Happy Halloween 2023 from Team EnVi! To celebrate the spooky season, we have curated a playlist of our must-listen-to songs for a frightfully fun Halloween. So go ahead and grab your headphones, get your favorite treats, and check out our Trick-Or-Treat ‘23 playlist made by Team EnVi, just for you! 

“Monster” – SEVENTEEN

Kicking off the party is SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop unit, with their latest track, “Monster.” The 13-member K-pop group is divided into three teams — vocal, performance, and hip-hop — which allow the members to showcase their talents. SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop unit is composed of members S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon. As a part of the group’s eleventh EP, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, the hip-hop unit has come together to serve up a ghoulish track that oozes confidence. 

In the vein of trick-or-treating, the song begins with a trap-heavy melody featuring a variety of sound effects, from synthesizers to doorbell chimes. “Monster” includes lyrics written by the hip-hop unit, as well as fellow group member Woozi and longtime collaborator BUMZU. From name-dropping iconic mythical creatures to spitting lines out with a fierceness that is almost menacing, the hip-hop unit cleverly spins this track to reflect their group’s global success. Whether you like spooky sound effects or feeling like an absolute monster of a rockstar, this song will have you getting in the Halloween spirit in no time!

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“Season Of The Witch” – Lana Del Rey

Originally sung by Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan in 1966, melancholia singer Lana Del Rey brings her own witchy vibe through her cover of “Season Of The Witch.” Featured in the soundtrack for Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro‘s 2019 horror film Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Lana Del Rey’s renowned melancholic pop style intermixes with the song’s underlying psychedelic pop elements, resulting in a track truly fitting of its name for the spooky season.

Embodying the feel of vintage witchcraft, in breathy low notes, Lana Del Rey serenades, “When I look out my window / Many sights to see / And when I look in my window / So many different people to be.” Her higher pitched vocals are met with an overlay of reverb singing that results in a bewitching sound quite fitting for the song. Lana Del Rey’s dark vocals, combined with the track’s eerie instrumentals, are enough to make your skin crawl.

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SUNMI is well-known for sonically pushing the pop envelope and has done it again with her latest title track, “STRANGER.” The song opens with a swift eerie chant, “Mr. Stranger, running into danger / Gotta get to know you,” before slipping into a mellow, alt-pop sound. Gearing towards the chorus, SUNMI shifts directions with a more groovy rhythm, only to drastically return to the opening chant. “STRANGER” may throw off listeners on the first listen with its jarring tempo changes and genre shifts, but it captures the uneasiness that accompanies the horror-filled season.

The track’s music video is a visual treat full of spooky tricks with parallels to Mary Shelley’s iconic novel, “Frankenstein,” and the 1975 cult classic film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Delving deeper into her own personal storyline, SUNMI also created an accompanying chilling short film series titled, Who is STRANGER? SUNMI’s bewitching creations are a palatable balance between quirky and creepy — fitting enough to get anyone in the Halloween spirit!

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“Be My Guest” – Azari

Known for their composition of dark atmospheric tracks, eighteen-year-old Japanese VOCALOID producer songwriter Azari released the single track “Be My Guest” in 2022. Using the singing voice synthesizer software VOCALOID, Azari uses the voicebanks of female VOCALOIDs Kaai Yuki and flower to create an addictive, spine-chilling song.

The first half of the single is led by VOCALOID Kaai Yuki. Known for her natural childlike vocality, Kaai Yuki offers soft tone while simultaneously emitting a mysterious and leery aura. The second half smoothly transitions over to VOCALOID flower, who brings an entirely different feeling to Azari’s song with an acclaimed androgynous rock voice and sorrowful emotions. The song shifts towards a more menacing tone as flower sings, “We’re a peaceful company in spite of appearance / We’re clear about everything from quotes to customer support / But once we get started, we can’t go easy on them / Stay up late tonight, stay up, please.”

From the addictive whistle tune and the resonating impact of the bass drop to the neat use of onomatopoeia and clean inserts of sound effects, Azari creates a track fit for the Halloween season. 

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“Bite Me” – ENHYPEN

When it comes to Halloween, we tend to think of a variety of fun activities, tasty treats, and downright spooky creatures. One that comes to mind is vampires. ENHYPEN may have staked their claim as the new resident vampires of K-pop following the release of the title track from their fourth EP, DARK BLOOD. Previous lore-heavy tracks, such as “Given-Taken” and “Drunk-Dazed,” have shown the world glimpses of the septet’s supernatural theme, but “Bite Me” is the most direct yet. 

The track kicks off with its chorus, smoothly easing their way into listeners’ hearts with a sound reminiscent of early ‘00s boy bands. Leading up to the pre-chorus, the members shift the tone of the song as they hauntingly chant, “Oh, my, oh, my God / This blood’s pumpin’ crazy.” As the beat is overcome with bass, the group shifts into an edgier concept. They beckon, “Leave the mark on my neck / That it’s yours / Just come over and bite me.” With a heavy amount of hand gestures that emphasize their necks, the “Bite Me” choreography features intricate movements that continue to imply all vampire-related themes surrounding ENHYPEN. 

ENHYPEN are set to continue their supernatural tale in their upcoming EP, ORANGE BLOOD, to be released on November 17. 

