After a year since her last single “What You Waiting For,” former I.O.I-member and K-pop solo artist Somi is back for her long-awaited comeback. Embracing her youth, Somi discusses the struggle of having a crush in her latest single “Dumb Dumb” and high school-themed music video released on August 2.


A Catchy Love Song 

“Dumb Dumb” is a dance track written by Somi, Danny Chung and Teddy and produced by Teddy, R.Tee, 24, and Dominsuk. The song combines cute with bold, opening with Somi’s sweet vocals before it has a hip-hop style drop reminiscent of the signature YG-sound. The drop features a whimsical whistle tune that is followed by Somi’s rap-like vocals. 

The lyrics of “Dumb Dumb” describe the frustration one feels when their crush cannot understand their feelings. Just as one would expect, the “Dumb Dumb” is Somi’s love interest, who she calls out multiple times in the chorus. 


A Cinematic Tale of High School Romance

The music video plays like a coming of age movie with a cohesive storyline following Somi from childhood to high school as she grows comfortable in her skin. Throughout the video, Somi is trying to get the attention of her crush who does not understand her feelings. After ups and downs, Somi gets bold in time for Prom, where she performs under the spotlight with her chic dance moves. It is only after she’s become confident in herself that her crush begins to truly see her. 

While the plot is a typical high school love story, the video is made unique by the comical scenes added to teenage angst-y tale. The level of quirkiness is just enough to enhance the video— playful and flirty in line with her youthful image.

Another refreshing aspect of the video is the surprise shot of Somi and her love interest as comic book characters appear mid video and at the end, revealing the story has a happy ending and Somi is successful at wooing her crush.


 Inviting Fans to Dance 

After the release of the single, Somi invited fans to participate in her dance challenge on TikTok. She also asked fans to help her name her point dance move. 


♬ DUMB DUMB – 전소미

Some fans have already accepted her challenge on TikTok, posting their takes on her choreography. 


What’s Next For Somi?

“Dumb Dumb” is Somi’s third single since her solo debut as a solo artist in 2019. All three of her songs show new and distinct styles— something Somi hopes to do with each release.  During her online showcase on August 2, Somi revealed that she spent her hiatus recording more music. While it is a mystery what type of face Somi will show in the future, it is sure to be fun. 

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