Since his introduction as an SM Rookie in 2015, NCT’s main vocalist Moon Taeil has shown that his voice is pure magic. From his impressive high notes to his soothing lower register, it is no wonder that fans dub him “NCT’s Vocal King.” To celebrate his birthday, EnVi revisits some of the best vocal moments from the artist.

Stick Together Karaoke

After impressing viewers with a snippet of Yang Da Il’s “Mistaken” on NCT WORLD 2.0 behind, fans were eager to hear more of the song from Taeil. Their wishes were granted on NCT 127’s Youtube series, Stick Together, where he covered the track again. Despite singing only a casual karaoke cover, Taeil delivered an emotional performance. It instantly became one of the fans’ favorite vocal moments from the artist, and it is the most replayed part of the episode. Taeil’s voice equally moved the members, especially Mark, who thanked him for the cover. Even the original singer, Yang Da Il, loved Taeil’s rendition and said that Taeil sang the song better than him. 

“From Home” Rearranged Mama Stage

During the 2020 MAMA awards, NCT performed a rearranged version of their single “From Home.” Taeil’s vocals are a key element to creating the perfect NCT bridge, and this song was no exception as he powerfully sang the lyrics, “Know that you are not alone anymore.” This line captured the song’s sentimental message about how the members came together to find a home in NCT. After watching the performance, viewers unfamiliar with NCT were impressed with his vocals and grew interested in finding out the identity of the “guy with the beret.”

“Sticker” Recording Behind the Scene

After hearing the demo of NCT 127’s title track, “Sticker,” member Doyoung said that the “only person who could sing the song was Taeil” due to the song’s vocally challenging nature. Taeil proved later on in the video that his powerful voice was ideal for the song. Allowing viewers to hear his raw vocals, he gave it his all in the recording. Perfecting the song were his unique ad-libs, which 4Men member Yosep described as “so accurate.”

“A Beautiful Human Being”

In June 2021, Taeil took part in the tribute album Morning Dew 50th Anniversary Tribute To Kim min-Gi Vol.1. As Taeil is typically known for his high notes in NCT 127 songs, this single perfectly showcased his lower register. The simplicity of the piano chords in the first verse allowed his vocals to shine, proving that his voice is a perfect fit for ballads. His soothing tone encapsulated the song’s message about finding beauty in mundane life. Taeil said that he “sang with all his heart,” which explains why the song also fills the listener’s hearts with warmth.

“Another World” Taeil Solo Ver

During NCT 127’s concert “NEO CITY : SEOUL – THE LINK” in December 2021, Taeil debuted a solo version of “Another World.” He created a unique style by adding an R&B verse to the originally electronic-pop song. Around six months later, he performed the song again in his dream venue, Tokyo Dome, in front of over 50,000 people. His powerful vocals filled the stadium with confidence, showing that he was born to perform.

“Baby Baby” Cover

In November 2019, Taeil surprised fans with a cover of 4Men’s “Baby Baby.” He proved himself as NCT’s vocal powerhouse with his impressive vocal control. He passionately sang the lyrics of the chorus, “I’m so thankful for you oh baby,” so listeners could feel the emotion in every word. Taeil also showed his musical talent by accompanying the song with piano.

“Love Right Back” on Inkigayo

Taeil and lIlBOI were featured on Raiden’s track “Love Right Back.” The upbeat pop song allowed Taeil to showcase his bright vocal color. His live performance on Inkigayo was particularly impressive to watch. He expressed great vocal talent with a mixture of a lower register in the verse and his signature higher register in the bridge. His voice remained stable during the playful performance. 

Looking to the Future

Due to the success of Taeil’s solo OST “Starlight,” fans have been highly anticipating the announcement of a solo album from Taeil. He shared during a fansign that he wishes to release an R&B solo. However, he also explained in an interview with members Doyoung and Haechan that he would “like to try rock songs.” Whatever genre he decides, one thing is certain: his vocals will be extraordinary.

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