Evening’s Newest Étoiles, or EVNNE—read as “even”— is the newest boy-group from Jellyfish Entertainment. The group is established by KEITA, HANBIN PARK, JEONGHYEON LEE, SEUNGEON YOO, YUNSEO JI, JUNGHYUN MUN, and JIHOO PARK. Each member is well-known for their talent as a result of their participation on Mnet‘s popular survival show BOYS PLANET, building excitement for their debut. Target: ME is their latest release and first mini-album as a group, showing the boys’ individual colors and potential. The EP consists of six songs that vary from genres such as pop and R&B.

EnVi had the opportunity to join EVNNE’s round table session where the members answered questions from the media and discussed their objectives as a group, life, and inspiration. 

Target: EVNNE

Starting from the name Target: Me, EVNNE first mini-album makes a statement of the group’s objectives. The boys are making themselves the focus of all the attention, shining brightly as a group, growing, and captivating their fans ENNVE. This mini-album shows the group’s different sides musically as well as their songwriting skills, with members participating in the creations of some of the tracks. “Each track has its own unique charm,” said JEONGHYEON. “It’s a colorful mix of styles, much like a rainbow.”

The mischievous title “TROUBLE” gives a taste of the energetic and confident vibe of the group. The song is a statement of how the group is ready to bring something new to the table and won’t stop even when they reach the top “as the title track of this album, [“TROUBLE”] truly represents the group’s color and identity,” said HANBIN.  

But it is the song “Role Model” that has taken a special place for several members of EVNNE, as JIHOO and YUNSEO chose this song as the one that represented them the most. In a musical aspect, “Role Model” has an appealing hip-hop sound paired with energy-filled lyrics that, according to YUNSEO, make it “a perfect fit” for him. 

Seungeon recommended this song to listeners saying, “We grew up listening to K-pop, and we aspire to become role models to others, so this song holds a special place in our hearts.” As for JIHOO, he said this is a song that “aligns well with my individual style and preferences.” 

Role Models And A Message For Fans

As EVNNE sat patiently, the question of who they considered to be their role model garnered a couple of excited faces and exchanged looks. It was SEUNGEON who first expressed his admiration for Baekhyun Byun, the soloist and vocalist of EXO. As a vocalist himself, he explained how important of an inspiration the artist was to him. “Baekhyun, a fantastic singer, dancer, and entertainer, has been my role model since I was young,” he explained. He also shared his hopes for Baekhyun to join them for the “Trouble” dance challenge, as well as his interest in other fun activities with the senior artist. “If I could spend a day with him, I’d like to film a challenge and go sing karaoke together,” he said.

When it comes to the message EVNNE wants to share with their fans, songs like “JUKEBOX” and “Even More” came as an opportunity for members like YUNSEO, JEONGHYEON, and KEITA to participate directly in the making of the lyrics, offering a way to connect and communicate their feelings to ENNVE. “We aimed to create a song dedicated to our fans,” said KEITA, who co-wrote “Even More” with YUNSEO. “We wanted the lyrics to convey all the messages and feelings we have for our fans but may not have expressed fully before; we poured our sincerity into the lyrics.” The medium-tempo pop song has a stark difference from the musical genre of “JUKEBOX,” written by YUNSEO and JEONGHYEON, however it maintains the message of staying positive during difficult times. Despite the difference in genres, EVNNE poured their hearts out with messages to comfort people.

A Constellation of Opportunities

As participants in BOYS PLANET, the boys of EVNNE had the opportunity to work together and share the stage; and as a newly formed group, they have been able to explore their connections and grow even closer to one another.

It is KEITA who takes on the responsibility of the leader of EVNNE; however, in his experience, it is the group’s strength that holds the leader. “Initially, when I took on the role of the group’s leader, I had my doubts about whether I could fulfill the role effectively,” said KEITA. However, it doesn’t feel like that for him anymore as he has gotten the opportunity to see the passion and talent of the members. “I wouldn’t describe it as me leading the group; instead, we are collectively forging a new path and progressing together. Being the leader of this group is not only exciting but also a constant source of motivation and energy for me to move forward,” he explained. 

With this in mind, each member of EVNNE has grown and learned from new experiences as artists. Though they worked hard training to give their best performances on stage for BOYS PLANET, this new chapter has opened doors to new opportunities. It’s about reciprocity and learning from the right people. “I gained valuable insights into the mindset and preparations required before stepping on the stage, how to approach a practice session, ways to look at a camera, and stage etiquette from these seniors that have prior experience,” said SEUNGEON.

A Bright Future Ahead

EVNNE, despite their recent debut, are looking to make a difference and stand out in the industry, and they are doing it by creating their own story as the “newest stars.” The members all want EVNNE to reach new heights, a message that the youngest, JIHOO, expressed confidently. “I hope people remember us not just for our individual roles in the group, like main vocalist, main dancer, and main rapper, but as an all-rounder group where every member can excel in all positions,” he added.

Along with their debut, EVNNE has gained over 500 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and performed at the IDOLRADIO IN SEOUL concert. The boys were delighted to meet ENVVE and enjoyed the opportunity to perform in front of them. As their adventure begins, they are looking forward to more chances to meet their fans, as JIHOO stated, “We would love to hold concerts anywhere in the world where our fans are.”

The seven-member group has showcased their talent in each performance since their debut, and as they continue their journey together, we are looking forward to what awaits.

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