Bandle Tale is the latest addition to Riot Forge’s lineup of League of Legends (2009) spin-off releases. Fitting into the cozy genre, Bandle Tale is a crafting role-playing game (RPG) that places the user in Bandle City alongside some of League of Legends iconic characters. EnVi played the game ahead of its February 21 release to give you a proper Bandle Tale review.

Welcome to Bandle City

Bandle Tale is set in Bandle City, a region inhabited by yordles, the fictional species from Riot Games’ main title, League of Legends. Upon starting Bandle Tale, players get to customize their own yordle character, giving you a chance to insert yourself into the story. This feature can be revisited throughout the game, as you unlock specific items and equip tools. The initial part of the game contextualizes the rest of the story: your yordle is a shy, long-time knitting apprentice that has limited experience outside of the island of Yarnville. After an unexpectedly chaotic event, Bandle City is in need of a hero — that’s where you step in.

Fans of League of Legends will be happy to encounter many familiar and beloved characters. Throughout the game, you will journey alongside the likes of Tristana, Teemo, Yuumi, and even Veigar on a quest to rescue Bandle City and its residents. Along the way, you begin to learn about party-planner Ozzy, your knitting mentor Gramps, and the history of Bandle City. In line with Riot Forge’s previous releases, Bandle Tale successfully expands upon the niche lore of the League of Legends champions. 

The Bandle Tale Experience

Bandle Tale is an adorable and relaxing RPG game. League of Legends aficionados will have fun interacting with characters they recognize, but it does not take prior League of Legends knowledge to fall in love with the game. Bandle Tale offers plenty of satisfying experiences for enjoyers of cozy or craft-based games through its crafting, cooking, and party-planning quests. With easily understandable mechanics (all of the in-game actions can be completed with your keyboard) and uncomplicated tasks, Bandle Tale is a low-stakes adventure for any gamer. 

As you progress through the game, your yordle will unlock new skills across various categories. While you start the game as just a knitter, new quests require different skill sets. The Bandle City residents will help you learn to cook, clean, craft, and, of course, throw a successful party. In addition, different events affect your yordle’s emotions and earn you points, so it’s important to keep in mind how you choose to spend your yordle’s time while completing quests.

It’s also worth pointing out Bandle Tale’s enticing visual identity. The game takes advantage of minimalist pixel art to create an inviting experience for players of various skills levels. Bandle Tale makes use of shading and movement to paint dynamic and, to a certain extent, awe-inspiring scenes. Digital renditions of nature’s best features — such as sunrises and sunsets, adorable critters, and diverse flora — breathe life into Bandle Tale’s 2D gameplay.

Bandle Tale will be available for download on Nintendo Switch and on PC (through Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store) on February 21. 

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