Defined by extravagant fur coats, gold jewelry, and statement sunglasses, the mob wife aesthetic is this year’s breakout trend. As proven by Turkish actress Hande Erçel, introducing these elements into an outfit automatically bestows it with a 2024 edge. Hande recently took to Instagram to share her personal take on the internet’s most recent craze. And yes, we’re obsessed. 

Hande’s Mob Mom Moment

On February 22, Turkish screen queen Hande Erçel shared an outfit of the day post on Instagram. Captioned with “Mob Mom 🕶,” the photos showed Hande embracing all the stylistic elements associated with the mob wife aesthetic.

As countless influencers have claimed, an oversized fur coat is the foundational piece of any mob wife-approved fit. For her look, Hande donned a burgundy, ankle-length coat from the Turkish retailer SOS UNLIMITED. If you’re looking for the same item, the Iconic Borgona Maxi Faux Fur coat is made to order and is available online. 

Instead of going for an all-black outfit, as it’s typically suggested for a mob wife look, Hande layered her coat over a casual streetwear ensemble — a Skims crop top and a pair of jeans. To put a spin on the look that’s making waves on social media platforms like TikTok, Hande departed from high heels and opted for sneakers — the Nike Jordan 1 Low, specifically.

Hande gave her look more of a mob wife essence with the appropriate accessories. In the pictures, she switched between wearing a simple black headband and leaving her hair down. When her hair was pushed back, it was easy to see she adhered to the ultimate mob wife staple — hoop earrings. The Bambaşka Biri star sported the Dream Hoop Earrings, a design by ninon that features zirconia crystals. 

Finally, the Turkish icon added the Small Brick Cassette bag by Bottega Veneta and rectangular frame sunglasses to her outfit, bringing a touch of opulent luxury. Peak mob wife, to be honest.

Trendsetter, go getter 

As one of the most stylish stars in the biz, Hande has been anticipating the rise of the mob wife aesthetic since last year. In December, before the trend blew up on TikTok, the actress stepped out in a leopard print dress — another essential of the mob wife style — for a Year of the Dragon party. 

Now, the actress’ “mob mom” rendition of the mob wife aesthetic proves that she is always in when it comes to the latest style conversations.

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