The Ruby Project

By: Bashirat Oladele

There isn’t one single quality of Taeyong we can’t love. On stage, his leadership and talent construct his powerful charm, but off stage, his enthusiasm towards animals is immeasurable. NCTzens have had the pleasure to meet Taeyong’s many pets throughout these past few years, his aquarium snails and fishes, and notably Ruby, his late pet dog. The Ruby Project began as a tribute to our beloved Ruby, Taeyong’s childhood pet and best friend. Just as Taeyong has developed his friendship with Ruby, we hope for others to find their own best friend to care for.

The project was not only created to connect potential pet owners to a loving pet, it was created to spread awareness of ways to get involved. Even if you aren’t looking for a pet to love, we hope you can consider donating or volunteering to the organization of your choosing. In honor of Ruby who has spent her life giving Taeyong strength, we invite you to read this feature with an open heart and mind, thank you!

North American Animal Rescue/Protection Resources

  • American Humane
    • American Humane is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of all animals. “We are first to serve, wherever animals are in need of rescue, shelter, protection or security.”
  • Animal Welfare Institute
    • AWI is dedicated to reducing animal suffering caused by people, seeking to abolish factory farms, improve housing and handling of animals in research, end the use of brutal animal traps, protect wildlife from destruction of habitat, and more.
  • Humane Canada
    • The largest national animal welfare organization in Canada. It represents the humane societies, SPCAs and animal rescue organizations. Humane Canada is working to “promote the welfare and humane treatment of animals, and working to end animal cruelty.”
    • One of the largest nonprofit organizations protecting animal rights in only the U.S. “The primary purpose of ASPCA is that animals deserve to be treated with kindness and in a respectful manner by the hands of human beings and there should be proper laws to make sure that happens.”
  • SPCA
  • Petfinder
    • The largest database/host website for adoptable pets. Includes animals from multiple shelters and groups. When adopting from this website, be careful: that the group you are adopting from is legit, what is included in the adoption fee (are they spayed/neutered, vaccines, etc.), and if the group is communicating well with you, beware of misinformation/scams.

Asian Countries’ Animal Rescue/Adoption Resources

  • World Animal Rescue Fund
    • WARF was created to support all rescue organizations in East and South East Asia so they can treat, shelter, and rehome abused, abandoned, and stray animals to the best of their abilities.
  • Wild Animal Rescue Network Asia (WARN)
    • Focused in East and South East Asia, WARN hopes to improve the wildlife rescue centers in these countries so they may better conserve and rehabilitate wildlife. They provide awareness education and advocate for better standards for rescue centers. 

East Asia Resources:


  • Friends of Nature (FON)
    • FON is one of the earliest known non-profits in China. They offer environmental education programs in hopes of aiding the preservation of the environment and its animals.
  • Red Pomegranate Stray Animal Rescue Centre
    • Facebook
    • As one of the largest non-profit stray animal shelters in Shanxi, China they use donations to provide their dogs with the best medical checkups and food. 
  • Animals Asia Foundation
    • This Hong Kong-based non-profit charity strives to end animal cruelty across Asia. They currently host moon bear sanctuaries in Vietnam and China.


  • Pet no Ouchi
    • Pet no Ouchi (AKA Pet’s House) is one of the biggest animal rescue organizations in Japan. Their site has a list of animals with dates of their scheduled euthanization in hopes to get the public to save and rehome the animals. 
  • Chibawan
    • Chibawan is a Kanto area based organization that works with many foster families and hosts various adoption events in hopes of finding permanent, loving homes for the animals.
  • Heart Tokushima
    • HEART is a no-kill animal shelter that aims to rescue animals from cruelty and rehome them. They strive to educate responsible pet ownership beforehand. The organization is run by volunteers and funded only by donations.

