From exciting news that made waves across the world to the most compelling figures and buzz-worthy trends, EnVi looks back at the very Best of 2023. In this installment, we round up the top Latin tracks of the year.

Latin American musicians across genres are leaving an imprint on the global music market. As per Spotify, this year, more than one in five of the platforms’ Top 100 were Latin songs. Likewise, RIAA reported that the U.S. Latin music revenues increased 15% to a record high of $627 million in the first half of 2023. 

This flourishing music scene has come to life through history-making returns, bankable tours and the most creative tunes spanning a wide range of genres, from reggeaton and merenhouse to pop and indie. As a testament to this musical prowess, throughout the year, Latin American powerhouses such as Shakira, Karol G and Bad Bunny remained at the top of music charts and collected several accolades and awards. Meanwhile, new-fangled musicians like Young Miko, Peso Pluma and DannyLux are proving that there are still new music territories for Latin American artists to explore.

Honoring this spectacular year for Latin American musicians, and with 2024 around the corner, EnVi recaps the music releases that we kept on replay throughout the year. Read on to discover the Latin tracks we’ll be dancing, crying and singing to in the last hours of 2023.        

“8 am” – Nicki Nicole & Young Miko

Nicki Nicole and Young Miko joined hands to deliver the electrifying track, “8 am.” Fresh off of Nicki’s album, ALMA, the song features a catchy chorus point, bilingual lyrics, and a perfect blend of the singers’ visual and lyrical styles. 

The single, brimming with confident Spanglish lyrics and bars, talks about the phase in a relationship where couples are so “hooked” that they want to see each other all the time. Exploring rap and urban music elements, “8 am” proves both artists as game-changers in the contemporary music scene.

“Amargura” – Karol G

Colombian singer Karol G dominated the Latin music scene in 2023. In February, she released her fourth studio album Mañana Será Bonito, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. She then embarked on a record-breaking tour in August and became the first female Latin headliner at Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival, which attracts more than 100,000 attendees to each of its four dates. 

In Mañana Será Bonito, the Colombian star explores the universal experience of heartbreak, finding closure and moving on. “Amargura” is one of the album’s closing singles and opens with a melancholic instrumental, sampled from salsa icon Frankie Ruiz’s “La Cura.” Gradually building into an optimistic tone, the song combines a danceable beat with lyrics that reflect the bitterness and jealousy that come along with a breakup. The best part comes at the end when Karol relatably — and hilariously  — shouts, “Esta canción que no me la pongan borracha, hijueputa” (Don’t play this song when I’m drunk, [redacted]). 


“Amigos” – Becky G and BIBI

Mexican-American star Becky G celebrated her first song’s (“Becky From The Block”) 10th anniversary in 2023. In the 10 years since her debut, the singer has experimented with various genres, playing a major part in the wave of cross-cultural Latin and K-pop collaborations. Following the success of “Chicken Noodle Soup,” her 2019 collaboration with BTS’ rapper, j-hope, Becky G returned to the K-pop scene alongside BIBI. 

The multicultural “Amigos” is a playful song that combines traditional Latin guitar and K-pop electronic notes to tell the story of lovers keeping their relationship on the down low. With its charming instrumental, “Amigos” is the appropriate soundtrack for a late-night drive, a solo dance session, or a kickback with friends.

“AMAR Y PERDER” – DannyLux

Nineteen-year-old Mexican singer DannyLux is one of the innovators in Latin music. The star has developed his signature sound through a combination of genres like traditional Mexican corrido, pop, and rock. 

DannyLux’s 2023 release “AMAR Y PERDER” is the track for emotional song lovers. The song takes listeners through a captivating journey that explores sadness and betrayal, via soulful vocals and rich instrumentals. With lyrics that explore the nuances of loving and losing, “AMAR Y PERDER” navigates the landscapes of heartache, simultaneously exploring new music frontiers.

