Across the globe, many women have channeled their creativity and spark into launching their own businesses and fashion brands. Whether it’s an outlet of expression where they explore different concepts and aesthetics or a medium for designers to spread a message, seeing the diversity of women-led brands is always inspiring.

In celebration of women’s entrepreneurship and creativity, EnVi rounds up seven Asian Pacific women-led brands to know. 

HAENGNAE by Anna Choi

After graduating from Bunka Fashion College and Nottingham University, Anna Choi emerged as a promising designer who attracted attention across Asia. After her first couture collection received international recognition (including features in Vogue Taiwan and Graduate Fashion Week), Choi returned to Japan to work on her own brand, HAENGNAE. As a Korean designer who grew up in Japan and crafted her style in the UK, Choi’s designs are a melting pot of cultures and learning experiences. The brand’s pieces are identifiable through their romantic silhouettes and forms, sprinkled with edginess in color and material. 

SHIE LYU by Shie Lyu

China-born Shie Lyu is a designer making fun and futuristic sustainable fashion. Before starting her namesake brand, Lyu received education in the world’s cultural capitals, including Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. Through her experience living in various cities, Lyu learned about diverse forms of craftsmanship and design principles that she now applies to her creations. Her formula consists of finding leftover or defective fabrics, transforming them into innovative silhouettes, and applying couture techniques to elevate their look.

Short Sentence by Lin Guan 

Designer Lin Guan launched her brand Short Sentence in 20215 with the goal of creating timeless, stylish and functional everyday wear. Guan takes inspiration from both the world surrounding her and minimalist contemporary art. Finding beauty in simplicity, the Shanghai-based creative often expresses her fascination with the women around her and every woman’s unique style. Combining Guan’s love for womanhood and minimalism, Short Sentence offers sleek and chic accessories made to accompany a diverse range of individuals in their daily lives. 

Repleat by Nicharee “Lee” Prasitrattanaporn

With the Thai fashion industry steadily climbing the global ladder, Repleat is a favorite brand among locals and visitors. The label was founded in 2017 after Nicharee “Lee” Prasitrattanaporn found leftover fabric in an umbrella factory. As she analyzed the fabric’s texture and potential, Lee stitched these samples into pleats before re-structuring them into a bag. Now, the brand has grown to offer a wide range of silhouettes and even creates multicolor fabric. With their chic exterior and malleable quality, Repleat’s bags are voluminous and handy without sacrificing style. This combination of fashion and functionality sets Repleat apart and continues to build a loyal clientele.

Reemami by Reema Al-Banna

Founded by Palestinian designer Reema Al-Banna in 2009, Reemami is a breath of fresh air in the Dubai fashion scene. The brand is built upon the designer’s mission of creating playful and progressive fashion. When designing collections, Al-Banna creates evergreen pieces by exploring new frontiers, instead of purely succumbing to trends. Reemami is also dedicated to reducing environmental waste from its manufacturing process by using deadstock fabrics and textiles certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Sejauh Mata Memandang 

Founded by Chitra Subyakto in 2014, Sejauh Mata Memandang is an Indonesian textile-centric business on a mission. The brand is committed to using environmentally friendly materials such as deadstock fabric, cotton, linen and Tencel. After deciding on a base material, Sejauh Mata Memandang collaborates with artisans from Java, Bali and Sumba to decorate the textiles. These materials are then enhanced with forms reminiscent of traditional Indonesian patterns, hoping to encourage the younger generation to take an interest in their cultural heritage.

YUHAN WANG by Yuhan Wang

Yuhan Wang founded her eponymous brand in 2018 after graduating from Central Saint Martin’s BA and MA programs in womenswear. With several accolades under her belt including the L’Oréal Young Talent Award in 2016, Wang has steadily earned global recognition with her bold hyperfeminine aesthetics. Flawlessly blending “traditional Chinese ideas of femininity” and Western culture, Wang delivers loungewear-infused designs featuring skillful draping, contrasting textures and trendy silhouettes that appeal to the likes of Billie Eilish, aespa and TWICE.

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