Mexican multihyphenate talent Danna Paola released her new single, “AÚN TE QUIERO” on November 23. The sultry ballad is a fiery addition to the singer’s discography, bringing an unexplored layer of vulnerability. 

Narrated by her emotionally charged vocal performance, “AÚN TE QUIERO” is a wrenching anthem of liberation and perseverance. The song was released with an accompanying lyric video on Danna Paola’s YouTube channel. A week later, the singer released an official music video co-directed by herself and Ada Odreman.

Photo courtesy of Heber Laguna


Danna Paola’s newest release opens with a subdued instrumental, easing the listener into a powerful ballad. It’s clear from the first melancholic line that “AÚN TE QUIERO” contains layers of raw emotion and a personal backstory she was yet to explore in her decades-long career. The song’s lyric video matches the dark theme, depicting a burning star that eventually is extinguished.

The music video further explores the symbolism of burning down to ashes. The visuals are steeped in metaphors, with Danna donning black wings, immersing herself underwater and riding a horse. Eventually, she stands surrounded by a circle fire, dressed in a total black look and a butterfly headpiece that nods at her journey of transformation.

As the song title suggests (“AÚN TE QUIERO” translates to “I STILL LOVE YOU”), the track describes the struggle of breaking free from an unhealthy relationship. Written by Venezuelan-American songstress Elena Rose, the lyrics reflect the journey of finding strength in independence while simultaneously mourning for a lost love. The song also delves into the topic of walking away from toxicity, even at the cost of embracing solitude.

Regarding the creative process leading up to “AÚN TE QUIERO,” Danna Paola shared on Instagram, “I have lived the last two years emotionally processing this song, it came into my life at the perfect time to open my eyes to a situation/relationship that was hurting me a lot, I freed myself by speaking the truth from [a place of] love and from the first day until today It has been my refuge and my salvation.”

Photo courtesy of Camila Tapia

Up Next for Danna Paola

The release of “AÚN TE QUIERO” follows up an eventful year for Danna Paola. From completing her solo XT4S1S Tour across North and South America to hosting the 24th Latin GRAMMY Awards and even dabbling in the global ambassador role, success has been abundant for the Mexican star.

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