The Boyz Unveil Teasers For MAVERICK

By: Merlyn Maldonado
The Boyz Maverick Teasers

The Boyz wrapped up summer with the successful release of their sixth mini-album, THRILL-ING. Despite the “Thrill-Ride” era coming to an end, the thrill never ends with The Boyz! On October 14, The Boyz confirmed the release of their third single album titled MAVERICK. MAVERICK comes with three different versions titled Doom, Mood, and Story Book. Since the announcement, The Boyz have unveiled the album’s artwork cover, a series of teasers, and a trailer infused with drama, action, and thriller. 

On October 18 at midnight KST, the first teaser for the new era, a mesmerizing artwork image dropped. The artwork is a floating bouquet of lilies and peonies in bright shades of fuchsia, magenta, neon pink, opal, and deep purple. The bouquet hovers from within a floating metallic band that resembles a detonator. The band displays the album’s title MAVERICK in neon green pixelated typography. The bouquet’s bright colors, highlights, and glossy details make it look like stunning glasswork, instead of a two-dimensional artwork. 

Despite the lively colors and dreamy touch of the bouquet, the tone of the artwork is rather mysterious and dark. The stems and leaves of the flowers are black with red highlights, opposed to a lively green, with some wilting.The juxtaposition of the threatening detonator band with the lively but wilting bouquet, sets the mood for the rest of the teasers.  


Following the release of the mystifying artwork, October 19 marked the beginning of the three-day teaser release for the Doom version. A poster-style image and two portraits were released for each of the eleven members

The members sport school uniforms and tracksuits, yet the teasers are far from the sweet, slice-of-life, school theme concept. The school uniform and track suits are accompanied with bulletproof vests and the detonator-style band is worn as a necklace. Each member’s vest has their respective representative number, and the necklace, in the same neon green typography from the artwork, abbreviates the album’s title as “MVR.” 

The teasers seem to be heavily inspired by action, drama and thriller films. This is especially palpable in the poster teasers, which include a tag line for each member. Juyeon’s poster states, “Killing is the only way I’ll survive” while Haknyeon’s states “For Dystopian Youth.” Additionally, the inclusion of a passport-style portrait for the members, is reminiscent of the Squid Game players infamous portrait. Some Deobis, The Boyz’ fandom, have also pointed out the resemblance between MAVERICK and the 2000 Japanese action-drama film, Battle Royale, in which a class of ninth grade students are forced to kill each other. 

The use of action and thriller film motifs, contrasted with pastel hazy skies and neon light lit portraits, establishes the Doom version as wicked with a pinch of dreaminess. 


Opposed to the three-day release for the Doom version teasers, all the members’ teasers for the Mood version were released on October 22. In a black and white style poster, each member is seen flashing bloody scratches and scars. While the members pose cool and serious, the glossy eyes and occasional tear rolling down their cheek give a sentimental dimension to the teasers. Mood seems to be a continuation of Doom version, but leaning more heavily on the drama and noir-action film influence. 


On October 25, MAVERICK’s trailer was unveiled. Reminiscent of an actual film trailer, the viewer is introduced to a vague storyline. As The Boyz are seen arriving at a location titled MAVERICK, the tagline “the only rule is to break the rules” is introduced. A tune with an organ playing in the background creates a somber and emotive ambiance. At the beginning of the trailer, the members seem okay making their way through a deserted building, occasionally handling weapons. But, as the trailer progresses, the members’ scars and injuries increase and the members are seen emotionally distraught as they fight. The thrill, action, and drama emulated in the image teasers is brought to life in the trailer. 


On October 26 12AM KST, The Boyz revealed the album’s track list. MAVERICK will be composed of three songs. The title track sporting the same name as the album  “MAVERICK,” and b-sides “Hypnotized,” and “Russian Roulette.” 


Deobis have demonstrated their excitement for the announcement and teasers for MAVERICK on social media. Ranging from sweet comments, to edits and speculations about the comeback’s influences and possible storyline.


A departure from the cute, bright, and upbeat second single album, Bloom Bloom, which released back in 2019, MAVERICK promises a dark and sophisticated side of The Boyz for their third single album. The album is set to release on November 1 at 6PM KST! 

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Thumbnail courtesy of Cre.ker Entertainment