Xiaojun Shows Us How to Have a “Good Time” in a Brand New [Play V]

By: RJ Franklin
Xiaojun PLAY V

WayV’s Xiaojun delighted fans on August 2 in a new installment of [Play V], published on the WayV Official YouTube Channel. The [Play V] series launched in September 2019, with groupmate Kun giving fans an inside look into his MIDI Studio, and has since provided an outlet for the group to share all sorts of fun musical content, from covers to original tracks.

The latest drop features Xiaojun and two other dancers grooving to “Good Time,” a summery track from WayV’s third mini-album, Kickback, released earlier this year. The video was filmed from a first-person perspective, making viewers feel they are with him, enjoying a picnic at the park.



Xiaojun has gifted fans with many solo projects over the past year. In September of 2020, he released his first [Play V] cover of Sam Kim’s “Who Are You” from the hit Korean drama, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God also known as Goblin. The combination of Xiaojun’s fresh vocals and visuals charmed the fans of the idol! 

Xiaojun’s next present was a beautiful end to a tough year. On New Year’s Eve 2020, fans were thrilled to watch his first English cover of EXO’s “For Life.” The main vocalist showed his passion for singing in the sentimental, yet powerful cover. 


Fan Reactions

The surprising drop received praise from WayZenNi and NCTzens. 

Xiaojun’s fellow members also rushed to SNS to show support for his first dance cover! 

Xiaojun himself shared how satisfied he was with the clip.


More From Xiaojun

Recently on LYSN’s DearU Bubble messenger, Xiaojun shared a video of a composition entitled “Just like an Angel.” Fans speculate that his next [Play V] cover could be a song that he composed himself! Are you excited to see what he shows fans next? 

If you want to see more of Xiaojun’s talents, check out our coverage of his most recent single album with Kun, titled “Back to You!”

Thumbnail courtesy of  SM Entertainment.

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