Meet Team EnVi

Azadeh Valanejad

([email protected])

Azadeh is the founder and editor in chief of EnVi Media. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and over a decade experience working in the editorial world, starting as an intern at Hearst to becoming a producer, contributing writer, and on-air host for a number of brands at Condé Nast including Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Allure. When she’s not busy being team EnVi’s number one cheerleader, you can find her on her blog, AzArAm, creating content all over Manhattan.
Davonna Gilpin

([email protected])

deputy editor/podcast producer
Davonna is EnVis deputy editor and podcast producer. In her role she acts as support to all teams and verticals, plans, directs and edits the podcast and even writes from time to time. Davonna is a 13 year K-pop fan and when she’s not working on EnVi things you can find her reading or binging Netflix series.
Mal Peterson

([email protected])

Chief creative officer
Mal currently serves as the Chief Creative Officer at EnVi, where she oversees the design team and visual content. She specializes in branding, editorial design, and creative direction and aims to create thoughtful designs using her cultural identity, business degree, and interest in fashion and pop culture. When she is not designing, she spends her time reading, painting, or looking at clothing she cannot afford.
Arquala Davis

([email protected])

managing editor
Also know as “Markyonce” of EnVi, Arquala can be found keeping track of overall documents, communications, and activities for the team. She loves to dive into analytics, spreadsheets, and organizing events for EnVi and in her free time with hopes to expand her skills in writing and media. Arquala is a Stayzen at heart and runs on snacks and to-do lists to keep her going throughout the day. As a high school Chemistry and Earth and Space teacher during the day, and a busy bee by night, she enjoys learning choreography, reading, and planning her next adventure in her free time.

([email protected])

Laras is EnVi’s UK-based jack-of-all-trade. She originally joined EnVi as a creative outlet and has been involved in the brand’s design, illustrations, website development, and writing. Laras is also head of community relations, where she leads quarterly projects on global issues.
Élise Fu
Web developer
Elise is the Web Developer at EnVi Media who takes care of the website. She is also part of the graphic design team. When she’s not in front of the computer, she likes to play the piano and visit art exhibitions.
Nevi Gaetan

([email protected])

creative director
Nevi is a Toronto-based Graphic Designer and Envi’s resident Creative Director. When she’s not ensuring Envi’s branding is at it’s best or helping lead the Editorial team, she’s busy working full time in the industry. Although having ties to both Canada and the United States, she is uniquely positioned in the center of Toronto’s up-and-coming music industry and is always interested in connecting with likeminded creatives.



Sabrina Tharani ([email protected]) – Sabrina is a Canada-based multimedia journalist, news junkie, editor, and radio/podcast producer. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in political science and history and is pursuing further study in Media and Fandom Studies. At EnVi, Sabrina works with a team of stellar junior managing editors to support EnVi’s contributors. A K-pop fan since 2008, Sabrina can be found binging her favorite Studio Ghibli movies and buying more tea she doesn’t need.


Naema Begum ([email protected])

Khadija Haque ([email protected]) – Khadija is EnVi’s junior managing editor, head of audience development, and contributing writer. With a business degree from New York University, Khadija is interested in the corporate side of the media industry and works full-time at a global media and entertainment company. She splits her time between work and EnVi and enjoys both the technical and creative side of the industry. On her free time, Khadija is often baking, painting, watching k-dramas, or figuring out what to learn next.

T. Aquila ([email protected]) – Aquila is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and contributes to EnVi as a junior managing editor and writer. As a graduate from Universitas Indonesia with a degree in psychology, they are interested in the dynamics of media & society and currently work in the social media marketing field. In EnVi, they collaborate with their amazing, diverse team and craft their writing, which has been their life-long interest. In their spare time, Aquila is either writing poetry and original fiction, listening to music, or learning foreign languages.

