After her explosive 2023 hit Devil In a Dress,” Indian American singer Rhea Raj followed up with her much-anticipated debut album HUNTER. The aforementioned song garnered up to nine million streams on Spotify and went viral on TikTok. Known for her catchy lyrics and electrifying tunes reminiscent of the 2000s era of EDM, rock, and dance pop, Raj has solidified herself as a force to be reckoned with. HUNTER includes eight tracks all of which explore themes of femininity, empowerment, and transformation.

Prey to Predator 

The title track sets off with the steady beat of percussion instruments, which paints an image of a predator hurtling across a field at break-neck speed. With its thrilling guitar riffs and metallic drums, “HUNTER” is catchy yet dark and atmospheric in tone.

While at first, the song seems to establish an image of being a prey, Raj juxtaposes her pre-chorus, “I’ll be the prey / If you’re down to be the hunter,” with “You love the chase / I can’t resist the drama.” This establishes an almost femme fatale atmosphere; listeners can’t help but feel confident throughout the song. “HUNTER” ends with an instrumental merge of EDM and dance pop, which is prevalent in the majority of the tracks.

The next song, “MESSY,” ramps up the dance pop and comes in bright and exhilarating. With its electro funk beats and Raj’s catchy vocalization, the song takes listeners to a whirlwind party. The music video opens up on a football field with an overbearing coach. He begins to list his expectations to the new recruits: “I’m looking for killers. I’m looking for winners… Dare I say, I’m looking for hunters.” The final line is a direct nod to Raj’s title track. He goes on to say, “If that isn’t you and you don’t want to be here, I will personally escort you to the parking lot.” Then the camera pans to Raj who said, “I will love to see you try.” At this moment, Raj transforms from prey to predator.

Raj dons a pink-sequined football jersey as she and her dancers pop their hips to the beat. In between killer floorwork and death drops, Raj boasts her vocal prowess and snappy lyrics. The song then drops into an EDM outro reminiscent of its 2000s’ predecessors. In the music video, this is reflected when Raj and her dancers trade their football uniforms for sequined shirts and printed shorts.

Enter Your Summer Femme Fatale Era

Maintaining its predecessors’ punchy electric beats, “HUSH” evokes a scene of a hazy house party pulled straight from an early 2000s movie. With assertive lyrics like “I’m miss temptation / You wanna know” and “Boy hush / You’re talking too much,” listeners will find themselves singing along and dancing to the song’s addictive tune.

However, the next track “DIGITAL BABE” leans away from the EDM of “HUSH” and previous tracks. Instead, trumpets glide into the song’s intro, creating steady beats for Raj’s breathy high notes. The track slowly builds up to the catchy chorus worthy of late night summer playlists: “Bet you’d die for a taste test / Baby I know I’m your favorite / All over the Internet pages / I’ll be your digital babe, yes.” The lyrics will evoke confidence and boldness within listeners.

While maintaining the spunky lyrics, Raj’s “SUCKER” is unlike the album’s electric and funky tune. Low piano chords and percussion set the scene for Raj to soar in with her invigorating high notes and her snappy chorus: “I’m just like candy / And you’re the sucker.” The song feels like a cool night drive with its melodic back-up vocals that merge with the piano notes near the outro.But if “SUCKER” is a steady night drive, then “LIGHTS OUT” is a high-speed street race. The song rushes back into HUNTER’s EDM and disco pop roots. A symphony of snappy and metallic percussion, listeners will dance to the addictive beats of “LIGHTS OUT” and Raj’s rapid “Spin it / Shut down / Lights out / Lights out / Lights out.”




Raj returns to themes of transformation and passion with “PRAY ON IT.” Riding off the high of “DIGITAL BABE,” “PRAY ON IT” is darker in tone with its usage of minor chords and harmonious backing vocals. However, it returns to its predecessors’ upbeat tempo when Raj enters the song. With lyrics like “God on my side / I already won” and “Look at the stars / How could I lose?,” the song paints a fate set in stone. As the track progresses, though, Raj sings, “Put all of my heart in all that I do / When I wake up, I’m somebody new,” which enforces a message that to realize your destiny, you still need to put work into your passions. “PRAY ON IT” celebrates the path to pursuing one’s dreams.

An OUT OF BODY Experience

The intro to “OUT OF BODY” seems to nod back to the title track “HUNTER” with its wind and percussion instruments. Raj’s rapid lyrics, “Diamonds on my neck / Baby, cut the cheque,” contrasts with her slow ones, “Boy, I bet you never met somebody  / ‘Cause there ain’t nobody / Take you out of body / Like me” in the pre-chorus. As Raj hits her high notes in the chorus, the wind and percussion from the intro returns and adds another layer to the dark atmosphere. 

“OUT OF BODY” is ethereal in its own disco pop way. Adorned with the wind instruments, percussion, and bass, the track is transcendental. The chorus especially transports listeners into an otherworldly and almost spiritual realm. HUNTER’s final track truly is an out-of-body experience.

What’s Next for Rhea Raj

Raj recently wrapped up a show for Universal Music Group and YouTube days before the release of HUNTER. She will also be performing with Evangelia on May 30 at The Paramount in Los Angeles, California. 

Keep up with Rhea Raj’s upcoming shows on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Channel your inner HUNTER by streaming her album on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.