Running a fan-account is no easy feat, and building a community around one is even greater. EnVi chatted with the admins of one of NCity’s favorite fan-accounts about what inspired them to create @NCT127COM on Twitter and what the account’s future holds

Meet the Admins:

Admin Chi

Biases: Jaehyun, Johnny, and Doyoung       

Fav Album: Neo Zone

Fav Song: Nonstop

Fav MV: The 7th Sense

Admin RJ

Biases: Mark, Xiaojun, Yangyang, and Jisung

Fav Album: Limitless

Fav Song: Punch

Fav MV: Regular (Chn. Ver.)

Admin Jazz

Bias: Jaehyun

Fav Album: Cherry Bomb

Fav Song: Good Thing

Fav MV: Simon Says

Admin Espy

Bias: Mark

Fav Album: Limitless

Fav Song: Chain

Fav MV: Chain

Admin Noir

Biases: Haechan and Taeyong

Fav Album: We Young

Fav Song: No Longer

Fav MV: Simon Says

Admin Kay

Bias: Johnny, Xiaojun, and Haechan

Fav Album: Neo Zone

Fav Song: Fool

Fav MV: Chain or Moonwalk

Admin Bri 

Biases: Mark and Yuta

Fav Album: Limitless

Fav Song: Back 2 U

Fav MV: My First and Last

Admin Star

Bias: Jaehyun

Fav Album: Awaken the World

Fav Song: Superhuman

Fav MV: Superhuman

ENVI: So starting at the beginning, how did you all meet, and how did the account get started?

Admin Star: One of the earlier admins, Tay, put us all into a groupchat because she was interested in doing something and we originally started out with a streaming paty. So we did that and thought “Well this is fun, we should do more events for the community since it brings us together.” We were tired of fighting on Sundays and [said] “We need to do something else!”

Admin Noir: I found out through the NCT Kickback and one of my selfies blew up through the hashtag, and that’s how I met Star. She put me in the committee with the rest of the group, and that’s how I got to know them.

ENVI: One of your first big projects was the NCT Family Feud. How did you come up with that?

Admin Star: We did the Kickback, and someone suggested that we should do a Family Feud or Jeopardy type of game, so we were like “We should figure this out. Let’s get together and figure this out.” That’s how we got that idea. Everybody pitched in, but the original idea was given to us and we brought it to life.

ENVI: What were your thoughts after it blew up? Was there any kind of pressure to keep it up?

Admin Noir: I think what really set it off was when we trended. I think we were number one. I think that’s when we realized “Oh yeah, we gotta do more, we gotta do more.” We realized like this is one of the only things that brought NCity together to stop us from fighting all the time. I think we’re one of the reasons why NCity gets along [more]  and doesn’t fight as much every Sunday as they used to.

ENVI: After NCT Family Feud, your next big project was the Neoronpa AU. How did that come about?

Admin Noir: This is how Neoronpa actually came to be. Star and I are really REALLY big Danganronpa stans, and so we pitched that we should do a murder mystery or something like that. So we sent out a poll and everybody chose murder mystery. We thought “Danganronpa is basically a murder mystery, why don’t we just add NCT into it?” So that’s when Bri came up with the title “Neoronpa.” 

ENVI: Possibly one of the most memorable things that came out of Neoronpa was the fantastical demises all the characters met-

Admin Kay: If I recall correctly, we based a lot of what actually happened in the Danganronpa game, like how Mark got turned into a basketball. Someone in the game actually gets turned into butter, and so we wanted to make it similar, but not the exact same.

Admin Espy: Half of us hadn’t seen it, Star and Noir were caught up all the way, and then I went back and watched it and it was really good! We all watched it like right before it came out so we would know what was going on.

Admin Kay: That was the case for me too. I didn’t get into Danganronpa til after the first Neoronpa, and then I went back and it all made sense!

ENVI: After Neoronpa, you did Neo Drama Island. Could you talk about how that character design happened? It really captured NCity!

Everyone: Chiii! That was Chi!!

Admin Chi: I’m the most recent member, since I applied to be an artist, so Neo Drama Island was the first project I got to work on. So we randomly threw that idea out there at one of my first meetings, and…I started comparing the [NCT] members to existing characters from Total Drama Island as a joke, but then it actually turned into reality! So I would assign a member to an already existing character, and then I would redesign them to look like the actual [NCT] member. 

ENVI: Out of all the things you’ve done, what have been your favorite projects for each of you?

Admin Noir: Mine was Neoronpa.

Admin RJ: I liked Neoronpa because I really like all the memes and hashtags everybody came up with. It was so much fun. I also really like the Kickbacks, since it’s a bit of a personal thing.

Admin Bri: One of my favorites was the blockparty when I had to design the street flier that you see when people are trying to promote their parties. It took me a minute, but I had a lot of fun designing that.

ENVI: Those are all such amazing things in NCity. What is it like interacting with NCity on a larger scale, and what does it mean to you to bring people together when we are so often divided?

Admin RJ: For me with the Twitch streams I was doing like the NCT World 2.0 streams and Kickbacks, it was just really relieving, especially since quarantine was so difficult. Being able to get on Twitch, and be with people and have them commenting along was a lot of fun.

Admin Jazz: I really like that it was like a distraction during quarantine, especially for NCTzens at home. Especially since we did it during the summer, no one was going anywhere, and people didn’t have much to do, and I’m glad we could make a distraction. Interacting with NCTzens was just really fun, and having Neoronpa as a hobby was really cool because then everyone was focused on that and no one was fighting like before.

ENVI: What are your favorite moments and the little interactions with each other and in NCity that make it all worth it?

Admin Espy: It’s 2021, and we’re all a little sad. NCT is usually my go to, my green-light, and now I don’t just have NCT, but because of NCT I have these wonderful friends to talk to. I feel comforted and I love them. I talk to them every day about literally anything, [un]til even four in the morning.

Admin Noir: Past K-pop, past NCT, this group chat is so genuine with each other and we really do care [for] and love each other. Even though we do have our moments…I don’t know what I would do without the committee. They’re the best thing that’s ever happened to my life.

ENVI: I can tell you all really care about bringing NCity together and creating a place to have fun together,so with that being said, what are your future plans for the account, if you can tell us anything?

Admin Star: …We don’t wanna give away too much. We’re kind of like NCT, moving in secrecy, dropping random stuff that doesn’t make sense, and then you catch on when you catch on. You should definitely expect something exciting in the future. We’re gonna be doing more things, and each one is gonna be bigger than the last.

ENVI: Well, thank you all for taking the time to talk with me. It’s been amazing seeing how you all are so close and like to do good for NCity with these projects you put together.

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Thumbnail: Mark x Yangyang @aroundmedraw