Juliana Santos ([email protected]) – Juliana is a Los Angeles based Junior managing editor. She is currently studying Public Relations at California State University Northridge, where she will be receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in 2022. She has a huge passion for all things Music, Social Media, Fan Engagement, Live Entertainment (concerts) and PR. On her free time, she loves to listen to her favorite K-pop group NCT, drink Chai lattes, stream QTAH or watch K-Dramas.

Fathima Begum ([email protected])

Sara Conway ([email protected]) – Sara is a New York-based writer, editor, and photographer who contributes to EnVi as a junior managing editor. When she isn’t visiting a museum or analyzing K-pop music videos and albums, you can find her trying to maintain her Duolingo streak, reading books with messy characters, or re-watching her favorite K-dramas like Hospital Playlist and Reply 1988.

Megan Yeo ([email protected]) – Megan is based in Singapore and contributes to EnVi as a junior managing editor. She graduated with a bachelor’s in linguistics and in her free time loves lazing around in bed, watching K-dramas, and baking cookies for her friends.

Alex Aran ([email protected]) – Alex is a junior managing editor based in the Philippines. She is currently taking up a BA degree in Communication and is a part of her school’s junior year council. Outside her academic life, she likes to collect K-pop merch and occasionally join video call fansigns. She’s basically the typical nerd who enjoys the K-pop experience, watching anime, playing video games, and reading articles.



Danni Perez ([email protected]) – Born and raised in southern California, Danni has grown up with a lifelong love for all things creative. She especially enjoys music, film, and writing. She is a full-time student at California State University, Fullerton, pursuing a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Entertainment and Tourism. You can always find her with her headphones in and sipping on an iced coffee (Or gushing about her love for Jeong Jaehyun and Kim Namjoon). In her free time she enjoys reading, attending concerts, cuddling with her cat, playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and spending time with her friends.


Chyenne Tatum – Chyenne is a music and pop culture writer based in Chicago, who loves analyzing her favorite albums and genres. She graduated from Kent State University with a degree in PR and communications, and always knew she’d end up working in the music industry. When she doesn’t have her headphones glued to her ears, which is rare, she enjoys getting lost in her favorite movies and making homemade bubble tea.

Valerie Lopez ([email protected]) – Valerie is an LA-based pop culture writer that specializes in artist profiles and features pieces. Her passion for language and writing led her to obtain a B.A. in Linguistics from UC Berkeley, where she has participated in a Naruto Run and added two languages under her belt. She enjoys tap dancing, playing Genshin Impact, and cosplaying in her leisure.

Dani Druther – Dani is a Seoul-based writer originally hailing from San Diego, California. She currently studies Journalism and Strategic Communication at Sogang University with a goal of later working in the K-pop industry. She has a special place in her heart for main vocals, and her guilty pleasures are survival programs, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ and hunting for new cute cafes on Instagram


Sarah Bathke ([email protected]) – Originally from Colorado, Sarah Bathke is a Journalism and Linguistics student at the University of Oregon. Her passion for fandom and writing is combined as a music and ACT!ON writer for EnVi, and when she’s not writing about K-pop or studying, she enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading, and drinking Dutch Brothers.

Maria Fernanda (Mafe) Morales ([email protected]) – Mafe is a Colombian-based Journalism and Social Communications student. She found interest in writing, photography and filmmaking as she was in her last years of school. As part of the writer and photo team of EnVi she can enjoy these two interests. She loves learning new lenguages. In her free time, you can catch her watching Ghibli movies, painting the scenes with watercolors and babying her cat León

Maria Fernanda (Mafe) Ramos ([email protected]) – Maria Fernanda also known as Mafe is a Colombia-based Journalism and Social Communications student, she can combine her interest in music, film and pop culture as part of EnVi’s Music and ACT!ON writing team. In her free time, she enjoys taking photos, painting, creating music playlists and reading tons of books.

Mendy – Mendy is a graphic designer and an avid writer for EnVi’s features and music verticals. Her dream is to ultimately write, create, and produce digital media alongside creatives from all over the world! For now, she can be found thrifting, drawing her webtoon, or people watching in Chicago and LA.

