Meet Team EnVi

Azadeh Valanejad
Azadeh is the founder and editor in chief of EnVi Media. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and over a decade experience working in the editorial world, starting as an intern at Hearst to becoming a producer, contributing writer, and on-air host for a number of brands at Condé Nast including Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Allure. When she’s not busy being team EnVi’s number one cheerleader, you can find her on her blog, AzArAm, creating content all over Manhattan.
Davonna Gilpin
deputy editor/podcast producer
Davonna is EnVis deputy editor and podcast producer. In her role she acts as support to all teams and verticals, plans, directs and edits the podcast and even writes from time to time. Davonna is a 13 year K-pop fan and when she’s not working on EnVi things you can find her reading or binging Netflix series.
Mal Peterson
Chief creative officer
Mal is the Chief Creative Officer at EnVi where she leads the design team in the production of visual content. She is an artist and graphic designer who specializes in branding and editorial design. When she is not designing, she spends her time reading, painting, or looking at clothing she can’t afford.
Arquala Davis
managing editor
Also known as “Markyonce” of EnVi, Arquala can be found keeping track of overall documents, communications, and activities for the team. She loves to dive into analytics, spreadsheets, and organizing events for EnVi and in her free time with hopes to expand her skills in writing and media. When she isn’t busy with schoolwork at The University of Texas at Austin or volunteering in her community, Arquala is usually relaxing while watching a TV show/movie, learning choreography, or looking for her next adventure.
Laras is EnVi’s UK-based jack-of-all-trade. She originally joined EnVi as a creative outlet and has been involved in the brand’s design, illustrations, website development, and writing. Laras is also head of community relations, where she leads quarterly projects on global issues.
Élise Fu
Web developer
Elise is the Web Developer at EnVi Media who takes care of the website. She is also part of the graphic design team. When she’s not in from of the computer, she likes to play the piano and visit art exhibitions.
Nevi Gaetan
creative director
Nevi is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist and Envi’s resident Creative Director. When she’s not ensuring Envi’s branding is at it’s best or helping lead the Editorial team, she’s busy as a full-time student at Canada’s leading fashion school where her creative focus lies in the intersection of music, fashion, and design. Splitting her time between Toronto and Nashville, she has the unique position of having her finger on separate cultural pulses. She is currently working toward doing more freelance art direction and illustration in her spare time. 



Sabrina Tharani A news analyst by day and fandom scholar by night, Sabrina is a Canada-based media and fan studies aficionado, editor, writer, and podcast producer. When she’s not poring over the news or keeping up with her favourite animes, Sabrina can be found cafe-hopping around her city, or writing for EnVi’s ACT!ON vertical.


Naema Begum

Sydnie Giles

Khadija Haque

Tanya Mehra



Chyenne Tatum – Chyenne is a music and pop culture writer based in Chicago, who loves analyzing her favorite albums and genres. She graduated from Kent State University with a degree in PR and communications, and always knew she’d end up working in the music industry. When she doesn’t have her headphones glued to her ears, which is rare, she enjoys getting lost in her favorite movies and making homemade bubble tea.

Valerie LopezValerie is an LA-based pop culture writer that specializes in artist profiles and features pieces. Her passion for language and writing led her to obtain a B.A. in Linguistics from UC Berkeley, where she has participated in a Naruto Run and added two languages under her belt. She enjoys tap dancing, playing Genshin Impact, and cosplaying in her leisure.


Sarah Bathke Originally from Colorado, Sarah Bathke is a Journalism and Linguistics student at the University of Oregon. Her passion for fandom and writing is combined as a music and ACT!ON writer for EnVi, and when she’s not writing about K-pop or studying, she enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading, and drinking Dutch Brothers.

Maria Fernanda (Mafe) MoralesMafe is a Colombian-based Journalism and Social Communications student. She found interest in writing, photography and filmmaking as she was in her last years of school. As part of the writer and photo team of EnVi she can enjoy these two interests. She loves learning new lenguages. In her free time, you can catch her watching Ghibli movies, painting the scenes with watercolors and babying her cat León

Maria Fernanda (Mafe) Ramos Maria Fernanda also known as Mafe is a Colombia-based Journalism and Social Communications student, with a passion for writing about music and pop culture, she has a interest in Graphic Design and hopes to pursue a degree on it. In her free time, she enjoys painting, creating music playlists and reading tons of books.