South Korea

  • KARA
    • Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) is a non-profit organization responsible for the care of abandoned animals and helping them find a new home. KARA also deals with animal cruelty cases to further support animal welfare in Korea.
  • Korea K9 Rescue
    • Korean K9 Rescue is a non-profit dog rescue organization that rescues dogs from dog meat farms, kill shelters, strays, and puppy mills. With the low adoption rate in Korea, they bring and rehome many dogs in the United States.
  • Save Korean Dogs
    • Facebook
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    • Based in Gimpo, Korea, Save Korean Dogs is another non-profit rescue organization fighting against the dog meat trade in Korea.
  • Jindo Love Rescue
    • Facebook
    • Jindo Love Rescue rescue as many dogs as they can from terrible conditions such as abandonment, puppy mills, and the dog meat trade in South Korea.  They also search for loving homes in the United States to send the dogs.
  • DoVE Project (Dogs of Violence Exposed)
    • Instagram
    • DoVE Project is a non-profit organization focused on ending the dog meat trade in Asia. They focus on rescuing the animals and educating the general public.


  • UB Shelter – Mongolia
    • Facebook
    • Established in 2018 it is the first Mongolian animal shelter. Their goal was to save and combat the government who kill the excess amounts of stray animals. They aspire to educate the general public on the importance of adoption.
  • Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project
    • Facebook
    • To preserve traditional Mongolian culture this nonprofit organization researches, breeds, trains, and places the dying species of the Bankhar dogs into qualified families. The Bankhar dogs are a unique livestock protection dog native to the Mongolian Steppe.

South Asia Resources:


  • Animal Aid Unlimited
    • Facebook
    • Their mission is to rescue and rehabilitate the stray animals of Udaipur. Through their work, they hope to inspire and educate the general community to protect the lives of all animals.
  • Dharamsala Animal Rescue
    • DAR strives to improve the lives of street animals who are given little attention by the locals. It was created to educate, save, and raise awareness about the animals of Dharamsala. 
  • People For Animals, New Delhi
    • PFA is India’s largest animal welfare organization. They rescue and treat the animals through various shelters, disaster rescue missions, treatment camps, and more. In addition, they educate the public, advocate in courts, and lobby for animal issues.
  • The Bombay Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (BSPCA), Mumbai
    • BSPCA makes sure that the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act is enforced at all times and that the animals they rescue are provided with food, water, and shelter. They also return captured wild animals to their homes.

South East Asia Resources:



  • Philippine Animal Welfare Society
    • The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has protected animals since 1954. They are run by volunteers who aid in treating the animals for rehoming. This organization has advocated against animal use for entertainment such as fights. They lobbied for the country’s first national law prohibiting animal cruelty, The Philippine Animal Welfare Act (1998).
  • Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART)
    • The Philippine Animal Rescue Team (P.A.R.T) Inc. advocates for the no-kill movement in the Philippines. They treat rescued animals who were victims of cruelty.


  • Vietnam Animal Aid & Rescue
    • The VAAR hopes to improve veterinary care across Vietnam through education, vaccinations, mass sterilization, and more. Their mission to abolish all animal exploitation and use.
  • A.R.C. Vietnam (Animal Rescue & Care)
    • Facebook
    • ARC Vietnam aims to prevent animal abuse and cruelty through education and providing loving homes through adoption for their rescues.


  • Soi Dog Foundation
    • Facebook
    • Based in Phuket, Thailand, The Soi Dog Foundation is a nonprofit organization for a humane and sustainable rehabilitation of stray animals. They hope to combat the rising numbers of strays that roam the island that needs medical attention.


  • Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR)
    • Facebook
    • MIAR is a Selangor area based, no-kill animal rescue organization. They are a dedicated non-profit and volunteer-run org that rescues various strays, from kill shelters and those in danger of abuse.


  • Animal Rescue Cambodia
    • ARC is a non-profit organization that commits to creating a sustainable and lasting change for the dogs and cats on the streets of Cambodia. They have outreach and education programs to improve veterinary care quality in Cambodia.


West Asia Resources:


  • Animals Now
    • Formerly known as Anonymous for Animal Rights they are a non-profit organization aiming to create a better world for animals. They advocate for animal protection legislation, educate students, and raise awareness of the cruelty enacted on animals

Middle East Animal Rescue/Adoption Resources:



Saudi Arabia



South American Animal Rescue/Protection Resources



Puerto Rico and Ecuador

Costa Rica 

African Animal Rescue/Protection Resources

South Africa


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