WayV has had a very busy year. After starting off 2021 with their mini-album, Kick Back, WayV released singles “Back To You” and “Low Low.” Each combination showed off their talents and dynamics throughout the year. With Ten and WinWin making moves within the fashion industry in China, the rest of the members ended the year off by participating in NCT 2021. With a successful year under their belts, Xiaojun, YangYang, Kun, and Hendery welcomed the new year beside their fellow SM artists at SMTOWN LIVE 2022 on January 1. WayV performed an array of collaborations with different artists, including HYO from Girls’ Generation and Raiden! Let’s take a look at these powerful performances.


Xiaojun and Kun started off their jam-packed at the SMTOWN concert with an enchanting performance of “Back To You.” Dressed in soft shades of cream and purple, the two vocalists of WayV expressed the sad story of a lost lover. The soft ballad paired with the captivating vocals of the duo and the romantic setting of the set design made for a beautiful way to begin the new year for those on the east coast. 


Alongside their fellow NCT members, WayV also performed “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” and “Beautiful” off of their latest album, Universe. The set design made for a very ‘neo’ performance, and each member shined brightly during the songs. 

PinkBlood Family 

WayV also participated in many different collaborations during the concert, delightfully surprising WayZenNi. After the release of “ZOO” on 2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS, fans were happy to see a performance of the intense song. Yangyang and Hendery performed alongside GISELLE from aespa and fellow NCT members Taeyong and Jeno. The hard-hitting choreography and strong rap from all of the artists made for an unforgettable performance.


Just days before the event, it was confirmed that Yangyang would be performing “Dessert” with Girls’ Generation’s HYO. WayV’s youngest member shared a new side of himself as his low tone cruised over the fierce beat and added his own personal flair to the song. The senior and junior combination made for a charismatic performance loved by many. 


To end off WayV’s night, Xiaojun performed his song “Golden” during Raiden’s set. After the DJ teased about a ‘special guest” during his set at SMTOWN live, many fans were happy to hear that their speculation of Xiaojun making an appearance was correct! 

After the drop of the collaboration, Raiden showed his love for the WayV member on his multiple social media platforms. The chemistry between this newfound friendship was amazing to see, and many hope for more collaborations in the future! 


What’s Next for WayV? 

WayV started their year with amazing collaboration stages alongside their well-respected labelmates at the SMTOWN LIVE 2022. Their endless amount of talent brings a new element to the world of NCT, and fans are excited to see what they will show in 2022! 

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.