Unveiled on June 16, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’ latest collection for Prada emphasized mismatched styling, exaggerated proportions and contrasts, from peeking boxers to geeky chic looks. 

Matching the runway’s rather playful energy, the front row was filled with celebrities from the Asia Pacific region, who arrived in their finest Prada get-ups and beauty looks to compete. Funky frames, peach fuzz makeup and glowy skin made cameos in the VIP section. 

Thai actor Win Metwawin, K-pop singer Jaehyun and Japanese star Sana, specifically, brought standout beauty to the front row. Ahead, EnVi dives into the resort beauty trends that these superstars sported to get an exclusive first glimpse at Prada’s newly debuted collection.

Jaehyun’s ‘90s Heartthrob Hairstyle 

On and off stage, K-pop star Jaehyun always puts a personal twist on the newest fashion trends. For Prada’s latest show, the Korean star donned an early aughts-inspired denim get-up and a matching beauty look. Channeling pop heartthrobs from bygone eras, Jaehyun attained a standout look: coiffed hair, alluring frames and a plush pout. 

By now, everybody knows Jaehyun’s go-to hairstyle is a retro-leaning slick back with wisps of hair framing his forehead. The star embraced, once again, the pushed-back hair — minus a few sultry pieces —  and used pomade to create a trendy wet look. Compared to his usual full bangs, the hairstyle brought a mature appeal to his front-row garb. 

Jaehyun complemented the look with contemporary glasses and makeup.

Funky Frames and Overlip Makeup

Looking at his causal downtown snaps and public appearances, it’s safe to assume that Jaehyun loves a rectangular frame. The Korean star almost exclusively chooses rectangular designs when sporting sunglasses. Case in point: he previously took the stylish accessory to his Milan Fashion Week debut in 2022. 

Reprising the same aesthetic, Jaehyun wore a pair of all-day rectangular frames with ochre lenses and a unique temple design. Every time the “Horizon” singer turned, his cheekbones snuck a peek-a-boo moment from behind the frames’ triangle cutouts. With eclectic glasses emerging as must-have accessories since Fall Winter 2024 Fashion Week, Jaehyun’s sunglasses were an appropriate nod to the runway trend — and a reminder that Jaehyun can ace any style.

Beauty-wise, Jaehyun made a case for the overlip trend taking flight in 2023. The K-pop star’s glam included cloud matte skin and mellow peach lip pencil blurring the edges of his cupid’s bow and bottom lip. As the final step, matte lipstick filled in the center of his lips. 

Sana’s Bleached Brows and Ginger Hair

Similar to Jaehyun, K-pop star Sana paraded this year’s biggest beauty trends at the event, from ginger waves and bleached brows to peach fuzz makeup

Following the 2024 red hair renaissance, Sana opted for a fresh ginger dye job for the warm weather. Sana’s hairstylist created mermaid waves with a curling iron and a generous amount of pomade to achieve a sultry, wet-hair appearance. The hair look added a resort appeal to Sana’s outfit: a V-neck floral dress paired with slingback shoes and a caramel leather bag. 

Sana’s brows were bleached to match her ginger locks — a trend that saw its heyday in 2023 but is still going strong today. The warm and well-defined brows framed Sana’s peach fuzz eye makeup, which mixed orange hues on the outer corners with fine glitter application on the inner corner of the eye. For a dash of cuteness, the look also included TWICE’s signature makeup technique, aegyo sal (under eye fat) contour.

Playing with the complementary color theory, icy blue contact lenses added contrast to highlight Sana’s eyes. Complementing this summer-ready glam, Sana sported peach blush, matching lipstick and body glitter. The addition of body glitter followed the recent resurgence of the Y2K beauty hack. With every camera snap, Sana’s skin glistened for a Fashion Week-approved glow. 

Win Metawin’s Curtain Bangs and Glass Skin

Thai actor Win Metawin’s front-row beauty was a soap opera classic: curtain bangs, glass skin and subtle eye definition. This hair and makeup combination has been a staple for the artist at every fashion event and campaign advertisement, but when it comes to Prada’s darling, toned-down glam never gets old.  

Attuned to current men’s beauty trends, Win’s hairstyle featured a side part and curtain bangs. Hovering just above his eyes, the piecey bangs delivered a modern flair and complemented Win’s heartthrob image. As curtain bangs dominated the runways and front rows of Fall Winter 2024 Fashion Week, Win’s take on this grooming classic hints at a continuation of the trend this season. 

On the beauty front, Win’s makeup highlighted his eyes with camel brown eyeshadow diffused around his upper and lower lids. A warm summer-friendly peach tone finished off the look, brightening the eyes and bestowing them with a peachy halo effect. Tying into the eye makeup, Win’s lips were brushed with glossy, nude lipstick.

As for the complexion, Win’s makeup artist crafted a glass skin glow. Similar to the curtain bangs, glowy skin was spotted all over the VIP sections and runways of Fall Winter 2024 Fashion Week. Win’s makeup continued the warm and inviting aesthetic with a summer flair. After a couple of highlighter swipes and glossy lipstick, Win was ready to wow the streets of Milan. 

In addition to their luxury fits, Jaehyun, Sana and Win Metawin raised the bar with perfectly-in-vogue beauty routines. The trio revisited some of the strongest beauty trends of 2024, adding a seasonal warm weather twist. 

Summer, however, is just starting so we can’t wait to see the remarkable beauty moments this fashionable trio will deliver in the next months.  

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