About EnVi

EnVi Media started out as a digital magazine that turned into a multimedia pop culture platform in less than a year. We cover art, music, fashion, lifestyle, and beauty through exclusive interviews, our podcast, and YouTube channel, EnVi TV.

Although we began as a passion project for global K-pop sensation, NCT, EnVi has evolved into covering not only all K-music and artists, but Asian-American culture as a whole.

Since EnVi’s launch, we have received over hundreds of thousands of impressions across social platforms, and our website averages 25,000+ unique hits per month.

This fan project is possible thanks to talented writers, artists, journalists, translators, and graphic designers around the world.

EnVi is a play on the letters N-V, short for NeoVision.




EnVi is committed to the idea of providing an inclusive and inspiring community for both our global audience and contributors.

We are a trusted source for all things lifestyle and pop culture, shining a light on up-and-coming talent, industry insiders behind the scenes, and uniting fans with shared interests.


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