“AÚN TE QUIERO” – Danna Paola

Mexican singer, model, and actress Danna Paola added “AÚN TE QUIERO” to her discography in late November. In this melancholy ballad, the star walks listeners through the internal struggle of breaking free from a toxic relationship and finding solace in independence. Danna Paola shows a level of vulnerability hitherto unseen in her decades-long career in this gloomy and powerful single. The song came at the end of the singer’s XT4S1S tour, which brought her across North America. With its dark undertones and powerful delivery, Danna Paola’s latest single is a fitting addition to any end-of-year emotional playlist.

“Back for More” – Anitta and TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Anitta released her debut single “Meiga e Abusada” in 2012. Eleven years later, the Brazilian icon has become one of the most successful Latin American artists in the music scene. Her collaboration with K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), “Back for More,” is one of the cross-cultural collaborations she secured in 2023. 

This groovy Latin disco track — which premiered at the Video Music Awards with a live performance — rests on the intersection of K-pop and Western pop music. TXT brings their highest notes, adlibs and a dynamic performance while Anitta’s verse introduces elements of Brazilian funk that recall her usual sonic profile. 

“Bailo Pa’ Mi” – Letón Pé Feat. Ana Mancebo

With an idiosyncratic approach to tropical rhythms and a captivating voice, Dominican singer-songwriter Letón Pé is set to become the new Latin music sensation. Her latest EP Rojo Rubí merges merengue with contemporary music genres, resulting in a collection of vibrant and modern tracks led by “Bailo Pa’ Mi.”

Featuring Ana Mancebo and produced by Fuxbeat, “Bailo Pa’ Mi” is a merenhouse song that reflects on the freedom of letting go of the past and embracing confidence. “[The track] was born as a need for self-reconciliation,” shared Letón Pé upon Rojo Rubí’s release. “It’s a song that celebrates acceptance and the idea of finding security and confidence in what my being dictates. It’s the fulfillment found when external validation no longer has any power over us, and we stop diminishing ourselves to fit in.”

“Binikini” – Rawayana and Danny Ocean

Binikini,” the joint track by Venezuelan acts Rawayana and Danny Ocean, is one of the year’s certifiable summer songs. Taken from Rawayana’s ¿Quién trae las cornetas?, the band’s first record since 2021, “Biniki” transports listeners to a summer well spent. The mellow instrumental and accompanying music video complement the song’s jovial theme with imagery of time spent with friends. In addition to lending his vocals to the song’s first verse, bridge, and chorus; featured singer Danny Ocean also contributed to “Binikini” with his songwriting.

“Carencias de Cordura” – Milo J,  

Seventeen-year-old Argentine star Milo J has risen as an international music sensation with his blend of alternative sounds, ballads and pop. The singer released his first studio album 111 in November 2023 featuring collaborations that included Latin sensations Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole.

In “Carencias de Cordura,” Milo J joins forces with fellow Argentine artist Yami Safdie. The song opens up with pasillo-infused guitar and a melancholic tone. Delving into the topic of love, admiration and the imperfections that make a loved one perfect, “Carencias de Cordura” is a beautiful and heartwrenching addition to Milo J’s all-embracing discography.

“Classy 101” – Feid, Young Miko 

“Classy 101” by Feid and Young Miko rightfully became one of the hottest tracks of the year. This sexy and risqué reggaeton anthem fuses both artists’ dynamic raps with unapologetically racy lyrics and nods at iconic reggaeton tracks such as Yandel’s “Te Suelto El Pelo.” The song also samples B.T. Express’ “Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied).”

An immediate hit on TikTok, “Classy 101 prompted viral challenges and a wave of video creation — the #Classy101 tag alone has accrued 659.2 million views so far. In addition to the social media craze, “Classy 101” charted extremely well. The collaboration between powerhouse Feid and breakthrough star Young Miko made appearances on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart — Young Miko’s first-ever entry.

“Coco Chanel” – Eladio Carrión

Coco Channel” by Eladio Carrión emerged in 2023 as a stylish anthem that seamlessly combines Latin trap and hip-hop to formulate the perfect high-energy track. The song’s magnetic beat along with Carrión’s smooth delivery serves as a nod to the enjoyment of the finer things in life, from luxury cars to fashion brands — hence the title. Featuring Bad Bunny, the single also brings together some of the most prominent Puerto Rican rappers.

