EnVi Media Policies

The following policies are to guide our journalists and contributors as EnVi delivers news, content, and information in the rapidly changing media landscape. 

Journalistic Integrity

As a standard practice in journalism, we do not offer early drafts, reviews, or edits on our stories before publication. This is to ensure our writers’ intentions are upheld and respected as professional journalists and reporters.

Any external notes regarding our editorial direction that could negatively alter our writers’ and brand’s voices, therefore, will not be accepted.

We are more than happy to update or correct factual information in any of our articles but do not allow the alteration of quotes as it could impact our journalistic integrity.

Working with Talent

We are always very fortunate in working with a variety of talent on our platform. We consistently strive to present the best version of them to our audience while maintaining a fun, inclusive environment. That said, we cannot change talents’ quotes in our stories unless a misquote is brought to our attention. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact us via email ([email protected]) so we can alert our managing editors and writers as soon as possible.

Quoting Sources

Quotes from the interview will be presented as they appear on the record and will not be changed. Unless the interviewee specifically requests to keep information off the record during the interview, it is understood that EnVi has the permission to use and reuse the quotes that appear, in part or whole, in our articles and content at large. EnVi does not allow interviewees, PR companies, or any external party to change the essence of the meaning of what was written and/or said in our original interviews.

Verification and Fact-Checking

As EnVi actively seeks to present accurate information, the facts presented in our articles have undergone a thorough fact-checking process before its publication. In the case of breaking news, EnVi is constantly updating its articles as new information emerges.

Unpublish Requests

In conformity with our editorial policies, we do not take down any article as per request, unless it concerns legal obligations.

As we continue to build lasting relationships with industry professionals, please note this guide helps us in maintaining those relationships and standards. Thank you in advance for cooperating with our policies!