As summer approaches and temperatures soar, what better way to cool down than by diving into the spine-chilling world of Thai horror films and TV shows? Renowned for their unique take on supernatural suspense, Thai horror cinema is a hauntingly captivating genre. From the eerie folklore of Inhuman Kiss (2019) to the supernatural spooks of The Medium (2021), these chilling stories promise to not only have your adrenaline racing but also offer a refreshing escape from the heat. Whether you’re a seasoned horror enthusiast or curious newcomer, our starter guide of spooky Thai movies and TV series will bring an icy thrill to beat the summer heat in the most hair-raising ways.

The Medium (2021) 

This horror mockumentary-style film directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun follows a documentary team capturing Nim (Sawanee Utoomma). A shaman in Isan, Thailand, Nim navigates recent disturbing supernatural events surrounding her niece, Mink (Narilya Gulmongkolpech). As Mink begins exhibiting increasingly bizarre behavior, the crew and her family are sucked into a terrifying series of hauntings. The gripping film’s masterful blend of traditional folklore and modern horror elements will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. The Medium is a must-watch for those seeking a truly spine tingling experience. 

Inhuman Kiss (2019) 

Weaving a tale of romance and horror, this film focuses on a young village girl named Sai (Phantira Pipityakorn), who is cursed to become a Krasue, a ghost from Thai folklore notable for its floating head and entrails. As Sai struggles with her horrifying transformation, her childhood friend Noi (Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang) must navigate the dangers of these new changes to protect Sai. With its eerie atmosphere and emotional depth set against the backdrop of rural 1940s Thailand, this horror film creates an unforgettable cinematic experience that will leave you breathless. 

Girl From Nowhere (2018) 

This riveting anthology horror TV series stars the captivating Chicha Amatayukl as Nanno, a mysterious and seemingly immortal girl who transfers to different schools. Viewers are drawn in as she exposes the dirty lies and dark secrets of the students and faculty. Each episode showcases a different story where Nanno’s presence disrupts the status quo, leading to shocking supernatural consequences. The series highlights sharp commentary with its dark themes and satirical take on real life social issues. 

The Promise (2017) 

Directed by Sophon Sakdaphisit, this supernatural film tells the tragic story of two best friends, Ib and Boum (Panisara Rikulsurakan and Namthip Jongrachatawiboon, respectively). The two friends make a suicide pact to die together due to the harsh 1997 Asian financial crisis’s impact on their families. In a twist of betrayal, Boum’s fears lead her to back out at the last moment. In an act of revenge, Ib’s vengeful spirit returns 20 years later and begins to haunt Boum’s daughter, Bell, for breaking their promise. The gripping narrative, tension, and emotional depth of the film makes The Promise a must-watch for horror enthusiasts. 

Bangkok Breaking (2021) 

Although not purely a horror series, this thriller Netflix drama plunges viewers into the chaotic world of an emergency paramedic team in Bangkok who uncovers a city-wide conspiracy. The show follows Wanchai (Sukollawat Kanarot), a man who moves to Bangkok to help his brother. He quickly finds himself embroiled in a deadly conspiracy after a tragic accident. With the help of a determined journalist named Kat (Sushar Manaying), Wanchai uncovers layers of corruption within the city. Packed with intense action, investigating paranormal occurrences, and a touch of romance, this high-stakes thriller will have viewers glued to the screens. 

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