“e se for pra ser sincera:” – Ananda and Clarissa

Brazilian singers Ananda and Clarissa joined forces to create the unfiltered track “e se for pra ser sincera:” in October. “e se for pra ser sincera:” is an anti-romantic letter describing the feeling of losing interest in a relationship. Ananda and Clarissa take turns talking about having a crush, the relationship’s “honeymoon” phase, achieving couple milestones and, ultimately, moving on. 

In contrast with the song’s unfortunate lyrics, the minimalist, guitar-led instrumental is deceptively chirpy, inviting head-bopping as the listener follows the girls on their emotional journey. In addition to the recently released collaboration, both Ananda and Clarissa have expanded their music offerings with solo EPs that delve into their individual musical identities.

“Hola Senpai” – Sofish 

Rising Mexican singer Sofish sings to the object of her affections in “Hola Senpai.” The laid-back and eclectic mix of Latin sounds, French house and melodic rap is Sofish’s response to “perreo” songs dedicated to women. In the track, Sofish sings about that guy all girls rave about, letting him know she’s deeply infatuated with him. And in case he doesn’t get it in one language, she expresses her feelings in Portuguese, French and English too.

Holanda” – Jhayco

Puerto Rican rapper and singer Jhayco kicked off summer 2023 with his edgy release “Holanda”. Paired with a dark and futuristic music video with scenes reminiscent of Blade Runner 2049, the track takes listeners into Jhayco’s evocative and refreshing musical space. Not only does the hit take listeners along Jhayco’s transformational journey, but it also serves as a high-energy reggaeton bop that will get anyone dancing. After all, in Jhayco’s words, “Tú еre’ la que manda,” (you’re the one commanding).

“LALA” – Myke Towers

In case you haven’t come across one of the most viral songs on TikTok and need an introduction, “LALA” is a chart-topping hit by Puerto Rican rapper and singer Myke Towers. Mixing an irresistible reggeaton sound with steamy lyrics, this addictive earworm made for the perfect summer banger that had Latin America, and the world, dancing nonstop.

Released in March 2023, the song’s popularity took off in July, reaching countries like Switzerland, Spain and the United States — where it became RIAA-certified. “LALA” also rose to No. 1 on the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. chart, proving the unfading appeal of Latin music and reggaeton. 

“La Mitad” – GALE

Latin GRAMMY-nominated album, Lo Que No Te Dije, featured a plethora of unforgettable bangers by Puerto Rican singer GALE, but “La Mitad” sits as one of the most memorable tracks. The mellow, slow-tempo song goes deep into the feeling of letting go of a past love. With scenes of GALE crying at the thought of her past relationship and heartfelt lyrics, the accompanying music video brings people into the bittersweet process of moving on and finding closure. The song leaves listeners wanting more, eager to dive deeper into GALE’s discography and see what else she has to offer.

“MONACO” – Bad Bunny

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny made his long-awaited comeback in October with his fifth album Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana. In 2020, Bad Bunny became the first non-English language act to top Spotify’s Most-Streamed Artist list before holding his position for the next two years. 

MONACO,” off his most recent album, received a cinematic music video treatment, clocking in at seven minutes long with cameos by Al Pacino and Max Verstappen. The song also became a viral trending sound on TikTok, where it was used in more than 1.5 million videos. This modern trap-infused track details Bad Bunny’s rise to the top of the music industry, unabashedly celebrating his many accomplishments. The song is also sprinkled with pop culture references and a hommage to French icon Charles Aznavour, whose hit “Hier Encore” is sampled in the interlude. 

“Muñekita” – Kali Uchis, El Alfa, and JT

Muñekita” is a three-way collaboration that united Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis, Dominican rapper El Alfa, and American rapper JT of City Girls. Though the song was released in 2023, it actually serves as the first single off Kali Uchis’ fourth studio album, Orquídeas, slated for release in January 2024. In “Muñekita,” the trio combines their high-energy rap flows and sultry vocal tones to create a sensual, feminine soundtrack. Kali Uchis leans into her Colombian roots through the song’s undeniably Latin instrumental, effortlessly trading off with El Alfa and JT.

