Happy Lunar New Year! Team EnVi is back with another music roundup to celebrate the welcoming of spring and prosperity for the future! A time to commemorate the new and the good and forget the old of the bad, gather together with your loved ones this Year of the Dragon! In this curated playlist, we hope to bring joy to your festivities with six of our favorite Lunar New Year songs as we come together for a celebration.

“Wishing You Prosperity” – Andy Lau

Known as one of Hong Kong’s biggest stars and the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop, Andy Lau wishes listeners good fortune in his popular single “Wishing You Prosperity.” Taking this common Chinese new year greeting, this song embodies the Spring Festival’s positive spirit. Its lyrics hold the cheerful wishing for a prosperous year amidst the sounds of traditional Chinese instruments and fireworks. In particular, “Wishing You Prosperity” features the konghou, rhythmic drumming, and aerophones such as the suona and the dizi. Originally released in 2005, Andy Lau’s new year song continues to be a hit, so much so the artist released a revamped version in 2018.

“Countless Years Of Blessings” – Teresa Teng

A Year of the Dragon playlist wouldn’t be complete without adding one of the Five Great Asian Divas and Taiwanese superstar Teresa Teng into the rotation! Forget about yesterday’s dreams and stop lingering in the past as Teresa Tang wishes everybody a good life in “Countless Years Of Blessings.” Embodying the new year atmosphere, Teresa sings of the colorful festivities of this new season of celebration. The song continues to resonate amongst the public even after 20 years with Teresa singing “A beautiful Spring should be serenaded! / Spring once gone will not return, / A good start should be treasured! / Why worry? The start of the year! / Wishing everybody good health.” Adding to the song’s charm are the tang, the yun lo, and the Chinese cymbals played throughout Teresa’s enchanting voice.

“Spring Has Come” – Hà Thanh Xuân

Loved for her voice and candid stage presence, contemporary Boléro Vietnamese singer Hà Thanh Xuân welcomes the new season in her cover of the classic song “Spring Has Come.” This famous new year song was originally composed by musician Minh Kỳ and sung by famous singer and actress Thanh Lan in the late 1950s. This track diverges from the original composition on the usage of traditional instruments to a more modernized pop track with its incorporation of classic Vietnamese pop. From its catchy chorus to its addicting melody, the simple yet poetic lyrics have listeners dancing with the song’s gentle rhythmic tempo. Hà Thanh Xuân also radiates beauty and grace as she sings of the ending of winter and the sowing of joy in the springtime. Musically, this track incorporates a mixture of modern music elements with its Vietnamese traditional music and cultural characteristics.

“Flourishing”  – Lim Tay Peng

Keeping the joyful ambience and authenticity flowing, Singapore music trio and expert Lunar New Year artists Lim Tay Peng return for the start of the festival eccentric as always! Writing new year songs since 2019, members Aaron Matthew Lim, Tay Sia Yeun, and Peng Chi Sheng return for the Year of the Dragon with their sixth Lunar New Year song. “Flourishing” vividly illustrates the bright light decorations illuminating Chinatown and fuelling the bustling atmosphere with the homecoming of the new and old generations. With a new year means new flavors and new ideas, and this trio can’t help but exclaim their wishes for prosperous wealth, luck, and good health for all! Additionally, the mix of modern music elements and traditional instruments such as the pipa and yangqin harmonizing with the playful sounds of the dizi result in a cherishable track.

“Spring Breeze Heralds the New Year” – 接個吻, 開一槍, 火雞, 呂口口, Lambert, 楊胖雨

To come together in celebration and unity is what the new year is all about, and for these Chinese artists to announce the arrival of the new spring breeze as we reunite for a special night. Sung by 接個吻 & 開一槍, 火雞, 呂口口, Lambert, and 楊胖雨 in their electronic dance track “Spring Breeze Heralds the New Year” sets the thrilling mood for the holiday season with its enthusiastic expectations and reminisces. By describing the traditional yet memorable new year practices, listeners enter a time of family and friend reunion brimming with joy and hope. Similar to its transparent lyricism, the track’s drum-and-bass drops fuse with the sensory sound of fireworks and children laughing in the background.

“Happy New Year”  – Nick Chung, Stella Chung

Perfectly wrapping up the festive rotation are Malaysian sibling singers Nick Chung and Stella Chung. Known for their continual contribution to the pot of Lunar New Year songs, these two entertainers make away for the arrival of the dragon this prosperous season! Originally sung by Teresa Teng, the duo covers the classic new year track “Happy New Year” while adding their own modern twist. While still keeping the lyrics and song’s cultural essence, the duo’s rendition adopts a techno pop sound with the artists executing the delivery in a faster tempo, all while keeping its traditional Chinese instruments such as the suona, cymbals, and drums. This track portrays the liveliness in all households, all while encompassing the spirit of new year and all its glee!

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