Cover Artist


Adelaide, Australia




Mark, WinWin, and Lucas

NCTzen/Weishennie since:

I’ve known NCT since “The 7th Sense,” but didn’t join the fandom until “Boss” and the NCT 2018 era.

Art Style:

I mostly draw portraits and mix traditional art with digital. I draw with pencil but color my pieces digitally.

NCT/Wayv inspiration in Art:

I’ve always loved how they explore different concepts and how they’re such a versatile group that often provides me with inspiration to draw. Because their music is so important to me, drawing them is a way I can show my appreciation for them and how their music has helped me.

Reaction when asked to draw the cover:

I was super excited but a little nervous since I’ve never drawn a cover for something before, but I trusted that I was in good hands!

Inspiration behind the cover:

I have always loved looking into the meaning and symbolism behind flowers and since the theme for this cover was friendship, I drew Alstroemeria flowers as they symbolize friendship, love, devotion, and mutual support. I also added pear blossoms as they symbolize lasting and enduring friendship.

Main goal behind cover art:

I wanted to capture Ten and Johnny’s stylish aura in my portraits, while also incorporating the theme of friendship with the flowers I chose to draw.

Most rewarding part about creating the cover:

Being able to put my efforts into a project I know other  NCTzens and Wayzennies have worked hard on and knowing it will be appreciated by others in the fandom.

Advice for up and coming artists:

Draw as much as possible and don’t limit yourself with what you draw. If anything captures your attention to the point that you want to draw it, then draw it! Even if it’s not something you think you would normally draw, or you think it might be too hard, just give it a try anyway and don’t stress if it doesn’t come out perfect. Every artist has work that doesn’t come out right, we just don’t always show it. The more you draw things that challenge you, the more you’ll learn and discover about drawing.

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