything / That’s meant for me.” Introspective and empowering with a dash of self-love, “Walls” adds yet another one-of-a-kind track to XIN LIU’s discography.

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Thomas Ng – “TOO CLOSE (feat. oceanfromtheblue)”

In the mood for a little two-step around the living room this fine Sunday? If the answer’s yes, look no further than emerging R&B singer, songwriter, and producer Thomas Ng and his latest single, “TOO CLOSE.” Born in the UK, raised in Hong Kong, and currently residing in LA, Thomas Ng has made a name for himself since his debut EP, 3am, in 2021. He has also been gaining traction on TikTok after his hit track, “One Last Dance,” was duetted by Lizzo in 2022. Since then, Thomas Ng has collaborated with Thai singer-songwriter Phum Viphurit, has released a string of singles leading up to his sophomore EP, Again, and continues to be the bridge between East and West. For his newest release, he has enlisted popular Korean R&B singer oceanfromtheblue

In this groovy neo-soul track, Thomas grapples with his fear of becoming too emotionally involved with someone, scared that if he takes a chance on his heart, it might just be the end of him: “Is this love or just another tone / Can we dance or do you dance alone / I’m not sure so should I let you go?” The warmth of his vocals is juxtaposed with a slinky nod to the disco and funk era of the ‘70s. Meanwhile, the constant thump of the song’s bassline begs the listener to find their way to the dance floor. 

The addition of oceanfromtheblue also adds a unique rhythmic tone that floats on air in tandem with the track’s ethereal atmosphere, bringing a new sound and vibe to the Thomas Ng music canon. “I felt like this weird balance between whether you like someone or not is a bit like a dance so I felt these vibes would be perfect,” Thomas explained to EnVi over DM. “I’m so used to writing songs about heartbreak and bitter-sweet feelings but I wanted to make something for my listeners to move and vibe to. I feel like in stressful times nowadays, it’s better to move and sway our stress away.”

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Just one month ago, ATEEZ made history as the first K-pop boy group to perform at Coachella, and on May 31 they returned with their tenth EP GOLDEN HOUR : Part 1. Kicking off a new chapter, the octet’s latest record focuses on capturing their brightest moments in life. The title track “WORK” may not sound as illustrious as the EP’s name, but, in fact, it captures ATEEZ’s tenacity that has led the group to shine so brightly today. In less than 24 hours, the “WORK” music video has amassed over 10 million views on YouTube (and counting).

Kicking off with a funky clarinet motif (Yes, the clarinet is IN now. Band kids, this one’s for you), “WORK” slips into an infectious rhythm that entices listeners to get up and move to the beat. Encompassing the work ethic that has led them to top music charts, tour the world, and make history at Coachella, ATEEZ confidently spit, “Give ‘em whiplash when they see me earn / Gotta, gotta, gotta work.” While the track’s music video is lighthearted with cash-stuffed hamburgers and references to the video game Grand Theft Auto, it also pays homage to Chicano and Latin culture. Aside from featuring Latin sonic influences and Spanish lyrics throughout, details such as lowrider cars, flamenco dancers, and a Mariachi band shine a spotlight on the culture which their new title track pulls inspiration from.

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North Star Boys – “BUG”

There’s nothing quite like summer love, and the North Star Boys (NSB) have locked in with their sweet summer single “BUG.” The dynamic collective consists of members Oliver, Kane, Justin, Regie, Ryan, Darren, and Sebastian. They came together to celebrate Asian culture and foster community with a variety of content ranging from creative skits to music releases. NSB have also captured the hearts of millions across their social media platforms. Their social media presence is so impressive that their latest release is actually in partnership with Yuzu — a new social and dating app for the Asian community. 

In the music video, the NSB members display more of their lively personalities as they play by the pool and take over a mansion on a sunny day. With lighthearted lyrics like, “If you were a bug, I’d love you / Glad that I found you on Yuzu,” the track captures NSB’s vocal abilities and playful nature all in one. NSB makes catching the love “BUG” seem like an absolute dream over this bright yet gentle pop melody.

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Wooseok, Taka Perry – “YOU”

Just four months after his solo debut, Pentagon’s Wooseok has returned with the single “YOU.” The all-English track was crafted by Australian-Japanese producer and songwriter Taka Perry, who has previously worked with artists like Ruel, Denzel Curry, and SIRUP. Crossing paths in Australia during the music video filming for Wooseok’s debut single, “Navy Blue,” the pair communicated through their shared language that is music. 

Understanding Wooseok’s distinct style, Perry produced “YOU,” an upbeat song that expresses the conflicting thoughts of someone as they work to understand their romantic feelings. As a contrast to the confident instrumental, a sense of worry is displayed in the lyrics: “Oh, You’re my Achilles / My doubled-sided knife.” These lines insinuate apprehension about the ensuing romantic relationship. Paired with a music video set in the high country of New Zealand, Wooseok dances freely while sorting out his thoughts. Although he constantly apologizes for the burden he is causing, Wooseok eventually finds clarity as he realizes, “I just want you.” Coming to terms with the complications that are present in any relationship, he states, “I see more than that / For this I’d go to bat.” At the end of the music video, Wooseok has seemingly expelled all of his negative feelings as he lies down looking towards the sky. 

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Just Seconds Apart – “So Far Gone”

There’s always something so special about musicians who are also siblings — what better way to pursue your dreams and love of music than with your own family? Triplet band Just Seconds Apart has this nailed down to a T, with family being the driving force and beating heart behind members Sela, Ari, and Alex’s careers. Right off the heels of their opening stint for Jesse McCartney’s “All’s Well Tour,” the band released their latest single, “So Far Gone,” a soft pop-rock song to ease the pain when going through hard times.

At its core, “So Far Gone” is a river current — calming and peaceful, yet so easy to get swept up in when you’re mindlessly floating through its streams. However, instead of letting the current pull us under amid the constant push and pull of life, the track reminds us it’s okay to ask for help, especially when you know there’s someone in your corner. With Ari on guitar and lead vocals, Sela on drums, and Alex on keyboard and bass, Just Seconds Apart feels like a built-in support system for the listener, healing the invisible wounds we hide from the world, even if only for a moment. “I’m all you’ve got, you’re so far gone / and I need you to hear me say, there’s a way back to better days / Just hold on, you’re so far, so far gone,” the band sings in the chorus. If there’s one song made to keep you tethered to reality, it’s this one.

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CHEN – “Empty”

Cutting through the upbeat whirlwind of K-pop this week is EXO’s CHEN, whose solo career has been largely focused on slowing down the pace while others are speeding up. Following his departure from SM Entertainment as a soloist in 2023, the ballad singer returned with his fourth Korean EP, Door, on May 28. The six-track mini album and its melancholic title track, “Empty,” also serve as CHEN’s first comeback under fellow member Baekhyun’s newly-formed label, INB100.

In an attempt to mend his grief-stricken heart, “Empty” sees CHEN dealing with the loss of a loved one, whether it be a significant other, a best friend, or a family member. As he sings of the overwhelming emptiness he feels in his heart, the singer tries his best to hold on to what was: “We can’t turn back time, so I’ll hold on only to the good memories / Without you, this place is just an empty house for me.” The lush keys of a piano usher in the wistful ballad. An array of strings join in later, while the track is led by CHEN’s ever-comforting yet incredibly gut-wrenching vocals. If you’re already familiar with his work, “Empty” is exactly what you would expect from a revered vocalist like CHEN — a lullaby to soothe the lonely nights and a masterclass in emotional storytelling.

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