Announced in early 2024, Korean soloist and member of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO, Whee In will set out on a Europe and U.S. world tour from May to June. After dominating stages from Helsinki, Finland, to Los Angeles, California, Whee In landed in New York City on June 4 to conclude her tour at the Brooklyn Paramount. 

An unforgettable atmosphere

Photo by Miko Fusco

Walking into the Brooklyn Paramount felt like entering a different universe. The room was filled with old, unique architecture, stained glass, and massive ceilings surrounding a dim, blue lighting. After passing countless aesthetic bars and a merch stand in the back right corner, I entered the theater hall, extending the venue’s spacious atmosphere. Upon arriving ten minutes before the show’s start time of 7:30 P.M., the venue was already packed to the brim with excited Whee In fans and MOOMOOs, their energy filling the room!

Whee In is in the building!

Photo by Miko Fusco

Whee In kicked off her show with a deep-blue silhouette at the back of the stage with the first track, “I Know I Know I Know (Beyond).” The crowd, tightly packed in the pit as well as the balcony, cheered with everlasting excitement as the moment had finally come. Whee In stayed in place with a mic stand to set the stage. However, she followed the opening track with “water color,” and “Spark,” featuring four backup dancers and choreography. 

Smooth like Water

Whee In and her dancers did not come to play at the New York stop of the WHEE IN THE MOOD tour. After the first three tracks, she stated that she and the background dancers were full of energy and ready to take on the stage, as it was the final stop of the tour. She was not lying! Each choreography was extremely detailed with movements down to the fingertips and precise body lines for great imagery. Everybody on stage brought out an unforgettable stage presence from beginning to end!

“Shh,” it’s a secret!

Whee In decided to surprise the audience with an unreleased track, “Shh.” The song is accompanied by a sensual choreography with the background dancers. One audience member even expressed that “my heart was racing after watching the performance!” After the performance, Whee In expressed how excited she was to share this unreleased work with her dedicated fans.

An Emotional Ending

Photo by Miko Fusco

After performing her final track on the setlist, and before the encore song, “Here I Am,” a fan-made video appeared on screen. Whee In sat down on the stage to watch it with her fans. Her music played in the background, as countless videos of fans thanking the performer for the tour appeared on the screen. A wide and bright smile emitted across Whee In’s face as she watched the video in awe. After receiving a cake from her staff, Whee In took photos with the audience and shared her gratitude with her fans. Whee In changed into a comfortable T-shirt-skirt combo, and performed encore tracks, “Ohoo,” “Springtime,” “D-Day,” and “Wheee.”

We can’t wait to see what Whee In does next and eagerly wait for her next tour!

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