On February 16, 21-year-old Puerto-Rican American singer ericdoa channeled his inner rockstar at his sold out New York show. Bringing the rockshow to Irving Plaza, he boasted confidence throughout his mesmerizing set. 

Ericdoa released his project DOA on January 19, which was met with critical acclaim for the budding musician. Standing at the forefront of the youthful, DIY hyperpop wave, ericdoa mixed trap with elements of rock in his latest record. Clearly, it resonated with his diverse Gen Z audience as showgoers piled into the venue bursting with excitement. Since then, fans have been waiting in anticipation to hear the music live — even before the show started, fans were moshing, dancing, and hyping themselves up. 

A Strong Start From Bixby

Coasting through his set with effortless vocals and swagger in his performance, opening act Bixby is certainly an artist to watch in 2024. Nonchalant yet charismatic, it should come to no surprise that he’s captivated the hearts of so many. He started the show with songs such as his 2023 record “easy.” As if that wasn’t enough for concert-goers, he also gave everyone a treat by performing his unreleased track “Distance.” Despite the short set, it was a rousing start to the night.

Dancin’ with ericdoa

Showing his love for Puerto Rico, fans could see a metal fence with a large Puerto Rican flag attached. Boxes and a large rock formation were also part of the elaborate set, emanating a grunge feel.

Gracing the stage with “kickstand,” ericdoa was off to a strong start, setting the tone for an unforgettable night of dancing and moshing. While watching him perform, it’s hard to remember that he is only 21 years old. Despite his recent entry into the music industry, ericdoa performs with the comfort of an artist who has had years on the stage. And though he makes glitchcore and hyperpop music, his energy on stage is reminiscent of the lead singers one would find in a rock band. Commanding the stage, making the venue his own, and captivating audiences came easy to ericdoa. Fans across the venue screamed their hearts out to records like “imcoolingoodimstraight.” 


And when ericdoa wasn’t losing himself in the music, he got candid with fans about his manifestations as an artist. Near the end of his set, he reminisced on a time where he spoke into existence the possibilities of him playing sold out shows during 2020. “This place means a lot to me ‘cause i was always here as a f***** child and… it’s right next to home. New York again, I know y’all got me.” 

With sold out shows across the nation and a rising career, ericdoa shows no signs of slowing down. Tickets for the “Dead On Arrival” tour can be bought at Ticketmaster. 

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