Diana Diana is a writer, astrologer and K-pop enjoyer. She recently earned her degree in Public Relations and Popular Culture. In her free time, she watches anime, plays video games and searches for the next great addition to her expansive album and manga collections.



Samruddhi HarveSamruddhi, also known as Sammy, is the Fashion and Beauty Editor at EnVi. During the day she is a full-time Fashion Business student and by night, she is an NCT and DPR enthusiast. Aspiring to be the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, she loves art and anything avant-garde. She is also EnVi’s resident wedding planner.


Dean MonroeDean is a writer and seamstress based in Upstate New York. When he’s not editing his work or making patterns, you can usually find him fawning over pictures of Johnny Suh. Dean is currently a full-time student, double majoring in English and Economics. He hopes to not only grow with EnVi, but pursue a TEFL certification so he can teach in South Korea as well.

Donya Donya is a senior writer who often ventures into the features and music vertical, though she always returns to her home, the fashion section. With a love for the arts and a degree in social science, she hopes to bring together these two worlds through her journalistic career. In the meantime, she enjoys highlighting artists, discussing fashion, and watching dramas.

May Peralta May is an Istituto Maragoni almuna, lover of arts, cinema and champagne. Fashion designer, lawyer and Political Science & International Relations graduate, she works as a consultant for fashion brands. Previously based in Paris, she is now a contributor for EnVi Media where she’s regained her passion for writing and K-pop.



KryscyKryscy is a makeup and hair enthusiast that balances her love of everything beauty with owning her own business. She holds a music and education degree, with a focus in classical voice, but focuses on combining all aspects of the arts to embrace culture and diversity.


Annie BourbonnaisA Brazilian film production undergrad, Annie is studying to be a makeup artist and creative director, but also found a passion for writing and interviewing through EnVi. She has an undying love for production design in music videos and way too many favorite K-pop groups.

Ellie ForteBoth a cosplayer and writer, Ellie is a creative who focuses on culture. Currently focusing on communications in school, Ellie is looking to capture the stories of many with their writing.

Taylor Louise Taylor is a fully-fledged member of The Mark Lee Lovers Club. She is the owner of a small business and an all-round creative. Currently, Taylor is studying Korean at university in London and is fully TEFL qualified, but is due to complete her studies in Korea next year.

Vanessa Arias

Chanel Wilson



Crista Bardales – Crista is a (soon to be) Journalism and Liberal Arts student, and is a full-fledged Taeyong and Takeshi Kaneshiro Enthusiast. Born in Guatemala and raised in the U.S, she understands and communicates well in Spanish and English and hopes to one day be fluent in other languages. She’s both a Translator and Lifestyle writer at Envi, and always enjoys helping in any way she can. During her free time you’ll find Crista journaling, watching East Asian films, studying astrology, writing lyrics, and catching up with all things NCT.

Pei Yin (Joyce) Chai – Pei Yin is a Neuroscience major who found her passion for writing during her journey as a blog writer in a bioscience society. She aspires to serve “brain food” from both within and outside of the K-pop world through EnVi’s Lifestyle vertical, hoping the patrons would walk away with a personal recipe to a happy life. She also enjoys drawing and indulging in a good dose of NCT content during her free time.

SumaiyaSumaiya is a New York based kpop enthusiant as well as the lifestyle writer at Envi Media! She loves attending fan events around her city, meeting new people, and writing about fandom culture in kpop. In her free time she enjoys watching anime and international films.

Fran – A recent addition to the team, Fran is a long-time K-Pop enthusiast and a Lifestyle contributor at EnVi Media. Between reviewing flashcards and combing through medical journals for school, you’ll find her plugged into fandom culture across social media platforms, cheering on her favourite artists and connecting with other fans!



Marbella Ramirez – Marbella, who goes by either “Mira” or “Mar”



Heather Ngo Heather is our resident drama enthusiast based in California. When she’s not extensively researching for the Turn Back Time series you can find her cooking up ideas for ACT!ON, playing guitar, and singing any song that comes to mind.


Isabel Resendis Isabel is a New Jersey based Act!on writer who enjoys watching films, dramas, and animes. She also likes to play electric guitar, video games, and read books during her free time. Isabel loves fashion and likes to plan outfits to wear for any day. She enjoys going to concerts, fan events, meeting friends, and traveling. She likes listening to music as her top genres are kpop, jrock, and R&B. She is a huge L’Arc-en-Ciel fan. Her two ult groups are Seventeen and Nct.

MacKenzie gooding