About EnVi

EnVi Media is multimedia platform with an emphasis on K-pop, K-dramas, and the Asian diaspora and cultures at large. Our content covers art, film, music, fashion, lifestyle, and beauty through website, podcast, and YouTube channel. 

Since EnVi’s launch in mid-2020, we have received over millions of impressions across our social platforms and website.

This fan project is possible thanks to talented writers, artists, journalists, translators, and graphic designers around the world.

EnVi is a play on the letters N-V, short for NeoVision.


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EnVi is committed to the idea of providing an inclusive and inspiring community for both our global audience and contributors.

We are a trusted source for all things lifestyle and pop culture, shining a light on up-and-coming talent, industry insiders behind the scenes, and uniting fans with shared interests.


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