Teresa Nicole ([email protected]) – Teresa Nicole is a Toronto-based Journalism student pursuing a minor in Music and Culture and Public Relations. By combining her interests in news writing and K-pop, she aspires to work in an industry that allows her to expand on her passions. You can be sure to find her listening to WAYV, drinking bubble tea, or keeping up with the latest comebacks.

Ally De Leon – Ally is a Manila-based student studying Communications Technology Management (which is just an SEO-unfriendly way to say marketing). She is constantly seeking growth in writing and marketing. As a writer, she hopes to specialize in lifestyle (a mix of pop culture, productivity, and student life) and dabble into creative writing every once in a while. She’s at her happiest whenever she writes about any thought or feeling without getting mental blocks, reads a book she can highlight all over, eats anything with a borderline unhealthy amount of cheese, nerds out on marketing, and hears Jeong Jaehyun sing.

Sophie Harrison ([email protected]) – Sophie is a UK-based law student with the hopes of pursuing a master’s degree in journalism next year. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading books, going to the gym, and listening to music- especially NCT!



Mayra Peralta ([email protected]) – May is the Fashion Editor, overseeing the style content at EnVi. Parisian at heart, she is an Istituto Maragoni almuna, lover of arts, cinema and rosé. Fashion designer, lawyer and Political Science & International Relations graduate, May juggles her job as a lawyer while freelancing, serving as a consultant for fashion brands and pushing the NCT-127 -fashion-takeover agenda.


Nikole Ogilvie – Nikole is a Filipino-American woman who is incredibly passionate about all things art, music, and fashion. She is currently a full-time college student studying Communications in the hopes to become a music industry professional. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she loves discovering new cafés, going to museums, and singing her heart out at live concerts. When she is not busy, you can probably find her on social media talking about Jeong Jaehyun, Johnny Suh, and Mark Lee.

Valentina Doukeris ([email protected]) – Valentina is a Journalism and Asian Languages & Cultures double major with a diverse cultural background. Living in major cultural capitals like Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, New York City and Seoul while growing up, Valentina developed a passion for learning languages and exploring global fashion trends. When she’s not buried in her work, she’s likely daydreaming about matcha lattes, combat boots and cat memes.



Kryscy Boulin ([email protected]) – Kryscy is a makeup and hair enthusiast that balances her love of everything beauty with owning her own business. She holds a music and education degree, with a focus in classical voice, but focuses on combining all aspects of the arts to embrace culture and diversity.


Annie Bourbonnais ([email protected]) – A Brazilian film production undergrad, Annie is studying to be a makeup artist and creative director, but also found a passion for writing and interviewing through EnVi. She has an undying love for production design in music videos and way too many favorite K-pop groups.

Ellie Forte ([email protected]) – Both a cosplayer and writer, Ellie is a creative who focuses on culture. Currently focusing on communications in school, Ellie is looking to capture the stories of many with their writing.

Taylor Louise ([email protected]) – Taylor is a fully-fledged member of The Mark Lee Lovers Club. She is the owner of a small business and an all-round creative. Currently, Taylor is studying Korean at university in London and is fully TEFL qualified, but is due to complete her studies in Korea next year.

Chanel Wilson ([email protected]) – Chanel is a Black and Native, Texas-based writer for EnVi Media. She not only has a passion for beauty, but a love for all things music, art and history related! Chanel graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.A. in Anthropology, with a focus on sociocultural studies, along with a minor in Sociology. Being a K-pop fan for over a decade, she hopes to combine her anthropological background with her love for K-pop! She loves going to concerts, traveling and trying new food. If she isn’t drawing or watching Horror movies, you can find her on Twitter talking about her favorite groups: EXO, GOT7, NCT, MX or SHINee!

Vanessa Arias ([email protected])



Sumaiya ([email protected]) – Sumaiya is a New York based kpop enthusiant as well as the lifestyle writer at Envi Media! She loves attending fan events around her city, meeting new people, and writing about fandom culture in kpop. In her free time she enjoys watching anime and international films.


