United Kingdom


Any pronouns


Haechan, Ten, and Jungwoo

NCTzen/Weishennie since:

I listened to NCT casually from debut until 2017 when the ‘We Young’ era pulled me into NCity for good!

Art Style: 

I mostly just create digital art these days.

NCT/WayV Inspiration in Art:

The colors in NCT/WayV videos are always stunning. I always get inspired to try out different color combos and use more bright neon colors in my drawings.

Reaction when asked to draw the cover: 

Happy, especially when I found out I’d be drawing Hyuck and Taeil!

Inspiration behind the cover:

I think we can all agree Hyuckil hugs are the superior hugs, so I knew I definitely wanted to draw one. I drew them in their “From Home” outfits because I feel like the song is as comforting as their friendship!

Main goal behind the cover art: 

Hyuckil’s friendship is so soft, warm, and energizing, and it’s such a joy to watch them interact with each other, so I wanted to express that in the drawing.

Rewarding part about creating the cover:

A great excuse to draw my favorite boys! But also being part of such a cool project that is entirely fan-run is really awesome.

Advice for up and coming artists:

Draw whatever you want and go at your own pace!

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