After celebrating their first anniversary since debut on June 20, Lapillus made a fierce return with their new mini album, GIRL’s ROUND Pt. 2. Released on June 21, the group’s second comeback after a nine-month hiatus showcases the six members’ competitive side. The six-track mini album features their hard-hitting title track “Who’s Next?” including an additional English version and instrumental version.

Tell Me Who’s Next

The music video for “Who’s Next” makes a commanding first impression, opening with an energetic beat as the girls chant, “Tell me who’s next.” Lapillus’ signature girl crush image glows throughout the music video, which showcases powerful choreography and bold charisma. With an overarching theme of self-empowerment, the lyrics tell a story of rising victorious as a group. In the English version, the girls sing “Why so loud but I don’t care / I’m so proud of who I am.” Lapillus make it known that they are unapologetic and confident in who they are, constantly striving to be the best.

B-side Breakdown

Marionette” shines among Lapillus’ discography, featuring hypnotic vocals and instrumentals. Charming violin melodies and whistles can be heard throughout the song, giving it a dark and enchanting feel. The song talks of pulling the strings in an unpredictable love situation, referring to their lover as a marionette. The members’ vocals are highlighted in the chorus as they warn, “Oh, my poor marionette / Oh, you better run.” 

ULALA” separates itself from the usual darkness of Lapillus’ tracks with a bright, uplifting vibe. Throughout the lyrics, the girls chant “la vida loca,” which is an expression in Spanish, meaning “the crazy life.” Celebrating youth and freedom, the song encourages listeners to fully express themselves and live in the present moment. Containing colorful Latin instrumentals, “ULALA” gives off the immersive atmosphere of a Latin festival. 

Slowing down the mini album, Lapillus give their listeners an emotional breakup anthem with “Paper”. The lyrics tell a heartbreaking tale of a love story reaching its final chapter. As they recall the memories they shared with another person, they realize the betrayal of their lover has damaged the relationship past repair. They describe their love as being torn and crumpled like paper, never to return back to the way it was.

What’s Next?

Lapis — Lapillus’ fanbase — look forward to a rewarding comeback season with Lapillus’ second mini album. The rookie group will soon be hitting the stage in the US, at KCON LA 2023 in August. This marks a significant milestone in the group’s career, of meeting their beloved international fans face-to-face for the first time.

Lapillus’ new mini album, GIRL’s ROUND Pt. 2, is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Make sure to follow Lapillus on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube for their latest updates!

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