Crista Bardales ([email protected]) – Crista is a (soon to be) Journalism and Liberal Arts student. Born in Guatemala and raised in the U.S, she understands and communicates well in Spanish and English and hopes to one day be fluent in other languages. She’s both a Spanish translator and lifestyle writer here at Envi, and always enjoys helping in any way she can. When she’s not writing for EnVi, you’ll find her working on her blog, journaling, reading, learning about astrology, or spending time with her pet bunny!

Pei Yin (Joyce) Chai – Pei Yin is a Neuroscience major who found her passion for writing during her journey as a blog writer in a bioscience society. She aspires to serve “brain food” from both within and outside of the K-pop world through EnVi’s Lifestyle vertical, hoping the patrons would walk away with a personal recipe to a happy life. She also enjoys drawing and indulging in a good dose of NCT content during her free time.



Merlyn Maldonado ([email protected]) – Merlyn is a full time student at Gettysburg College pursuing a double major in art history and an individualized major titled “Popular Culture and Magazines in Media.” She is passionate about everything arts and popular culture, which has led her to completing work as a student curator and land internships as a communications and editorial writer. On her free time she enjoys finding new artists to listen to and arranging her pinterest boards.


Ellie Ray ([email protected]) – Ellie is a Costume student in the UK who loves everything film, performance and art. She has a particular interest in K-pop, and Asian cultures as well as Alternative music and cultures. Ellie also enjoys animations and is a long time collector of Build a Bears.

Leigh ([email protected]) – Leigh is a self-taught artist of 23+ years from New York. She is passionate about all things cartoon/anime-related. When she’s not drawing, writing or traveling, Leigh spends the majority of her time exploring her more obscure interests, such as analog horror, magical realism, and vaporwave. She is can also read, write and speak basic Korean. Even though she’s an introvert, she’s very vocal about her love for EXO and NCT!



Heather Ngo ([email protected]) – Heather is our resident drama enthusiast based in California. When she’s not extensively researching for the Turn Back Time series you can find her cooking up ideas for ACT!ON, playing guitar, and singing any song that comes to mind.


Isabel Resendis ([email protected]) – Isabel is a New Jersey based Act!on writer who enjoys watching films, dramas, and animes. She also likes to play electric guitar, video games, and read books during her free time. Isabel loves fashion and likes to plan outfits to wear for any day. She enjoys going to concerts, fan events, meeting friends, and traveling. She likes listening to music as her top genres are kpop, jrock, and R&B. She is a huge L’Arc-en-Ciel fan. Her two ult groups are Seventeen and Nct.

McKenzie Gooding ([email protected]) – Currently based in Jeju Island, Kenny is an avid writer, amateur graphic designer, long-distance cat mom and K-pop/K-drama enthusiast. Barbadian by birth, she holds a BSc. in International Relations and is currently studying Korean in preparation for her Masters degree next fall. In her free time, Kenny enjoys reading, cooking and losing herself in new music. Outside of work and school, you’ll find her on Twitter, somewhere between essaying her thoughts and waxing poetic over SHINee and NCT.



Jenessa Edora ([email protected]) – Jenessa is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer from California who designs for EnVi. NCT is her ultimate favorite K-Pop group and admires Ten’s artistry and character greatly. She also sells her own sticker designs on her Etsy shop, Jenpura. In her free time, she often draws, listens to music, and watches YouTube videos and anime.


Xana Angelo ([email protected]) – Xana is a New Jersey based graphic designer at EnVi who enjoys illustration and brand design. Aside from design, she loves singing, dancing, and roller skating. In her free time you can find her learning K-pop choreography, listening to music, or landing the next best trick on her skates.

Carolyne (Chi) Chang ([email protected]) – Carolyne, also known as Chi or DJ ViVi’s mom, is a graphic designer at EnVi with an eye for cute, playful charms! She was NYC born and raised, but is a Design and Film student at the University of Southern California in LA. In her free time, you will probably find her slapping stickers onto everything she owns.