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“In the Back Room”  – syudou

Initially debuting in 2012 as a VOCALOID producer (and known for his use of female VOCALOID Hatsune Miku), Japanese singer-songwriter syudou released his single track “In the Back Room” on November 9, 2022. Requested to produce and feature as the fifth ending theme song for the anime television series Chainsaw Man, syudou incorporates the liminal horror of The Backrooms while simultaneously crossing over the show’s protagonist’s persona. Through the crossover of these two horror-themed forms of media, syudou encompasses himself as the protagonist, creating a song of desperation, lust, and gluttony.

Animated by artist yasutatsu, the movie’s music and lyrics come together in harmony, creating an overall enthralling experience of syudou’s lyricism and intensifying the impact of delivery in the song’s overall message. “In the Back Room” portrays the feeling of being trapped in what feels like an endless loop in the pleasure of praise and admiration from others. No matter the actions, consequences, or emotions rotting inside you, the end goal of commendation only matters. Syudou screams out, “I went through countless times, but I am here singing / With this voice, stained with junk / I’ll make them intruders silenced / Don’t need any of your advice.”

Through his vigorous growls before the chorus and ingrained fierce vocals, syudou undertakes the concept of identity and captures the internal turmoil one battles. 

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“Peek-A-Boo” – Red Velvet

Nearly six years after its release, Red Velvet’s “Peek-A-Boo” remains an essential track for our spooky season playlist. Leaning into the more mature air of the group’s “velvet” concept, “Peek-A-Boo” features a darker pop sound with a driving bass beat and haunting harmonizations. But they teeter between their “red” concept as well as the track maintains an upbeat tempo and is chocked full of dance and tropical elements — making it quite the earworm. 

“Peek-A-Boo” is a playful song overall as the quintet sings about their flirtatious yet romantic nature. Capturing the fun that comes with beginning a new fling, they sing, “Everyone is the same / Then we locked eyes / Peek-a-boo, this is new, is this love?” The track’s music video takes an edgier turn as the group participates in some witchy rituals and slightly murderous activities involving a pizza delivery boy. Red Velvet capture the eerie essence of Halloween, all the while disguising it with saccharine smiles and a dance-worthy song.

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“Sweet Juice” – PURPLE KISS

Earlier this year, K-pop girl group PURPLE KISS released their fifth EP, Cabin Fever. The album’s title track, “Sweet Juice,” is eerily elegant as it opens with strings and a piano climbing upwards on a scale — only to descend quickly seconds later. PURPLE KISS have not shied away from darker themes within their discography before, with tracks such as “memeM,” “Pretty Psycho,” and “My Heart Skip a Beat.” But “Sweet Juice” is sonically delicate with plucky percussion and hints of harpsichord, yet lyrically mature as the girls sing, “Light this candle that will wake the darkness / Find yourself unable to bear it? So do I.”

From Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining to Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, and even the iconic thriller television series Twin Peaks, the song’s music video is filled with plenty of easter eggs for viewers to find. The PURPLE KISS ladies also use the music video to highlight their dance abilities with choreography that captures everything from intricate floorwork to ripple effects as they move like spirits. “Sweet Juice” is subtly mysterious — making it fitting for Halloween or all year round. 

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Calling all The Monsters” – China Anne McClain

Get your body shakin’” with this Disney Channel Halloween hit! Actress and singer China Anne McClain played Chyna Parks, a young music prodigy accepted into a program for gifted students, in the 2011 Disney Channel original series A.N.T Farm. The first season’s Halloween-centric episode featured the single “Calling All The Monsters,” one of many fantastic performances by McClain that showcased her talents in the series.

This nostalgic, electric-pop hit features spooky lyrics and a repetitive hook that will have you ready for any Halloween party. McClain lures listeners in for a frightfully fun evening as she sings, “Tonight all the monsters gonna dance / We’re comin’ to get ya.” As a fun track for all ages, “Calling All The Monsters” was well-received by many and even peaked at No. 86 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Following the track’s tenth anniversary, China and her sisters, Lauryn and Sierra McClain, recreated the song as a trio under the name Thriii. Whichever version of the track you play, “Calling All The Monsters” will surely have you wanting to dance all night long.

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“Gum” – Jessi  

Bubble! Pop! The fierce rapper Jessi has returned with her latest single, “Gum.” This witty track marks the beginning of a new era for the artist, as it is her first release under Jay Park’s agency, MORE VISION. “Gum” comes after much anticipation since the rap star landed her first entry on the Billboard Global 200 chart with her 2022 single, “ZOOM.” Well-known for her candor and direct lyricism, “Gum” conveys a message of confidence that should be shared beyond the Halloween season.

In the eye-catching music video for the track, the artist displays both a sexy and sleek image with dance-worthy choreography. She raps about having a multitude of different flavors, which she personifies by dancing in a variety of colored costumes. In an interview with Allure, Jessi explained, “We all have different flavors… Everyone sees me as a strong woman, which I am, but I have all different types of flavors. I’m sweet, I’m sour, I’m bitchy.” “Gum” is undeniably an earworm with its repetitive chorus and lively pop beat, but it is also a track that embodies Jessi’s honest and loving nature. Halloween is a day where many get to pretend to be someone else, but we hope you listen to “Gum” and let this confidence stick with you!

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Other tracks in our 2023 Halloween playlist include DANG! (hocus pocus)” by Billlie, “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran, The Cranberries’ “Zombie,” and more. Tune into our curated playlist made by Team EnVi, just for you!

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