“No_se_ve.mp3” – Emilia and Ludmilla

South American icons Emilia and Ludmilla, Argentine rapper/songwriter Duki, and producer Francisco Zecca collaborated for “No_se_ve.mp3.” Argentine singer Emilia opens the track, leading the instrumental build-up into the song’s anti-chorus. Ludmilla, one of Brazil’s most popular funk carioca musicians, delivers the second verse. 

The unconventional stylization of the song title matches its impeccably executed Y2K aesthetic, brought to life through the music video’s 4:3 aspect ratio, as well as the 2000s-inspired styling and imagery. Zecca’s recognizable production, which combines notes of funk with whimsical EDM elements, completes the song, turning it into a certified party banger. 

“Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” Bizarrap & Shakira

Latin music enthusiasts were in for a treat when global superstar Shakira teamed up with renowned Argentine DJ and producer Bizarrap for Vol.53 of the Bzrp Music Sessions series. Known for his innovative and electrifying beats, Bizarrap has previously joined forces with various artists to create unique music experiences. 

For this round, the duo created a diss track that dominated the Latin music scene for the rest of the year. Shakira, who is one of the world’s most successful and versatile artists, used her distinctive voice and iconic style to make a statement about her dissatisfaction and longing for freedom and new beginnings. There were nods at her personal life, powerful wordplay and the catchiest rhythms. It surprises nobody that the song broke 14 Guinness World Records and became the fastest Latin song to reach 100 million views on YouTube. 

“Te Mereces Un Amor” – Vivir Quintana

Heartwrenching, emotional and empowering, “Te Mereces Un Amor” is the lead single of Vivir Quintana’s latest album. A love letter to women across generations, the song is a follow-up of the ranchera singer’s feminist anthem “Canción sin Miedo.” Highlighting the idea of violence-free romantic love, “Te Mereces Un Amor” (You Deserve Love) serves as a reminder for women to feel worthy of healthy relationships. The song is also meant to work as a farewell song for a “big love” who deserves to be happy after a breakup. 

Matching the song’s inspiration, the accompanying music video features the women that Vivir Quintana admires, including her mother. The official video clip was directed by filmmaker David Pablos (El baile de los 41) and was later versioned for Dior’s 2024 Cruise campaign

“TQG”  –  Karol G & Shakira

Colombian pop forces Karol G and Shakira came together for the first time to collaborate on “TQG.” Acronym for “Te Quedó Grande” (roughly translated as “too much for you”), “the song belongs to Karol’s record-breaking album, Mañana Será Bonito. “TQG” is a fiery reggaeton song that empowers listeners to grow past a breakup and scoffs at past lovers. “Volver contigo, never, tú eres la mala suerte / Porque, ahora, la’ bendicione’ me llueven,” sings Karol G. (Getting back with you, never, you’re bad luck/ Because now blessings are pouring down on me.) Meanwhile, Shakira adds fuel to the fire. “Lo que vivimos se me olvidó/Y eso e’ lo que te tiene ofendido,” she chants. (What we lived, I forgot/ that’s why you’re offended.)

In true cinematic style, the music video of “TQG” hints at The Truman Show, likely as a reference to the media scrutiny of Karol G and Shakira’s personal lives.

“VAGABUNDO” –  Sebastián Yatra

Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra set the summer on fire with his hit single “VAGABUNDO.” Featuring Manuel Turizo and Beéle, this track is a fun merengue song urging listeners to get up and dance. The irresistible “na na na na” melody paired with an exciting music video is the perfect formula for a feel-good track that keeps people moving nonstop. This high energy contrasts with the song’s lyrics, which discuss the feeling of trying to get over an ex by over-controlling thoughts and emotions.  

Produced by Andrés Torres and El Dandee, “VAGABUNDO” reached No.1 on Billboard’s Latin airplay chart and achieved RIAA certified Platinum®. The music video, which includes notable faces like actress Daniela Botero and performer Valeria Sandoval, landed at No.4 on YouTube. 

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