Rebeca Gomes – Rebeca is a Brazilian design major, she works with audiovisual during daytime, likes making art inspired by her faves in her free time but rants about her never-ending love for Bang Chan at all times. All of this, while being a Graphic Designer for EnVi.

Niamh Murphy ([email protected]) – Niamh is a New York based art director that specializes in branding and illustration, working with clients in the food and beverage, tourism and hospitality, and non-profit industries. She’s also an avid kpop fan, and designer for Envi. When not designing, she’s probably wandering aimlessly around her house looking for where she left her mug of tea.



Astrid Nakiri ([email protected]

Jenny ([email protected]) – Jenny is a self-taught graphic designer based in Seattle. She is currently working as a freelance graphic designer on all things social media, branding and logo design. Jenny started listening to kpop back in 2011 and has never stopped since. She initially got drawn in by SHINee and has since then loved a variety of groups. She is currently an ARMY devoting all of her stan love for BTS. When she isn’t designing she can be found hanging with her doggo or having a chill night in watching kdramas.

Kaia Morrison-Burks ([email protected]) – Kaia is a graphic designer from Chicago who enjoys bringing her love for music into her designs. Though she’s spent most of her time as a K-pop fan as a NCTzen, she also loves BTS, and aespa. In her free time, you can catch her adding new records to her collection or watching romantic comedies with her friends.

Trang Nguyen (Milk) ([email protected]) – Milk is a graphic designer from Vietnam. She is currently getting her B.A in Graphic Design in New York. NCT and aespa are her favorite group. She loves wathicng documentaries and learing new things !




Rin ([email protected]) – Rin is based in Japan, where she works as the coordinator of international relations for a small city. As a growing polyglot who can speak Spanish and Japanese, she finds beauty in being able to connect with others through language, especially when the connection is over a shared interest! She’s honored to be able to help spread her love of music with people all around the world through EnVi. In her free time, you’ll find Rin exploring around Japan, studying languages, or facetiming with her parents and dogs back home in the United States.


Jin – Jin is a Korean language tutor based in Seoul, South Korea, teaching non-native speakers, used to live in the UK. He loves talks, talking about cultural diversity, history, mainstream, social issues, etc. Very open-minded, easy-going. You’re welcome to ask Jin any questions about anything.

Lucia Medrano – Lucía is a Colombian-based Journalism and Social Communications student with a passion for languages and writing, with a deep interest in learning more about different cultures. When she’s not translating articles for EnVi or studying, you will find her watching dramas, discovering new music, reading rom-com books and trying to not fall in love with another K-Pop Idol.

Jasmine Nahta – Jasmine is a Creative Writing major with a passion for translation who believes in the power of utilising digital resources for knowledge sharing. She began her journey in translation inspired by the amazing community of fan translators online, and now dreams of kickstarting a platform centred around digital services and knowledge building in everyday life.

Anabel Zaldivar Anabel is an over the phone interpreter based in Mexico. She loves music, pop culture and design with an interest in learning more about the entertainment industry. She’s been a K-pop fan since 2017 and her first K-pop concert was G-dragon that same year and she hasn’t looked back since. Being a Spanish translator she hopes to bring the K-pop world to more people around spanish speaking countries so that they can love it the way she does.

Chloé ([email protected]) – Chloé is a university student with a major in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, a minor in Spanish, and a passion for music and dance. She is probably learning K-Pop choreography or jamming out to music as you read this.

Amane ([email protected]) – Amane is a university student majoring in English and American Studies as well as Japanese Studies. Thanks to her background she is confident in her Japanese language skills which she likes to make use of in various ways like writing and translating! Other than interacting with translation work or linguistic work she likes to focus on her other hobby, dancing where she also interacts a lot with K-Pop and J-Pop.

