Inspiration can come from anywhere, but it is our own experiences that bring color to our creations. Vicke Blanka, who released the EP Worldfly on October 25, holds this belief true to his heart. Vicke is a Japanese singer-songwriter who aims to bring inspiration from his experiences around the world into his music. With Worldfly, he aims to gain recognition beyond Japan. In an email interview with EnVi, the artist opened up about traveling the world, his artistry, and future projects.

A Long Journey With Music 

Vicke’s interest in music began when he was just a kid. He confessed to EnVi, “[My love for music began] during elementary school, when I started imitating Michael Jackson.” That said, Vicke has demonstrated that there is a significant growth from his freshly debuted persona to the musician he is now. With his debut in 2016, Vicke has captured the attention of listeners with his smooth voice and thoughtful lyrics.

Vicke’s latest musical offer, Worldfly, gives us a taste of the artist’s life as he travels the world, discovering new emotions to transmit with his music. “We’ve decided to perform across the world this year, so [for this EP] the concept is to focus on inspiration from overseas,” Vicke explained. “It’s [Worldfly] a combination of world and firefly. I wanted the music to light up, flying around the world.”

As Worldfly marks the beginning of a new chapter for Vicke Blanka, his purpose to connect with his audiences remains. “I want them to feel the thrill. I can’t [exactly] put this into words, but you know… that feeling. I want to keep delivering that feeling.”

Free to Travel Around the World

With the release of Worldfly, Vicke explores the world through music. This EP is an eclectic collection of six songs that explore the singer’s talent and versatility. As a musician, Vicke understood that he could appeal to a wider audience by exploring diverse genres. He honed in on this power, using it as an opportunity to break down any language barriers through music. The more the singer traveled, the more appreciation he gained for the cultures of the countries he was able to visit. “Being able to cross the national border easily [visiting different countries]. I felt good and glad that my talent was music,” he said.

Vicke’s travels became the main influence of Worldfly. “Worldfly”, which closes the album, wraps up this concept nicely. Inspired by his past visit to Spain, this song tells the listener about Vicke’s ambition to see the world. The lines “I’ve been in far, / ready to get our lives fixed and done In December / go to your favorite Barcelona” also share this feeling of hope for a future adventure in a place known for its passion, all of it through the eyes and voice of Vicke.

The EP’s diversity doesn’t stop there. “Bitter,” which serves as the lead single, is featured in The Pearl Legacy, a film about family and Japan’s adult guardianship system. Composed and written by Vicke Blanka himself, it portrays the feeling of going back to bittersweet memories, juxtaposed with a lively arrangement. “Anytime dearly / I care for you / As long as you are doing good / That’s all I need to know / I miss you and I believe only the memories always stay / Again I miss you so much / life is bitter,” he sings. This contrast represents the strong emotions one might encounter as life and family begin to take a sour turn, especially with Japanese society in mind. “The beautiful sea and an honest heart. The theme [of ‘Bitter’] was about the need for human nature to go back to its roots.” he said about the song’s inspiration. “Enjoying the bitterness might be a feeling unique to Japanese people.”

The rest of Worldfly is packed with ups and downs as the EP experiments with various sounds. “Snake” is an electro pop song, inspired by Vicke’s tour around Europe and the Middle East. Meanwhile, “Sad in Saudi Arabia,” which explores his personal experience in the titular country, features a heavy drum sound reminiscent of Latin music.

The second half of the album consists of the laid back B-side, “Luca,” and the pop-rock track “Revolution.” Vicke’s experience as an artist has given him the confidence to explore other genres and recognize them as a part of the creative process. As a result, he finds it impossible to choose a favorite from Worldfly’s various tracks. “I can’t decide [my favorite song]…I like everything.”

Exploring a Different Side of Vicke

Some of Vicke’s most recognizable works are his contribution to the soundtrack of Black Clover, an anime that follows the story of two boys fighting to become the wizard king. Vicke’s songs, “Black Rover ” and “Black Catcher,” have given life to two of the show’s opening titles. Currently, each song has collected over 150 million streams on Spotify alone. These openings show listeners a new side of Vicke Blanka, as the music genre contrasts with his personal work But his work on both tracks simply demonstrates his adaptability.  “The difference in sound making [is a challenge]. Black Clover’s songs are guitar rock. I get the impression that Worldfly is more city-like.” However, this is not stopping Vicke from incorporating some rock elements into his songs. After all, it is the artist’s versatility and adaptability as a musician that attract public interest.

Make Music Illuminate the World 

With over 10 releases, 1.6 million monthly Spotify listeners, and concerts all over the world, Vicke has come a long way since his beginnings in music. After seven years, Vicke Blanka is now an artist with a vast vision and hunger for a brighter future. “Maybe I’ve transformed by always thinking about tomorrow,” he stated. Worldfly, compared to some of his previous works like United and Wizard, is definitely his opportunity to freely explore new places with music.

As Vicke stated, he is someone who always has something new to look forward to and learn from. “I can’t wait to listen to the last song I write before I die. That would probably be the compilation and proof of my life,” he said. Further, his inspiration comes from his moments all around the world. “I want to go somewhere far. The furthest place from Japan is Brazil.”

What’s Next for Vicke

Vicke has entered a new era with the release of Worldfly, and he is ready for more. With the world as his new muse, inspiration can be found in ways that music can transmit. But there is still plenty to explore, and with that in mind, Vicke’s set a new goal to share his music with people all around the world. “I’m sure that your country, which I’ve never been to, will also give me inspiration to create another song. I would love to come and say hi there.” 

Be sure to check out Vicke Blanka’s new EP, Worldfly, and keep up with his adventures all around the world on Instagram, X, and YouTube.

Vicke Blanka profile card. Date of birth: November 30, 1987. Nationality: Japanese. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius. Company: avex trax. EnVi Song Rec: Bitter.
Graphics courtesy of Niamh Murphy.

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