From morning till night,” VLAST’s boy group PLAVE continue to make waves in the music industry with their boundless innovations and colorful soundscapes. Succeeding their achievement of the 33rd Seoul Music Awards (SMA) New Wave Star Award and current nomination for the Hanteo Music Awards (HMA) Rookie Of the Year Award, PLAVE proceed to dominate the world as they prepare to become the first ever virtual boy group to attend HMA’s artist lineup. And with the upcoming comeback with their second mini album ASTERUM : 134-1 in February 26, Han Noah continues to own the stage.

From his flexibility in singing and rapping to his admirable expertise in music composition, this 22-year-old captures the hearts of many with his limitless charms and talents. In celebration of the eldest member’s birthday on February 10, EnVi has put together seven facts to know about PLAVE’s lead singer, visual prince, and gym enthusiast.

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Noah’s Found Dream

Starting from a single unexpected phone call, leader and main vocalist Yejun asked Noah if he’d wish to join PLAVE alongside him, and like that PLAVE was born on a hot summer day. While Noah enjoyed music and singing, he didn’t have any dreams of becoming a singer. Although taking a liking to a variety of things, Noah didn’t really have a chance to make something of himself which resulted in his dream eventually disappearing. Fortunately, it was until after Yejun called him and perked his interest in joining this aspiring group. Interested and excited, Noah made the courageous decision to walk down an undiscovered field in order to write his desired path. Noah’s once lost dream was brought back to life in a mere moment’s notice.

Image courtesy of PLAVE

Soon after accepting Yejun’s proposal for PLAVE, Noah and Yejun started working together to gather the other remaining members. And just as Yejun brough in Noah, Noah proceeded to bring in PLAVE’s last official member — main dancer and lead rapper — Hamin. Forever thankful to Yejun, Noah expresses his gratitude and love towards PLAVE and PLLI (fanname), “In a way I think my dream came true. I think I’m fulfilling my dream… I’m so happy thanks to you guys and I’ll do my best to show you what I can do. I love you.”

Fated to Sing

Since the moment he debuted as the second member of PLAVE, Noah made his talent in singing and speciality in writing lyrics and composing known. The lead singer possesses a unique appeal to his vocalisation by embedding emotions into his performance and expertise in adlibs. Noah’s soft yet powerful vocals have a wide volume ranging from sounding delicate and light to sounding strong and thick. From singing with this body to his strong diaphragm, this singer delivers riveting performances through his impactful stage presence and voice.

Part of PLAVE’s “Producer Line,” including members Yejun and Eunho, Noah has actively participated in writing and composing all tracks in PLAVE’s discography, ASTERUM and ASTERUM: The Shape Of Things To Come. Spontaneous bursts of inspiration and creativity naturally come to Noah during the production process and the best and memorable outcomes are resulted from them. Through his arrangements in song covers to his abilities in singing and producing for PLAVE, the vocalist never fails to shine with his proficiency in music and artistry in singing.

PLAVE’s Undercover Rapper and Dancer

Although not classified as a rapper, Noah holds confidence in his rapping skills and never shies away from the challenge. In various live broadcasts, Noah performs rap songs such as “Born Hater” by EPIK HIGH and “Turtle Ship” by PALOALTO. Before PLAVE officially made their debut, Yejun and Noah hosted a live street performance in Hongdae, performing covers of famous songs. Noah not only showcased his ability to perform emotional serenades but his adaptability to switch from singing to rapping in seconds. 

When PLAVE was first introducing its official members, to the public’s surprise, Noah stated his position to be a dancer in his short interview, “Noah’s 15 Questions and 15 Answers.” And while the vocalist has stated in a presentation that his dancing may not be perfect, PLLI’s can acknowledge the sincerity and hidden talent through his various performances. Ranking as PLAVE’s third place dancer, Noah’s efforts and discipline demonstrates themselves in forms of official choreography, dance challenges, and fun performances. As Noah says, “The process is important but the results are more important.”

In a dance evaluation made by guest professional choreographer RyuD (who choreographed for groups, such as MONSTA X, ATEEZ, Super Junior, and NCT), Noah was complimented on his amazing dance moves. RyuD continued on to pointing out his beautiful dance line, enjoyment towards choreography execution, and points out the existence of Noah’s potential in movement quality improvement. RyuD acknowledges Noah’s consistent dance training and states if he continues training, he’d be able to become a dance member. Or in the words of PLAVE member Hamin, “Infinite energy coming out from his body, an impressive dance form coming out from an impressive physique, a physique power dancer.”