Vanesa (Nesa) ([email protected]) – Vanesa is a junior university student majoring in Media Communications. Always having an interest in the media/entertainment industry, she took a strong liking and great interest in K-pop and J-pop and the industry behind them. When not translating or going to classes, she enjoys playing video games like Genshin Impact and watching K-dramas, Anime, and J-dramas. (I prefer going by nesa but I sign everything under vanesa!)

Menna El-Dafrawy ([email protected]) – Menna from the land of the Pharaohs, graduated from the Chinese specialized translation department, after a journey of 4 years with the passion of learning more about the Asian culture, food and music, Menna became fond of K-Drama and K-Pop

Carissa ([email protected]) – Carissa is an industrial and product design undergraduate who currently holds the position of Indonesain translator at EnVi. She finds joy in learning new things and helping other people. Her free time consists of watching K-dramas, cooking or daydream about attending her fav’s concerts.

Sophie-Marie Ludwig ([email protected]) – Sophie, alternatively The German or Sophie No.2 for chaos prevention, is currently getting her degree in East Asian Studies, with Media and Communication Studies as her minor. Instead of focusing on her Japanese classes she decided to pick up translating as a hobby – The rest is basically history. The pandemic opened the door to K-pop for her, K-pop the door to becoming an author for the first ever K-pop dictionary in German, which then again led her to writing and journalism. The next door to open will hopefully be that of a concert hall!



Jezella ([email protected]) – Jezelle is a social media intern at EnVi Media. Passionate when it comes to expressing her creativity, Jezelle loves learning and thinking about new ideas when it comes to social media and marketing. She loves to travel, eat sweet foods, dance for fun, experiment her fashion, vlogging, and most of all Mark Lee. Currently, she is a student working towards a degree in business marketing.


Mia Chang – Mia is a senior at Duke University pursuing an interdepartmental major in computer science and psychology with a certificate in innovation and entrepreneurship. She is passionate about the intersection of business, entertainment, and technology and how content meets fans from all over the world. As a Korean-American, she loves to see people of all cultural backgrounds finding joy in K-pop and continues to share her love for South Korean culture through EnVi!

Leanna Sarfati ([email protected]) – Leanna is a New York City based Digital Marketing major whose main mission is to bring EnVi to as many fans as possible. Helping handle all of EnVi’s social media platforms, Leanna loves getting creative when showing off all EnVi has to offer. If she isn’t tweeting the latest article or creating Instagram stories, Leanna can easily be found filming dance covers, listening to the latest movie soundtrack, screaming over Jungkook and Eunwoo, or attending K-pop events around the city.

Sam Lelchuk ([email protected]) Sam is a social media manager at EnVi Media with a penchant for all things media and entertainment. Born and raised in Southern California, Sam is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Communication and Political Science at the George Washington University. When she’s not glued to Twitter or Canva, you can find her talking about SEVENTEEN and starting K-dramas she can never finish.


Veronika Lozano ([email protected]) – Veronika is a marketing strategist for EnVi Media. She is passionate about the global media and entertainment industry, particularly with the intersection of music, culture, and technology. She previously worked as an infectious disease researcher and graduated with a master’s degree in Global Affairs in May 2022. With ten years of fandom knowledge and experience, she’s now pursuing her interests in music marketing, fan engagement, and community building. Veronika enjoys bridging cultures and creating opportunities for artists to connect to their global audiences. During her free time, she enjoys discovering new music, watching cooking shows, or developing new skills.


Tatyana Hernandez ([email protected]) – Tatyana is a New York City-based public relations coordinator who strives to expand EnVi Media’s audience. She is passionate about community building, global media and entertainment, and connections over shared interests. Her marketing and fan engagement background and family of musicians inspire her to bring people together and create engaging content, connecting different cultures and languages. Tatyana enjoys listening to new music, traveling, video essays, and most of all, her two cats. Currently, she is a student working towards a degree in business marketing.



Veronica Espinal ([email protected]) – Veronica is a multimedia producer based in New York City who loves filmmaking as much as she loves writing. With a passion for storytelling, you can find her dabbling her pen in the music and features vertical, while cooking up ideas for EnVi TV. Is this love for stories that led her to pursue an MA in Media Studies, focusing on video production at The New School. On her free time she enjoys watching anime and dramas, gaming, writing fantasy stories, and talking about Star Wars.


Faith Rodriquez – Faith is a Video Producer at EnVi. Film, video, and music has had a great influence on Faith and has made her become very passionate about what she does. She attends Arizona State University and is a Filmmaking Practices major. In her free time she likes to make movies with her friends. Faith is a fellow NCTzen and Deobi, she loves food, earrings, boba, thrifting, and playing instruments such as the guitar and bass.


Itzel Márquez ([email protected]) – Itzel is a video editor at EnVi Media and a Taeyong enthusiast. She’s currently studying a degree in Communication and with it, she wants to advocate for Mexican creative talent and female empowerment. She enjoys breaking the boundaries between languages, and spends most of her time learning her favorite choreographies.

Marina Quiñonez ([email protected]) – Marina is a video editor at EnVi Media. This NCTzen earned her B.A. in Multimedia Production and her Masters in Mass Communication. Her passion is documentary filmmaking & journalism. When she is not glued to her computer, you can find her playing with her guinea pigs, enjoying nature, reading fiction, and attending K-pop events.

Jane Rivas ([email protected]) – Jane is a video editor an EnVi Media. She attended the University of California, Santa Cruz to receive her B.A. in Film & Digital Media and Psychology. Based out of Los Angeles she is a freelance video editor, photographer, and videographer. A K-pop fan since 2008 her ult groups are INFINITE and The Rose. In her sparetime she can be found playing video games, dancing, and attending concerts.

Gabriella N. Ritterbusch – Gabriella is a major in Filmmaking and a aspiring production designer and art director. She’s curious and likes learning about languages. If you’re her friend, she’ll probably randomly ask you to work with her on an idea she had at 2AM, cause this is how she pitches.

Jannat Begum ([email protected])


Eemaan ([email protected])


RJ Franklin ([email protected]) – RJ is apart of the on screen talent, photo team, and a contributing writer at Envi Media. When she is not thinking about how how amazing Xiaojun is, she is working to get her degree in International Education and doing improv and stand up comedy at her university. Her future plans include teaching English in South Korea, Japan, and many other countries around the world while also continuing to grow her passion for multimedia platforms with Envi. She also met Xiaojun, which was the best moment of her life.



Maddie Armstrong – Maddie is a UK-based photographer, editor of the EnVi photo team, and also nature enthusiast. Her dream is to do her own photoshoots for her favourite celebrities.

PHOTO Francine ([email protected])



Dee -Dee ([email protected])


Claire Campion ([email protected])- Often affectionately referring to herself as a plant mum Claire is a London based EnVi podcast host. If you talk to her long enough she is bound to mention her love of NCT 127’s mini album #127. Currently studying Law at University she can be frequently found watching a Thai drama, trying to cook up ideas for her dream breakfast menu or seeing how far she can walk around her local nature reserve in her free time.

Ella Okunmwendia ([email protected] ) – Ella Okunmwendia is a podcast host at EnVi. Outside EnVi, she works as a content producer and radio host. Based in Ghana, Ella graduated from the University of Ghana with a degree in Political Science and French. Her current mission in life is uniting all the KPOP fans in Africa.

Maya Whitney ([email protected])

Jenna ([email protected])





Kayla ([email protected]) – Kayla Fontalvo is New Jersey-based public relations intern at EnVi. Soon, Kayla will be entering her senior year at Emerson College in the fall. At school, she loves to plan events and attend her favorite business classes. Outside of school, Kayla can be found keeping up with the latest entertainment news on Twitter or Instagram.

Gloria ([email protected]) – Born and raised in Malaysia, Gloria is currently based in Seoul, South Korea where she is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Media and Communication at Korea University.

Anh ([email protected])