Alpaca Princess with Cheese-Flavored Speech

Made up of 70% air and 30% cheese, PLLIs can’t deny Noah’s princess-charming visuals and cheesy vocabulary. With the abilities to emit sparkles around his face when he laughs and shoot hearts from his eyes when he winks, Noah captures the eyes of many in ways of natural looks and alluring demeanor. In PLAVE’s latest live broadcast, well-known face reader Park Seong-jun performed a face reading on fellow PLAVE members through physiognomy. Noah’s physiognomy details good relational communication with people, popularity amongst others, strong expression, and holds the power to do what he wishes actively.

And with his undeniable handsome looks follows his caring older brother role and tsundere personality. Many might perceive Noah’s graceful features and calm front intimidating when in fact those characteristics only bring more appeal towards his persona and make his hot but soft front a charming point. Equivalent to his caring personality trait, Noah has previously revealed his MBTI to be ISTJ. According to the MBTI personality test site 16 Personalities, ISTJs are “Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging traits. They’re efficient and responsible, giving careful attention to practical details in their daily lives.” Noah does not fail to live up said test results with his constant care for the group, underlying sentimentality, and comedic logical application to scenarios.

Pairing perfectly with Noah’s visuals is his famous cheesy tone taken for fellow PLLIs. Showing no sign of embarrassment or shame, Noah throws the cheesiest statements, compliments, and acts to fellow fans every chance he gets – and PLLIs aren’t complaining one bit. From the adorable acts of love to the heart-skipping actions he’d do for PLLIs, Noah boasts his love and admiration for fans on the clock. Wishing to walk down the flower road besides PLAVE and PLLIs and always reside within the hearts of fans, what better way to reference the unconditional love for PLLIs than from the words by the singer himself from Noah’s Night of Asterum Shining, “I want to do everything you [PLLIs] want. If it is something I can do, I wanna do it all for you, I’ll show you everything I can. So, I hope you understand my feelings.”

PLLI’s Personal Noslighting Spoiler Fairy 

While many agree spoilers to be a pain and hurtful to our artists, PLLI’s can’t help but beg to differ as they look forwards to PLAVE’s official spoiler provider hint at upcoming surprises. In contrast to Yejun’s solid ideology of keeping all PLAVE’s plans discreet, Noah has different plans in mind as he always tries to find a way in giving away PLAVE’s upcoming comeback details. And what better way to give a spoiler than with subtle actions with a sprinkle of gaslighting. Or what PLAVE and PLLI’s like to call “Noslighting” (i.e. Noah’s name and “gaslighting” combined). Whether it be accidentally spoiling the announcement of future members or spoiling future choreography and album themes, Noah will always try to noslight his way out and find a way to make it seem alright for PLAVE and PLLIs.

Natural-Born Comedian

If you compare Noah’s current persona and nature with his pre-debut self, you’ll come to notice how the once cool and chic image has morphed into a much more outgoing and friendly one. The artist initially adopted portraying themselves as modest and delicate in order to maintain the beautiful idol image. This resulted in him trying to uphold a more refined representation of his character in his first live broadcast (and a few after that). However, Noah claimed how he didn’t have fun during his streams and didn’t feel like himself. Even if a part of the silent and charismatic act had a bit of truth to it, the real him was a lot more playful and he wished to break out of that originally assigned identity. Wearing a smile and cracking jokes at any given moment, Noah is always seen laughing at his own antics and making fellow PLAVE members laugh alongside him. The Noah PLLIs witness today is brighter, goofy, yet still charming and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

ASTERUM’s Certified Gym Rat

PLLI’s can’t think of working out without relating it back to Noah’s obsession with protein and muscles. This idol is sincere towards bodybuilding, and his love for exercising and weight training is made known through his discussions around dietary meals and gym-related topics. If you’ve been seeking company during your workout or trying to create an exercise routine, look no further as home trainer Noah and PLAVE work out alongside you for a motivating and fulfilling gym session.

Jokingly playing around of getting an Olympian physique, Noah wishes for PLAVE’s introductory group pose to be assigned bodybuilder poses for each member. Noah’s love for dumbbells is a widely known fact amongst PLLI’s, so much so, fans jokingly teased during a livestream of their official lightstick being dumbbell-shaped with PLAVE comically replying to prepare for a weight-optional dumbbell lightstick. Noah already recommends shoulder presses when it’s time to wave and front raise exercise for their hour long concerts. The dumbbell lightstick agenda quickly spread across fans and the inside joke became a reality as PLAVE created a prop to be used during their live streams.

But Noah’s love for bodybuilding doesn’t stop with fans. Noah claims his favorite athlete and celebrity he wishes to meet to be famous bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman. During production of their single “Why?,” Noah pushed for inserting an adlib within Eunho’s rap verse being “Yeah, buddy” – one of Ronnie Coleman’s catchphrases.

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